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Hej hej!!  (hello hello!!)


Thank you so much for all the packages and letters in them. I weighed myself last thursday and then again yesterday and I'm 5 pounds heavier, so M.E. I blame that on the giant plate of white chocolate chip cookies. Thank you so much for those.

 So my companion!!! We are literally like two peas in a pod. Her name is Syster Brink. We get along amazingly well and our interests are super similar. In my district there are 4 systerar 4 aldestrar. (sisters and elders) we have two Swede districts combined because of Thanksgiving week. No new missionaries are coming in this week so they doubled up last week. In the other district class there are 4 sisters 2 elders. our entire zone consists of about 25-30 people total. We have missionaries going to, Romania, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Netherlands. Everyone is so amazing I love them all already and feel like they are family.

 My first day was super fun. Walking into class with Syster Brink we were greeted by a teacher who spoke no english to us. They won’t be speaking english to us for the whole 6 weeks that we are here. I’m okay with that. I can pretty much understand everything they say now. All of my dreams have been super weird and all in swedish. Syster Brink and I speak maybe 30 words total of english to each other a day. Writing in english is actually super annoying, I wanna write a lot of the plurals in swedish, it just seems so much easier. We all caught on really fast and its pretty much swedish all day. We learned grammar rules in full yesterday thank goodness, so theres no excuse for speaking like a three year old swedish kid anymore.

We taught our first investigator last Friday. Yeah, two days in. Her name is Isabel. she only speaks swedish. We were going to teach her about the holy ghost. she asked us what the holy ghost was and we tried to explain the best we could. Syster Brink looked up head, for godhead and tried to tell her that the holy ghost was the third member of the came out as, the holy ghost is Gods third head. the look on Isabel’s face was like pure terror and she slowly was like….Gods...third...head...vaaad...?? We were like, forget everything we just said, Jesus loves you…haha. We have sooo much fun in our district. everyone loves each other.

We have started a quote wall. Everything that we say thats funny goes on the quote wall. Our elders are elder Larson,and Simonson, then elder Moody and Backman. Our Systers are Syster Adamson and Syster Smith. Syster Smith is the one I met in the temple the day before going into the MTC. She’s doing awesome and I’m so glad she’s in my district. she's such a sweetheart.

I have so many awesome funny stories from this week but I also have some amazing testimony strengtheners. This week I thought was going to be extremely difficult and emotional. It wasn’t. The spirit here is crazy strong. We are living on holy ground.

As a district, (the 8 of us) we walked to the temple on Sunday. On our way there we got stopped by President Monson’s nephew! His grandfather and his son served in Sweden and he talked to us about all the blessings that will come from serving. He told us the people really are godless and it will be such a hard mission to serve. But what stuck with me most was when he told us that they just need love. We need to go there and show ultimate love for the people. I loved that. He loves talking to the missionaries.

 Last night was incredible. Our first Tuesday night devotional and who walks in but Elder Dallin H Oaks. yeah. He gave our Tuesday night devotional. The spirit was SOSOSO STRONG when he walked in. It gives me chills even now thinking about it. He talked about our position as missionaries and how great we can really be. It just made me more excited to serve.

I can’t believe its already been a week! I’m so excited to see what Thanksgiving is like. Please remember to keep my district in your prayers. We are doing great but a lot of us are a bit discouraged.

random stuff:
ITS SO COLD HERE. it snowed the other day so that was totally weird. Tommy Oslund got shipped to the Philippines early so i didn't get to see him. Sister Kayla Hesen is doing awesome and I’ve gotten to see her a couple times! The food here is really gross but I cant stop eating.  Eating three Hot Pockets at night causes indigestion in the morning. 100 forks are super heavy.  I tried to high-five a little Filipino girl and she thought I was going to hit her and ducked for cover.  For some reason birds really want to get into our classroom and they’re constantly flying into our class window super hard.

 Love, Syster Giles

Tanner, Syster Brink, Syster Adamson, Syster Smith

Tanner and Syster B.
Tanner's Swedish District

District getting a breath of fresh air

Tanner and Sister Brink

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