Saturday, December 13, 2014


hej hej!!!!!! (hello, hello)

this week has been reaaaaallyyyy emotionally interesting.

ill  start with the most awful part of my week. Syster Smith went home. she had decided she cant get the help  she needs here at the mtc. so she went home. we miss her a lot. i miss her a lot. she was kinda the mom vibe of our district. but i want her to be happy and healthy and if she thinks this was the correct decision i support her. i just have an awesome writing buddy now. Syster Smith loved it here and knows she wants to come back to serve, she just wants to be physically able to. the night before she left, she and syster adamson went back to the residence to pack so it was just the elders and syster brink and i. im so grateful for the elders we have. they honestly take such good care of us. they gave me a blessing, because i was pretty bummed about shayna leaving the next morning. i asked elder backman to give me the blessing and he was like, its my first time im so nervous haha, he started out super shaky and you could tell he was thinking really hard about what to say, then all of a sudden its like it just clicked and he was able to speak fludly and beauuutiifullyy. i was so so so comforted. they are so sweet .. when we went to drop shayna off they were there waiting in their suits. (at 5am) they gave her a blessing and then we headed to the travel office. something i admired and loved about Syster Smith was that she never stopped serving for a second. 
she prepared lesson plans in advance for syster adamson to have to teach their investigator the day after she left. she is so beautiful and awesome in everyway. i really love her and i know ill be seeing her again. 

so we are now a tripanionship.... i dont think i like it hahaha...actually i really dont like it. its just an adjustment. we always lose one of us, we cant all walk through the door at the same time, theres always an awkward thirdwheel like a foot behind. its ridiculous hahaha teaching has been harder too. syster brink and i had a really good flow and so we have had to adjust to not having that. also, since we have 3 systers, now we have three investigators so thats pretty much awful. i invest emotionally sooooo much into them, its exhausting, but i love it. i probs shouldnt have favorites, but i do haha haydar is my favoprite investigator to teach, he is 22, from iran and his girlfriend is a member. he has a lot of doubt and hurt in him. hes done things he feels are unforgiveable and that make him a bad person. so we have been teaching him about how to repent and everything. last week i had the impression to sing for him. so yesterday at the end of our lesson i sang where can i turn for peace. in swedish! since he speaks no english. he loved it and i know he felt the spirit. which was what i was hoping for.

my district is so funny. we were walking back to the classroom after dinner and it was dark except for the Christmas lights in the courtyard. for some reason we all thought of west side of course what do we do but get in a triangular formation and crouch kinda low and side step whilst snapping our fingers and looking around suspiciously. alos, elder larson does amazing impressions and he does a really good ray romano.  so he has started yelling DEBRAAAA, WHERES MY LAUNDRY. for some reason it has caught on and its how we find eachother haha its like some weird animal pack call. 

lawwwst Pday after i wrote, syster brink and i got food and went up to the 3rd level of the residence and ate on the couches where there is this huge window and the elevators. well all these new systers were coming up the elevators and we would turn around and be like hey!!!!!! welcome!! where ya going!! and stuff like that. welllllll it got annoying having to turn around all the time so i suggested we just move in front of the elevator. so there were are sitting like 10 feet away from the elevator eating food. we decided to make it more entertaining so i grabbed a couple of the mini Christmas trees around the 3rd floor and just held them while eating my cookies. syster brink got her camera out and turned on the flash, so when the sisters came out we exclaimed, WELCOME TO THE MTC!!! and then blinded them with flash.

ive never seen a deer in the headlights before but im pretty sure i have a good idea of what it looks like. we just kept laughing about it like did we seriously look like that when we got here???  they literally looked afraid for their lives!!!!! 

today we get new missionaries in our zone!!! so excited!!! 4 elders and 2 sisters. the dutchies (nederland mish) from our zone left last week :( so we are really glad to have more dutchies coming in today. one of the dutchie elders i got  really close with. his name is elder byers. hes from tennessee and he is HILARIOUS!!!. hes this little skinny thespian kid and he gave me all his candy and food before he left. hes the best. he also just wrote me a little note that i have taped in my journal. our sister training leaders that were basically our mommies our first week here, left. so that was really sad. 
elder larson was called as the new zone leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew he was gonna be hahaha hes so cool. he was in the military before getting here. he tells the worst jokes ever but for some reason theyre still funny. 

my favorite elder, elder backman, received this little envelope package thing last week. one of the items inside was this hideous pen. its literally a pen with this fat homemade felt Christmas tree....he has named it Yule Penna ..yes, Cool Runnings...also yule means Christmas in swedish.....and it has tiny jingle bells sewed on all over it. when he writes with it it jingles, every step he takes with it in his front chest pocket, it jingles. so we have started hiding it. we hid it in the vent flaps of the AC machine in our room. we call it The Dragon. during class if its hot we just ask the elders to open the dragon since they sit under it. so we put it in there and closed it so that when they opened it, it would fall out. well it did and we let him use it for a couple hours, 
then he and elder moody went to teach their investigator and i taped it under his chair. so every time he sits jingles... for some reason.....he doesnt hear the jingling.
its been under there for 2 days now. its the funnieast thing ever. just this little jingling whenever he lughs, sits, or coughs hahaha

so we have this exercise called TRC. where we go to a building with simulated living rooms with cameras and microphones, so our teachers can watch us teach a member. since we are swedish speaking, we got a swedish member. SHES AMAZING. she is about 70  or so, she came to utah with her older sister when she was 20, because all the worthy men in sweden came to utah since there wasnt a temple there!!! so they came out here! afterwards we were talking and i brought up how i loooove the king of sweden because his hats are so awesome! i told her how i really want to meet him because hes basically the coolest king in the world. she started to tell me about how shes besties with gregory newell, and gregory newell is besties with King carl!!!!! apparently the royal family is very family oriented and she thinks that i shouild make it a goal to teach them when im over there. so ill be talking to Brother Newell and ill be working suuuper hard on my formal swedish, since im pretty sure i still sound like a 4 year old. 

the food here for two days was actually amazing. steak and shrimp! it was nice to have real meat .  but really,

its still pretty gross... but the pudding is awesome.

i just really really really love it here. pday means temple session. its the best thing inn the whole world. syster brink and i are gonna do sealings today!!!!! im so excited for that!!! im also excited for the temple food because apparently thats good. last week we did an endowment session with our zone. our whole zone is just so awesome. its crazy how we are pretty much forced to like eachother but we actually do like eachopther..... we do everything together. 

thankyou for all your support!! i finally hit the halfway mark today and i have a feeling the next three weeks are going to flyyyy right on byyyy. 
love you all!!!:)

syster giles

fav scripture john 16:33
brink is from highland
elder scott gives me bread that his dad makes and sends to him haha
swedish is coming along!!! 
thanks so much fior the package!!!!!!! THE LEMON BARS AHHHH AMAZINGGGGG. decorating the sb house will be so fun!!! im so sad i forgot my it-mix at the house. and all my nail polish hahaha 
i hope coleman gets better jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez 
im wearing the moose socks right now!!!!!!!!!!!! 
finally shaved my legs ewwwwwwwwww
the box decoration was lovely, everyone thought it was so cute, and tyler thanks for the card!! yes dad your last email made me laugh, so much infact that i shared it with my companions. well played. 
alrighty. im gonna go now but i love yall!! i didnt really take any pictures sooo sorry about that...once you take some pictures at the mtc theyre all pretty much the same

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