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this week has been AMAZING. i dont even know where to start i cant believe this is our 4th week and we only have 2ish weeks left here in the mtc. 
last pday we did temple sealings and it was so cool. there were a ton of native american names!!! my favorite was when thery sealed a husband named Redrock to his wife Medicine Bowl and their child, Sue White Eagle. it was just sososo cool.
im a liiiittle sad. my teachers brother Whitworth and brother Marchant leave for Christmas break on saturday so we wont have them for the end of our mtc stay after this friday. im so  bummed. theyre the best teachers. 

Sundays are so great here. theyre the most relaxing days for sure. 
for sacrament you prepare a talk but they kinda randomly choose someone to speak and you dont know who it is til they announce it IN sacrament meeting. luckily i was assigned the prayer so i knew i wouldnt be speaking. 
we have sacrament with our zone which is now about 25 people because the nederlands (dutchies) and norway(nords) left. my district sang in sacrament meeting though! we sang abide with me tis eventide in swedish acapella. 
it was awesome. we have a really gifted district. 

my district has come up with a new goal! 

on Mondays and Thursdays we speak absolutely no english. only swedish. its awesome. it was easier than i thought it would be. Swedish feels completely natural, i love it and its a beautifully weird language.

im SO greatful for my two little crazy siblings this week. in class we had a discussion on how the book of mormon converts. 
well the two scriptures i felt i should look up that were on the list, had a note from each of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 i was so surprised to find them in there!!!!!!!!! what a cute idea.
 you guys are so cute hahaha.
 i keep finding little notes everywhere. in my jacket pockets and in my suitcases. i love it!

on Monday i was feeling like i needed a good fireside.
 i told Syster Brink that i really felt like i needed one to be justy for me.
 something that i needed to hear.

if theres one thing I’ve learned at the mtc its that the Lord never dissapoints. 

last night for our Tuesday devotional Per G. Malm of the 70 came and spoke to us.

 Elder Malm is from Sweden:)

he first thing he said was
 "i hope you are here because you love Jesus Christ"
it was amazing and so comforting be able to say to myself, here because i love Jesus Christ. there wasnt a pause or anything. i know thats why im serving a mission. i really do love my savior. my district went and spoke to elder malm and his family afterwards! 
he is just a beyond cool dude. 
his sons family was there and they have three little kids who are SOOOOOOO CUTE.  philip age 10, klara age9 and gustauv age 7. 


when they speak its literally like all these streams of light and glitter being shot out of their mouths. its amazing. they live in stockholm and are excited to see us there:)

Shayna Smith, the sister in my district that went home, sent us a package! we were so exciiitedddddddd. she made sugar cookies and sent them with frosting and sprinkles for us to decorate them with!!!!!!!! she is soo sweet. i miss her but we write :)

we taught our investigator haydar last night. i feel the spirit even when i just start to think of him and write about him. i was very emotionally attatched to haydar. i prayed so hard about him and what he needs and how i can speak to him intelligently but spiritually. so last night i told him how i love teaching him and when i prepare to teach him how i can feel the holy ghost. i felt like i should ask him to be baptized. so i did. and he said yes :)
 his job is moving him away (so sad) but he will be getting baptized this week
 it was so funny, the room was really cold when we went in to teach and we asked him to say the opening prayer then in the prayer he was like, please help syster giles feel warm hahaha i was trying not to laugh. it was just so cute. then at the end of our lesson when he was telling us he was leaving, he aked if we would still be able to teach him!! i love this guy!!! hes the best! its so crazy emotionally exhausting caring SOSOSOSOOOO much about this person i didnt even know exsited 3 weeks ago but somehow theres room in my heart for it :)

in swedish the word dop (doe-p) means baptism. döpas (du-pahs) means to be baptized 

you have to be
 careful when youre asking someone to be baptized. 
dopas(doe-pahs) is literally to get high.
döpas(du-pahs) is to be baptized

...........................see where im going with this....?

you cant pronounce it wrong hahahahahaha bad news on a whole different level.

Brother withworth has taught us a TON of slang. the word typ (teep) is similar to our "like" 
 example: i was trying to
its a filler which is awesome and i use it all the time now haha for some reason the word for 17 is used as an expressive outburst. 
Fi !!! Sjuton!!!!! ( fee, whwutohn) is like AHHH DANG EERRTTTT!!!

or, (and i use this one a lot) JA MEN SLUTA ( yah men slootah) which is, " LIIKE STOOPPP"

I also use this a lot 
oftaaaa.....which is like a whiny "whyyyyy"

swedish is just amazing haha i love it

im going to be so sad when we leave the mtc. its so awesome.
 ive gained ten pounds but its so worth it. 

thankyou for the love and support!!!! ive seen the blessings in my own mtc life here that have come from serving as a faithful missionary. we are called of god and i knpw there are chariots of fire and angels at our side coming to be our protection, as we keep ultimate faith and trust in our heavenly father.
i love yall! thankyou for your prayers!

<3 syster giles 

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