Wednesday, December 3, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week has been amazing. 

I'll start first with Syster Smith. For the people who don't know, i flew up to Utah a day early to do a temple sesh in the  SLC temple. I was talking to one of the workers there and told them I was going to the Stockholm Sweden mission..well I walk a little bit forward and some women stop me and they're like hey! did we hear you're going on a mission?? and I was like yeah! Stockholm Sweden! and they were like…that's where our girl is going!!!!!! then Syster Smith came through. I felt sooooo  comforted and blessed to have met her the day before. i was so nervous about the MTC. to be honest it was the only thing I was actually nervous about. Just being thrown with a bunch of people i don't know. I was so grateful that I had met her. I’ve learned a lot about Syster Smith. Syster Smith had a really tough personal test before coming here to the MTC. Yesterday I realized that meeting her in the temple was not for me. but it was 100% for HER. So that she knew she would have a friend here to confide in. she's not my companion, but i just asked her to take a little walk with me outside during companionship study yesterday. I asked her if she would confide in me, because I’ve had a really strong feeling that she is in a lot of pain and reaalllyy wants to go home. So I told her that and she said she was definitely thinking extremely hard about it. she’s been going to counseling and they have let her call her mom to get advice from her. Everyone is telling her to stay and she just doesn't know what to do. I think president Hales is extremely inspired, because what came to my mind was a little thing he told me in my last interview with him. I told Syster Smith about how president Hales had grandkids from Florida, and how the water in Florida is a lot warmer than where we live. i told her how he said that the kids always wanted to get out of the water because it was cold! because they hadn't adjusted yet. I told her what he told me... you have to stay in the water to get used to it. Just give it thirty seconds to adjust. Syster Smith and I are extremely close. She wrote me a note on a cute little card and left it on my bed just saying that she's grateful I'm here and that I'm awesome. I was really grateful for that, especially since this week has been a little sad with all the things I'm missing at home!!

Now one of the GREATEST things EVER EVER EVER
Elder Bednar came to speak for Thanksgiving :0

It was incredible. Instead of speaking to us the whole time he actually let us ask Him questions!!!!!!!!! We could raise our hands, as well as text him our questions. He brought about 200 cellphones for us to use to text him what we wanted to know. One thing he said that was really awesome was how to have the character of Christ. He said when we turn away from ourselves and to the Lord we show the true character of Christ. I loved that!  

Last night we had our Tuesday night devotional on the first gift of Christmas. Jesus Christ. how we can embrace it and share it. If you haven’t seen that mormon message video, watch it right now, its sooo good. If you can find that mom and post the linkvthat would be wonderful.  

Remember Isabel our investigator? Well.............................turns out shes one of our teachers and it was all and evaluation.  She thought the wild strawberry reference was hilarious. She is suuuper gorgeous and just got back from Sweden 4 months ago. She’s sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! greatest example ever. So because last week was Thanksgiving our main teacher brother Whitworth was out of town on a cruise with his family. So all week we were planning things to do for him on Monday, the day he would be back. So we started the day with middle parts in our hair. It was the grossest thing ever. The Elders looked hilarious and I looked like Darrel from Walking Dead hahaha. We also brought him gummy eggs.

Elder Geslenson (the fork obsessed Elder) hung the chandelier we made him above his bed. we’ve only seen pictures but it looks awesome funny.

My swedish is coming along FABULOUSLY. I can teach and only stop a few tImes to think about what I have to say, I've found I can usually just speak it if I dont think about it. when I start thinking about it I start to mess up. our teachers are so supportive and patient with us. I love them. 

We got a new investigator this week. his name is Haydar (hi-dar) the day we taught him was the day I really felt my purpose as a missionary. It was nothing like teaching Isabel. Isabel was so interested in everything we had to say. Even when we were fumbling around the words we didn’t know. Haydar was distracted and stubborn and fidgety.  I felt like he was so out of tune, but I felt the spirit so so so strong. It literally felt like my body was on fire. All of a sudden it was hot and my heart was beating super hard and i reached over to my companion and squeezed her arm as to signal her to stop talking and I bore my testimony to him of the atonement, in perfect swedish. 

I have felt so blessed this week with swedish. It just sticks and it feels natural. I'm not struggling so much with it but there are still a couple in my district who are really having a hard time. Please remember to keep us in your prayers.

For our Sunday devotional, Vocal Point from BYU came and sang a ton of songs!!!!!!!!!
Every one here sings disney songs. 
Elder Scott is hilarious!!  He’s in the other swede class...he came into our class, and does the Nacho Libre stretch, and as if i wasnt already laughing hard enough, he turns around on our door and does the bum clench. I WAS DYING.  
Syster Brink and I get hard boiled eggs and bagels every morning and make egg salad sandwiches!
i got to see uncle Ryan's parents!!!!! They may or may not have smuggled in food from the outside world for me. (thank you aunt Jayme, you know me too well)

Love you all!!!!

Syster Giles

Elders...Larson, Simonson, Backman and Moody

Look Syster Brink and I have matching shirts....LOL!!!  See, two peas in a pod!!

All headed to Sweden
Selfie with Elder Moody

Thanksgiving table shot. "If you can't see the camera, the camera can't see you" All heading to Sweden

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