Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hej Hejjjjjj-

So it’s not like my week got any less exciting. 

I thought maybe for a second that i would have a normal missionary week, but omygoodness i was so wrong. 

I’ll start with the first lesson of the week. George! he’s from Uganda.  He wants to be baptized :) he's so awesome. he has had experiences i cant even imagine. He owes all of his success in life to God and Jesus Christ.  He got sick this week so we are making soup and going to take it to him tomorrow along with a boommbbb lesson :)

Every Tuesday we eat at our mission leaders house. His name is Peter and looks just like my dad..its crazy...he taught us how to make these bread things so that was fun. He has an 18 yr old son named Markus. A little backround. About 15 years or so ago Peter’s wife and oldest son were killed in a car accident. Markus has serious depression problems from this and has kindof introverted.  He used to be really active in church and always played innebandy (the ice hockey type sport without the ice) on Saturdays. Peter was saying Markus hadn’t touched his guitar for a while...hey guess what, Elder Landin and i both play guitar, so that night we went over and had dinner and convinced Markus to get his guitar out. 
Swedish people are pretty shy but Markus is like SUPPPPERRRR shy. he wouldn’t play but Elder Landin and i did. he got a little more comfortable and played for like 5 seconds ...THE FIVE SECONDS WERE AMAZING haha he promised he would play this week for us so i’m super excited for that. i know music has played a huge part in my life and I’ve realized thats really all i wanna do for the rest of it. Music touches lives in ways that words can’t. 

We played innebandy like always and guess who came in his short shorts and headband to keep his crazy hair out of his eyes. Markus!!!!!! and dang....the kid can play some innebandi. 

So we serve in Gävle with 2 Elders. Elder Treat and Elder Landin. Godis (go-dees), are candy treats here in Sweden so we call Elder Treat Elder godis. Elder Landin looks like Gru from despicable me so we call him Gru a lot. Elder Treat is hilarious. He was telling us about his expirience at Ana Lil’s house this week and apparently Ana Lil can pinch you...............with her toes.
So she pinches Elder Treats leg and then takes his foot in her hands (she has long  2inch sparkly pink nails) and starts CRACKING. HIS. TOES.  Yes. I'm scared for my life a little bit.
just in general, swedish old ladies are pretty funny. They have a little heart attack when we contact them and try to walk away as fast as possible. They really don’t like us.  goal: convert a swedish old lady

We woke up one morning and it looked like it had snowed.......except for that it was all ice. We hardly walk anywhere. We are always falling over. It’s so embarrassing. Getting on the bus was definitely scary. the bus drivers here just tear it up. I literally clutch the seat with my buns and pray we don’t crash. 

Swedes are just so cool. This week our ward had a yulplundering. We all un-decorate the Christmas tree and smash the gingerbread houses we’ve made to symbolize the end of Christmas since they celebrate it for like 2 months here. They made us and our Elders dance haha. They do all these little folk songs and you dance around the tree. its adorable. the little kids love it. 

Sundays, are still my favorite day of the week. We have dinner at the Sjökvists every Sunday night. Annika Sjökvist is a baker so she always makes awesome stuff. Last night was very interesting haha.  They have a little girl named Ella, shes like 6. shes TNT.  Ella is always doing something high energy. she is always yelling Titta titta! which is like look look!! 
Elder Treat was taking off his shoes so he was looking down. Ella is standing there like titta titta! He finally looks up and Ella is straight mooning him. i was DYING. I’m just glad it wasn’t me. but the fun doesn’t stop there. They have a 17 year old boy named Anton. Anton is playing with this giant lighter and has the awesome idea to make a blowtorch with it and a can of hairspray. he’s like mom, can i do it.... and the worlds chillest mom is like yeah, i dare you. So Anton is sitting halfway in the house half way outside and is getting kinda nervous. Annika is like, come on Anton....................do it..........so he finally does it and the top nozzle of the can in his hand is engulfed in flames. He looked so scared hahaha Annika started out so calm, Anton..sling, Antonn……sliing, SLING ANTON SLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have seen the movie Benchwarmers and you know the clip where they’re throwing around a hot potato and Clark catches it and doesn’t know what to do with it.....that scene is Anton’s life in this moment. he finally like snaps out of shock and chucks it outside.  Let’s just say i always look forward to seeing the Sjökvists hahaha

This week has been amazing. but I couldnt have achieved anything without my misson mom, Syster King (my companion)  We are perfect for each other.  We sit on the counters and eat and talk. We pretty much never use the kitchen table. She is the best. Last night she made a ton of swedish pancakes for me and they were bomb. its so nice that we get along. She's my best friend and the person i confide in. I'm definitely blessed to have her as my trainer. 

I love this place. It's building me and molding me and making me into a person that I really only dreamed of being. I can’t wait to learn and grow more out here. I love Gävle. I love the ward i’m serving in. Each person is so loving and helpful. I can’t even imagine leaving. A transfer will be the saddest day. 

Happy Birthday to my darling little old lady sister Tyler Jane Giles. You’re the bomb dot com

And happy 4 day old-ness to my new nephew baby Kai Parker Giles. That kids gonna be awesome and he’s beautiful and super white so that was weird. Not gonna lie, the first picture with mama looks like he’s a ginger haha but omg the first bath at the hospital picture is gorgeous. Can’t wait to meet him...ha...

I love you all and thank you so much for your love and support :)

Love, Syster Giles
I Love it here......sooooo cold yet AWESOME!!!!!!

The bus ride......gripping with my buns....LOL

Syster King and I with amazing members


Ella the photographer insisted....Silly Faces

I'm sure you can tell......I'm sitting on the counter writing in my journal while Syster King makes swedish pancakes.....YUM!!!!!!

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