Thursday, January 1, 2015



It’s Christmas eve and I’m sosososo excited for tomorrow. its going to be such a different fun cool experience!!!!! we absolutely love our elders so we have gotten them a bunch of random stuff we’ve found around the, some huge watermelon print pj pants, i made a necklace from a string and a leaf,  a potato chip, a giant branch that we found, stool softener, i whittled a bar of soap into a face with my makeup brush end.  My district gets better and better everyday. 

Tomorrow we are getting milk and cereal and were gonna all eat breakfast in the classroom together and open our presents all together. It’s the weirdest thing that I'm friends with these people i didn't even know existed till a month ago. but i’ve gotten so close with every single one of them. leaving the MTC is going to be really hard because the plane ride will be a 16hour journey of "dude I'm gonna miss you's" they're my security blanket and my bubble and my rock. I'm so happy for all of them and i cant wait for them to start teaching the swedes because they all have something so special to offer. i see it in them every day. they're all incredibly different but they're all incredibly beautiful. they lift me up and I'm so grateful for that.

i’m so excited for whoever is speaking tomorrow. the staff wont tell us but all theyve said is its a member of the first presidency. VAAAD (whaaat) im so excited. 
there is a Christmas talent show tomorrow also, so elder Linchenko and I are singing and playing guitar together! hes in the district2 swedes. 
We had a really cool TRC training teaching appointment this week. it was over skype with a guy from sweden! .....................................i understood like maybe half of what he said. he was speaking some dialect called skronshiausnjofhwu or something like that. i just call it skoner haha literally sounds like theres a potato in their throats. they pronounce all their Rs like a W 
instead of det ar bra, it sounds like de aow bwa. i loooooooooooove it. its considered pretty dirty i guess but its amazing. 

oh! random, so i had some gnarly weird shrimp last night! im sitting at the table and im just like...uh…Syster Brink do you feel alright..? and shes all like yeah i feel fine!.......are you okay? and i just had the feeling that i was gonna bring brittany back and ran to the bathroom haha. i feel a lot better now but im still a little tummy bubbly...

nothing too exciting happened this week....our district has been kinda sad since brother Whitworth and brother Marchant left. they were the best teachers ever. im so grateful for them. we had class with brother Whitworth first on friday morning. he bore his testimony to us and it was awesome. it hadnt hit us till we were all saying bye that he was actually like not ever gonna teach us again soon as he was gone literally all of us just burst into tears. lets just say we binged hard on ice cream and frenchfries at lunch. it was a pretty sad sight hahaha by the time it came around to our night class with brother Marchant it was literally just like.....a struggle to not start crying again haha but it hit me aaaaaaaaand i couldnt hold the tears in anymore... we all bore our testimonies and then brother Marchant said the prayer and it was just too much to handle. i think ive written before about how i felt like brother Marchant was teaching me personally. like he was looking out for me. so it was definitely a lot harder on me to not get upset at the fact that he actually has a life and wouldnt be my teacher anymore haha  i honestly didnt think i would get super attached to these dudes just teaching us swedish but they spritually, really taught us way more than that. i trusted them. i had so much trust and faith in them to be able to teach me with the spirit so that i could understand. i prayed for them every day and night and still do. the MTC is definitely a trippy time but they were there everyday not only to teach us swedish but to be there to confide in if needed. i looked forward to seeing them everyday because they just made me so happy! im definitely going to miss them....actually, sometimes they were super weird,  but that just made it even better. 

ever since ive been at the MTC our district has had a goal to memorize the first vision in swedish. well i love procrastination so i put it off but yesterday i was finally like whatever im gonna do it. so i took 20 minutes and sat on the floor and memorized the first vision. the words are all just so pretty. im definitely proud of myself for finally doing it haha

this week has been a great oppurtunity to really focus on the savior. all our devotionals have been on having a Christ centered Christmas. i love it. ive realized i really am grateful for Christmas. without Christ there would be no Christmas. all the lights and traditions pretty much have nothing to do with the birth of Christ but we beautify our homes and decorate in such good spirit and love, and thats what jesus Christ is anyway.  

this week was definitely a slow week, so my letter isnt that great, but Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!! i really love you guys:)

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