Thursday, January 1, 2015


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This week has been out of hand  so many things happened. i'll touch on a few of my favorites. 

So first, i proposed an elder in my zone. So that was interesting and it’s all im gonna say about that situation.

I’ve been eating rabbit food all week...i think its called All-Bran or something distgusting like that..............let’s just say it does stuff to you.

Christmas was so fun!!!!!!!!!! i got to talk to my familyyyy:) it was so great. it made me miss them a lot but overall im glad i got to talk with them. i forgot how funny my daddy thinks he is.  I leave for Sweden on monday so i’ll talk to them then too . 

Sad news, one of my companions Syster Adamson wont be going with us to Sweden on Monday :( she is being temporarily assigned somewhere we dont know yet. we got the for sure news this was gonna happen last night and it was extremely difficult to handle. so we got blessings from our elders. an elder named elder wootan in my zone gave me a blessing and it was so perfect and beautiful and i feel 100% better. it was a total turn around in all of us. we are all gonna guess where shes being reassigned and we're gonna open it up all together like a new call :) i think she’s going to maine :) 

This week has been especially emotional because the ice pops (our icelandic elders, there’s 3 of them) and Sister Mandla (shes from Australia and is a solo missionary going to Denmark) left for the field the other day. that was really hard. we’ve gotten really reaallyyy close with our zone so its a big deal when people leave.
Sister Mandla and i got reallly close over the past 2 weeks. we had more in common than we realized and just clicked. she is the cutest Sister ever. i’ll attatch some pictures of us. shes also hilarious!!!!!!!!! ahh shes just the best. i'll miss her so much but we are planning to write so i’m excited for that :) 
Soooooooooooooo i’m sick of the snow bahahahaha........................................................

Sweden should be fun. not gonna lie i kinda want to have a transfer up north over the winter just to push myself to the limit...because im pretty sure i was crying on our temple walk last week when it was only like 30 degrees. i am very afraid haha.

Richard Elliot and David Archuleta came Sunday night for our devotional. Richard Elliot is like my new hero. that guy is awesome. if you dont know who he is, he is the main solo organist for the mormon tab choir. He did this one song with alllll pedals. He was in an accident a couple years back and couldnt use his hard because the muscles were ripped from them..... so he got really good at just using his feet. it was crazy. and then of course bite size Archuleta was fantastic. He is so tiny it’s hilarious. but his voice is just magic. 

Last night we had a district meeting like we do every Tuesday after devotional. We like to bear our testimonies at the end of them. Brother Parks said something i didn’t even think about. Church in seems reaaaal simple....but i don’t think i have ever been as nervous as i was when he said, next week you"ll be at church in Sweden. to be honest a new ward makes me more nervous than talking to random people...i know that if im just myself ill be fine but thats really hard and kinda scary when you cant communicate intelligently with the people around you. but i want them to know that i love them as soon as i get there. i know the way i’m going to do that is by being myself, being real with them. 

Aunt Shauna thank you for talking with me about Sweden on that morning of my MTC arrival in the parking lot of Kneaders. i think about it every day. all i see now is a viking when i think about the Swedes. but im ready to love them and i’m excitedly waiting for those shields, clubs, and horns to fall to the snow as i learn how to better teach my Brothers and Sisters. 

I have grown so much at the MTC. i think mostly in the knowledge that my heart will expand. i was afraid that emotionally i would’t be able to handle loving and caring soo much about so many people. but i have seen, just from coming closer to the Elders and Sisters around me,  that will not be the case.  I was reminded this week of how real this is. i have the opportunity to bring people i knew before this life unto Christ. i get to teach them hope and share with them the blessings i have seen in my life from living the gospel. This is a real, living, growing church and I hope that people will know that and feel that as i teach them. I have no fear that in the moment, the Lord will not let me down. I am not afraid to speak what i know. I have been promised that when i open my mouth, the spirit will fill my words and i will teach with the tongues of angels. that promise will stand strong throughout my entire life as i continue to be active in missionary work. The Book of Mormon is a light unto all who read it. if you haven't been reading your scriptures, read them. think of questions you have and read them.  If they are boring to you, you’re reading them wrong.  Church is so important.  Where few are gathered in His name, our Lord is in the midst of them. We have a divine purpose on this earth. I have a divine purpose on this earth. 
for those of you who are parents, thank you. thank you so much for bringing into this world the souls of my Brothers and Sisters so that they can be tested, tried, and have the opportunity to achieve eternal life and return to live with our father in heaven.  These words I write, I hold sacred.  I testify and will testify in the name of Jesus Christ that the words i write and say are true. 

I love all of you. Thank you for all the Christmas cards and boxes. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing ward family as well as my eternal family. 

Syster Tanner Adell Giles

Sis. Mandla from Australia going to of my new bestest friends. 

Elder Ort, Elder Wilson, he’s from canada its really funny, myselfffff, and sister Mandla 

the ICE POPs  Elders Pons, Stirks, Geslison, Meeee and Syster Brink

Sweden here I cooooommmme.

Sweden 2014-2016  I will never be the same!!!!!!

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