Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hej Yall :) 

This week went by sooo fast. I’m writing a letter today because i leave on Monday for Sweden! so i won’t be able to write till next Monday.

i am soo attatched to the people in my zone. I’m so attatched to my teacher Sister Faux. she is so perfect and she’s an awesome teacher. I look forward to personal coaching time with her.
this week was kind of a bummer because i still really miss Brother Marchant and Brother Whitworth. I wish they were here to see our progress and to see us off.  I have been soooo blessed to have the teachers I have. They are the ultimate heroes of my MTC expirience and will definitely be people i remember for the rest of my life.

It’s starting to get real for our baby dutchies in the zone. We got 6 Denmark goers this week but the rest of the zone (swedes and nords, 16 of us) are leaving....all the dutchies got callings and its reallly up to them to be mom and dad now for the new Elders and Sisters that will be coming in. 
We’ve gotten extremely close to the dutchies. Tomorrow night will be seaworld water show worthy. pyro techs and everything. (lots of crying!!!) 

I’ve packed my bags and picked out the outfit I’m gonna wear on the plane!
it consists of:

1 pair of boots
3 pairs of tights
1pair of wool lined tights (thanks grandma you’re the bees knees)
1 pair of wool socks
2 jackets


I refuse to be cold ever again.

If i do end up tripping and falling over I’m giong to need some serious help getting back up. LOL

We had infield orientation yesterday!!! it was literally 10 hours.... but it was really fun. it was basically an overview of everything we’ve learned here. some of it was soooooooooooooo beyond cheesyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, which was expected but it was still fun and i learned a lot

The most random things happen here in the residences at the MTC. You have to remember we are entertainmentless missionaries and we try really hard to get a good laugh around here. We found this guy the other day

I just wanna know why anyone would ever iron their jammies

It’s crazy that its 2015! Sister Brink’s family sent a bunch of new years stuff and we had a countdown to was pretty fantastic. confetti poppers, martinellis, and bean dip. Best New Years ever right? 
I have the greatest district and zone ever. we are so weird but we just all fit together so well. 
I’m going to miss everyone but I’m so excited to see the progress they make and the way their testimonies will grow.
Tomorrow is Sunday, my favorite day of the week here at the MTC. I’m excited for my last temple walk and i can’t wait to bear my testimony :)

Syster Tanner Adell Giles

lets just say in this picture i look warmer than i actually am...snow is weird... 

oh elder larson...he always gets the best pictures of us:)

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