Sunday, February 1, 2015


oh hejj :)

Another Great Weeeeeekkkk!!

Annika Sjökvists found out about how much i loved swedish pannkakor and invited us over for a dinner.........of swedish pancakes!!!! so good!!!
i uh......dont fit into the jeans i wore at the MTC sooooo i’ll be working on that issue.

vekko heikki ( a finn in our branch) was reading us the administer password for the computers and came across the @ symbol..... all i hear is 12fw4kanelbulle77....he didnt know what to call the @ so he called it a kanelbulle, right now everyone who can speak swedish thinks this is funny, kanelbulle=cinnamon roll @=cinnamon roll :)  we thought that was pretty funny

Well, you guessed it, it’s time for…. 
Tanners corner of terror!
Ana Lil strikes again.
Ana Lil and Jäne wanted to take us out to dinner! i was a little hesitant but i asked our elders if maybe Ana Lil was a little more tame in public, because she took them out for fika (little bit of food) that week.  They said she was a lot better in public so i got more excited to see them.
The elders lied.
i assumed there would be people at the restaurant but i’m pretty sure Ana Lil bought out the restauraunt that night so she could preform unhindered torture on me. We sat at a table for four...Syster King sold me out and nabbed the chair next to jäne. so yes...i got stuck next to Ana Lil. just to make it worse, i was on the inside of the table. i was alone, scared...i was trapped.
Then all of a sudden something lands on my head. Ana Lil had thrown her sweater on my head, probably in attempts to suffocate me. i’ll never know for sure. 
she then tries to pour water on my head, Ana Lil hates water, but jäne (thankgoodness for jäne) tells her not to.  In fact, Ana Lil was so repulsed by my attempt to drink water for dinner that she called the waiter over and ordered me orange fanta.....because I'm “exotic.” Since she wasn't able to pour water all over me she grabs the bowl of delicious assorted nuts on the table aaaaaaaaand pours them down my shirt.  jäne ordered coffee and some sugar cubes came with it.....i dont know if Ana Lil has ever had a horse before but usually humans don't like just eating sugar cubes. Are you thinking she ate all the sugar cubes straight? i wish.  Ana Lil takes the sugar cubes, shoves them in my mouth and smacks me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahaha  Smeaarrssss her ice cream all over my cheek, classic old lady beats me up with her cat patterned carpet bag.
While walking to the bustop with them i realized that Ana Lil is insane. she is scary, and too much and i fear her immensely. but.  she is perfect. because she is Ana Lil :)

it was snowing a little bit and jäne was telling us stories and i realized that i love them so so so much. i love Ana Lil and i love jäne.  the best part of it, is that they really truly love me back.
They feel like grandparents to me. jäne is so so sweet. he tries to help me with my swedish and always makes sure that i can understand him if he’s telling a story. they stop multiple times during stories they tell to ask me if they need to repeat or explain any words that i might not understand.  i know they do that because they care about me and they love me.  

The best part of being a missionary. your heart just keeps growing. and eventually you find room in there for everyone, even the crazy people:)

best part of being a missionary by far is the amount of love you feel for everyone. its like i was a crackly piece of toast before and these people are peanutbutter just filling all the little cracks. i see a lot of hope here in Gävle. its beautiful here and i am going to be so sad when i have to transfer. everyone in the ward has started calling me lilla blomma...i dont know why hahaha it means little flower. but i love it. I'm a lilla blomma right now but I'm so excited to keep growing. my heart breaks everyday but once again i have those people who fill the cracks. 
these people are my home and i love them everyday for it.

That picture of Parker and Kai is so stinkin cutttee!!!!!!!!!!! Kai is a Blake Griffin baby i think,  haha more pictures!!!!!!! 
i love you guys so much!! i miss yall but dont miss me too much im honestly doing great wihth everyone and everything here!!

Love, TanTan

I HAD to wear my In-Out shirt and Rainbows in Sweden....can us say frostbite : )

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