Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Selfie with my splits companion, Syster Modersitzski

Well its p-day. we woke up, put in laundry and then piled a bunch of blankets on the floor and colored in some coloring books :) you know you’re a missionary when you dont have essentials....like a pencil sharpener.....soo i craftily carved my colored pencils with a kitchen knife quite whitely.......get it.  Because i whittled the colored pencils, you're welcome.

First week without human Godis. (Elder Treat) (godis is candy).  He’s just kind of a little orb of happy energy.
Things i miss about Elder Treat: him yelling SPOORTSSS or INNEBANDYYY while playing innebandy, his kung fu stance, always zoning out, his name (haha), his past companions stories, the way he can’t say bullying (sounds like bowling).
but!  We have a new elder. his name is Elder Hansen. He’s awesome. He’s HUGE. innebandy was kind of frightening with him hahaha.  Elder Hansen is from SLC. He's too cool for school. He is also Hilarious..for example: he is standing right next to me right now and saw that i have 15 drafts in my draft box, he then asked me perplexed, if i was writing the magna carta. So his humor is fantasmic, which kinda makes up for Treat being gone.

Transfers! my friend, Syster Lund from California who also got her call to Sweden is officially here! My trainer trained her trainer! im excited to see them at mission tour next week :)

SO.  this week we had splits! We had a dinner with Anne Lill that night and Veikko Hekki (an old finnish man) drove us there and i realized something. I don't always feel like I'm going to die.
but when i do…Veikko is always driving.  He’s just kinda swerving all over the place and going 200mph. all good. I trust Finnish people.  I think as a missionary i have a couple extra guardian angels.....i know for a fact that they were all sweating during that car ride.

Fat Tuesday was this week! the Sjökvists invited us over but then Johan got really sick so we didnt go. But we went and got the traditional swedish samoa with Elder Treat and Elder Landin! BUT last night the Sjökvists had us for dinner like usual and we had kind of a fat sunday!!!  The bus ride home turned into kind of a nightmare!  We get on the bus and he takes off super fast before i sat down. I flew backwards and almost fell to the ground (Elder Hansen’s leg broke my fall)  Then when we got off i hopped off the steps of the bus and landed weird and my legs buckled and I just nail the floor. I know you're all worried about the samlor i had in the leftover ice cream box in my hands, but be assured...the samla was fine....because i ate i for breakfast this morning haha!!!!

We ate at our mission leaders house! Peter! he’s just about the coolest guy ever. He has a daughter Sofie! she’s gorgeous and tells me i have good swedish...so i like her. : ) Peter makes aaaaaawweesooome foooood!!! this past week we had pork and rice....pork is fantastic....until you get a chunk of cartilage
so i bite down on this piece of cartilage and i didnt have a napkin! i felt suuper awekward...i didnt wanna be weird or rude and like spit it out and be all gross. Sooo i tucked it in my cheek...heh….and then i couldn't stop laughing...it was so bad. but i finished eating the rest of my dinner with the cartilage in my mouth.

my week was just awesome. we had a dinner with Saara Järvby, the big Finnish woman that loves me. she doesnt have a lot and barely anything in her fridge but she wanted us over so bad so she could make tacos for us. The next day i got kind of a surprise from her. We were at innebandy and she called us and said come to Åhlens i have something for you. So we hurry and run over and she had bought me a brand new pair of shoes. cute little boot heels.  the members here just really care about us. they're like family.

we taught a guy named David from Madagascar slash Jamaica! he brought his daughter Ice with him. yes. Ice. coolest name ever. we explained how we have a living prophet today..
he got so excited and told us that he knew that!!!!!!  He excitedly said,  yeah!! prophets!! like Bob Marley!  He loved everything we had to say and took the Book of Mormon. We are way excited to meet with him again.

my new favorite swedish word is nalle: teddybear :)

muslims muslims everywhere.  well. if you had to pass a written test to be muslim, i could definitely pass. we attempted to teach some muslim people this week...but really i was just taught about Mohammed and offered about 5 kurans. so thats fun

George is just doing incredible well. He calls us his spiritual leaders. he really loves us. and we really love him. he’s just so prepared. He is getting baptized this Saturday.  Keep him in your prayers.  He is sooooo ready!!!  I have learned that there is something about a missionary that is the greatest blessing ever...i don't have to teach anyone anything. the spirit does that for me.

This week i thought a lot about TIME.  Everything takes time. But what is time. Time is not something you can put in your pocket or put in a bank to save for later.  Time is fleeting, slippery, frightening, cold...we need to be bold. I need to be bold.  i’ve made it a goal on my mission to be bold. no matter what. whatever its about. ill be bold.

Welllllll. that’s really all for this week.  we've got a zone training and a baptism to prepare for so we are pretty dang busy :)  I love you all and I am so so so grateful for your love and support.

People at home...go catch some waves for me.

-Syster Giles :)

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