Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hej Hej!!!!!!

this week has been SO. CRAZAY.

Literally no downs, allllll ups:)

ill start with Pday.

Mihail, a new member here in Gävle is some crazy kung fu master. so he asked us if we wanted to learn kung fu and of course we were like YAS.
So were learning all this cool stuff and we make it just one free for all.
so im kung fu-ing Syster King and i go for the really cool cross step bruce lee kick to the jugular move....i slip and do this weird side flip into the ground...so that wasn't embarrassing at all. 

Next day, we went out to George’s new home!!  George is the one from Uganda. He lives in a refugee camp. He was all the way out in Söderham so it was really hard for him to get to church. 
in the refugee camp they don’t tell people when they’re going to move them. it just happens kind of at random. so he got moved to a refuge in Kungsgården, an hour and a half closer to Gävle!!!!!
He took this as his sign that he needs our church. the refugee camp is like a 30 minute walk from the bus stop...so we got off the bus and braved through a random snowstorm, freezing cold…..super worth it!!!!  We go in to teach him and its in a public kind of living room/lounge area. in the room are two other people. I felt kinda awkward at this point because they were just starring but i chilled out and just tried to feel the spirit.  so like always, we opened with a prayer.  George always makes me say it…. haha.  I said it in english (which is totally weird, its so so hard to pray in english now) and when i finished the two people were like "that was so good, it feels good.”  We taught George about the Holy Ghost and the role it plays in our lives. the spirit was so strong.  He told us something i thought was really cool. 

He told us how amazing he thinks we are for trekking through the snow just to teach him. he’s amazed at how young we are, yet we are sacrificing this portion of our lives to teach people about God and Jesus Christ.  he said, "a forest, without young trees, is bound to disappear"…..its true:) My stomach dropped and I felt that i should ask him to be baptized.

sidenote: George LOOOVES to talk:)

So i told him i was gonna ask him a question, but i didnt want to hear an answer from him. i told him i just wanted him to close his eyes and think about how he feels, and pay attention to what he was feeling.  I asked him to be baptized.  My heart’s pounding in my chest and my ears and my eyes and just all throughout my body. 

the anticipation is killer.

But i asked for silence and that’s what i got. i knew his answer when he sat back in his chair with his eyes closed, as a big smile spread across his face:)  yes Giles, i want to be baptized
(he just calls me Giles:)  then he said something absolutely incredible…..i’m just gonna remind you, George has never read anything from Doctrine and Covenants, he didn't even know what it was...

George says:
"I’ve been thinking, how happy the heavens must be when you teach me. How great is the joy of God while you are bringing this one soul to him. imagine how happy he will be while you bring many unto him!!!"

I was like dude...George, you just straight quoted D+C 18…..so crazy!!!!  We showed him the scripture and he was just as shocked as we were.  we asked him when we wanted to be baptized. he said he would think about it and tell us at church on sunday.  Fast forward to church on Sunday...best Sunday ever. 5 of our investigators showed up and a guy from Karlskrona (Syster King’s last area, she taught him) showed up!! it all worked perfectly since i was playing piano for Syster King and Syster Sjökvist in sacrament meeting!  Best way to bring the spirit is through music:)

I sat with George during sacrament meeting and he just loved it. he doesn’t know how to read music so he asked me to point to the words so that he could sing along haha so sweet :)  After the meeting we sat and listened to the musicour pianist played, God Be With You Till We Meet Again. i guess this is a popular jam in Uganda. George got so excited and started sing it in his native language!!!!! so so so cool!!!!! he turns to me and says, 

"you have won my heart, i will follow this church to the ends of the earth”  Sounds dramatic but he literally speaks in parables and  psalms hahaha 

After church we took him to the baptismal font. I just told him that i loved him and how much i love teaching him. i told him that we still have a bit to teach him, but if he would like to start preparing to be baptized, he could be baptized on the 21st of this month.. GEORGE DARLINGTON HASHAKA will be baptized on the 21st of this month :)  I’m so so excited!!!! George is an amazing guy.

We have a new investigator!!!  His name is Daniel. he's so cool, hahaha he's from the north so he talks nice and slow lol.  He’s a tattoo artist!!!  He’s been in and out of jail and is 35 years old. 
Tattooed all up and down and has got a nice rat tail hairstyle. Basically he’s awesome!!!!!   We contacted him about 2 weeks ago and he was really excited for us to teach him. so we met up this week at a coffee shop!  ha   ha   ha   ha oh my gosh.  So we sit down and start talking, getting to know him and the waitress brings him his coffee and a burrito. Naturally, he sticks his finger in his mouth and he pops out a nice chunk of snuff (chewing tobacco) lol.  I was trying so hard not to laugh. so random. didn’t even see it in there.  wait, other side now....second chunk of snuff.  ok, all the snuff is out now.  we talked and got to know him. he thought it was really cool that we were out on missions..we talked about everything..we even told him about the problems we've had with old ladies here. He thought that was hilarious and told us its only because we are young and beautiful and they're jealous!  He was really concerned that God didn't love him...we told him of course he does..he loves all of us. were his children!  And in this quiet little coffee shop he exclaims, so im not….(F-word)!!!???  This time i didn't even try to hold in the laughter. 
Then I remembered what David A Bednar told us in the MTC.  He promised us that everyone has already heard the plan of happiness before. and when they hear it they will recognize it and it will feel right.  Right after that Daniel got serious, he told us he's been having scary thoughts just about life. He wanted to know where he came from, why he was here and where he was going to go after this life.


We taught him the Plan of Salvation.  We are meeting him again tomorrow:)

We had too many good lessons to be able to write them all yet those were definitely my favorite from this week :)

We had a ton of fun this week too!!!

District meeting this week was one of those fun things.  We went to the Dalahest factory in Dalarna!!  not even really a factory haha  Dalahests are these little traditional swedish wood carved horses. they hand do everything. its awesome. 

That night Precious called us and invited us over for dinner! salmon and potatoes. sooo good

then came the funnest part of my week..
The young women and young men invited us to go out sledding with them for their activity Friday night!  They go to this ski resort and there’s a specific hill for sledding. ITS HUGE. It was so scary at first.  Elder Treat nailed the same girl in the young women's group three times coming down the hill…..ouch. I flipped out of the sled once and did a backflip but landed on my feet somehow.

We kept going down the same hill when we realized there was a whole side hill part....WITH A JUMP

well obviously i wanted to try to hit it.  we were a little hesitant so we started halfway up the hill, just to be safe.  After a few attempts i hit it! but the air wasn't big enough....i needed more speed, more power.  so i went to the top of the hill.  i nailed this jump, straight on. Maximum power.  Soarin over Californias got nothing on me.  I went flying.

Hang time: 4.7 seconds
Total body damage: 6.2

:congratulations blackbeauty373 you have reached:

                                *LEVEL ONE SWEDE*

So i’m gasping for air on the ground, the impact was pretty intense. Enough to loosen the stalagmites that have formed in my now national park worthy ice cave lungs : )

Thanks Sweden  But all i hear is Mihail yelling,


suspicion confirmed.

I thought the fun was over but later that night, whilst walking around the young women to grab my scarf, the sleds decide to remind me that i don’t belong in the icy snow. I slip on a sled. the sled goes flying down the hill and i go flyin to the ground haha

Sweden is always an adventure.

I realized this week that we all have a plan. We all have lives. They’re all different. But when we choose to play a part in someone else's life, we become very blessed. 

The best time to think about others, is when you think about yourself :)

I love this place

Syster Giles
Elder Treat, ME, Syster King, Elder Landeen

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