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Elder Treat IS LEAVING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.   its transfer week and much to our dismay, Treat got transferred.

so, Elder Treat is like the coolest weirdest kid ever.. he’s from idaho! but he’s basically like this indie slash hipster slash california kid. hes the coolest. hes so funny and the nicest person ive ever met. so far, he’s my favorite elder. he’s always smiling and is just really genuinely caring. i’m so so so sad he's leaving. he’s going to Gotland (the island off the coast of Sweden) though, so I'm so excited for him at the same time... we wanted his last Pday here to be special, soooo we crafted a scavenger hunt for him! we wanted to do something kinda fun:)  and mom, remember the little stuffed animals i made at home!?  weeeelll i made one for Elder Treat! his favorite animal is  a moose, so it’s a creepy little moose thing haha....not the best but its filled with macaroni which makes it way more awesome!

I got sick!!!  I ate some leftover korv from Ana Lil...like its not already sketchy enough, and it didn't go so well.  it was older than i thought it was... i felt like i was gonna throw up so i went into the bathroom and PASSED OUT!  I regained consciousness then i went to bed and slept for 13 hours haha... not so fun

This 6 week mark in Sweden!  Its also fat Tuesday tomorrow! so we will be with the Sjökvists eating samla :)

It was transfer week.  boooooo. So Syster King and i have been nervous because there are soo many new missionaries coming in. it was a possibility that she would have to train someone else. We were so so scared all week. so Saturday we were playing innebandy and we get a call from the sister training leaders.  oh no.  we are talking to them and they tell us they have transfer news.
oh nonononono  Syster Giles, you'll be staying in Gävle, Syster King...i just start bawling my eyes out and i go into the other room. Syster King is bawling and i go back in and the sister training leaders are like,  JUST KIDDING YOURE BOTH STAYING

oh. my. gosh.

hahaha they definitely got us.  Buuut Syster King and i will be together for the rest of my training :)

we taught Nina this week! Nina is the one that we contacted a couple weeks ago from Ecuador :) she fed us south american food!!!  she pulled out some little mini pie looking things and i got so excited when i realized that they were enpanadas!!!  she got really excited when i knew what they were.  Syster King had never had them before. soooo nice to have food like that, because it doesn't exist here haha.  So a fun surprise, her friend was over! it was going really well until we said we were Mormons haha she didn't like that, she's a swede.  i felt like it would be kind of inappropriate to try and teach Nina in front of her friend, so i just asked if it would be okay if we did.  her friend said no, and Syster King jumped in and said, well Syster Giles can teach Nina and we can talk.  so Nina speaks no english. just spanish and swedish.


i started teaching her the resoration lesson...in literally half swedish half spanish. i pull out the Book of Mormon in spanish for her, and I'm turning to the intro page to read the promise with her...she snatches the book and stares at the cover.  she says, my daughter in America has this book. she's a member of this church. i felt the spirit so strong and started to get super teary. 
i turned to moroni 10 and had her read 3-5 she started crying and just says, this is right. and I'm just like, i know Nina! thats why I'm here!  so we are working with her and working on a baptismal date :)

as every single person ever in the world knows, IT WAS VALENTINES DAYYY!


i was definitely sad. the buses were free for single people and there were designated seats with covers on them that say, SINGLE lol…Sweden...all these cute couples...but we had something that definitely made up for it.  we were invited over by Ben and Aili Hunt! (from England)  a couple we met a little while ago. they're the best. they are so so funny and they are the nicest people in the world.  we talked about family and food and life and of course, single people on valentines day hahaha Aili got us chocolate and foot lotion "because we walk a lot" and hand cream "because its dry in the winter here" she is so so sweet.  they both are.  we actually originally contacted Ben and he was excited for us to meet Aili. they have some really amazing experiences.  fun fact, ben loves picking blueberries....he picked 30,000 last year.  we also made cookies for valentines day and gave them to some of our homeless friends here in Gävle.

you know you’re a missionary when you get waves from all the homeless people :)

it"s so icy here right now. but i hadn"t slipped till last night!  we were walking home from Carinas home, (a new member we visit) and there’s this hill.  the district leaders called us to get our numbers for the week and I'm inching down this ice hill. We safely make it to the bottom and we turn the corner of the snow bank too fast. i slipped so fast, so hard, straight sideways and nail the ground.  with the way i fell my legs sweep Syster King’s out from under her and she goes sailing to the ground. so we are both laying there just laughing and our district leaders are laughing because they have no idea whats going on. we ended up finishing the call in the dark, sitting on the ice.  i can promise there is never a dull moment with Syster King and i. she has taught me some line dances and so we line dance all the time at bustops, waiting for people the answer the door, just everywhere.

Syster King is definitely the man of the house. she cleaned the drain yesterdy and omygoodness. 

dad, you wouldn't be able to handle it. THE SMELL. she's the best:)

Elder Houghton, i was in the MTC with him, is in my district here and he broke his toes this week!!!! he dropped a weight on them and has to stay off for 4 weeks!!! we made him no bake cookies since he’s gluten free, so he felt a little better:)

yesterday (Sunday) was just awesome. Saara, the Finnish Lebanese sniper woman that loves me, hasn't been to church for two weeks. she was there yesterday and was so excited to see me. that woman could break every bone in your body with a hug holy cow hahahaha she tells me, “Giles. you and  me, we are the same. we are beautiful, we have the same horoscope and i just really really love you.........don't be scared, I'm not gay, i just love you.”  hahaha i lover her right back.

Best part about Sunday was GEORGE! he came to church in a super nice suit and just looked so fantastic. he’s going to be the head of state of Uganda, bytheway. not sure if i mentioned that haha but we moved his baptism date back a week because there’s a leadership training in Stockholm this week and the members of our branch really want to be at his baptism.  so they asked if we could change it :) we really have an amazingly supportive branch here. We had a great lesson with George and Kurt Sjökists, the gospel principle teacher. he's an amazing teacher.
i know the spirit is always there when he teaches because i can understand everything he says without having to think about any of the translation for words in my head. something he said was really really cool. he talked about how the holy ghost works. he said, when a baby is born, a spirit comes into the body. the holy ghost can't communicate with our bodies, but it can talk with your spirit. everyone has a universe, in a room inside of them, its guarded by a big door, but  when we invite the spirit to be with us, we unlock the door. after that the spirit can come into that room and talk to us. kurt is like the most inspired person I've ever met. he said he knows the spirit talks with George and cant wait to be able to be with him all the time :)  he explained that the holy ghost confirms truth. that if we, the missionaries or anyone in the church were to lie to George about anything in the gospel George would know. because he wouldn't feel peace, just confusion. 
George confirmed this when he said if anyone were to ask him why he knew the church was true, he wouldnt be able to tell them. but he just understands it. 
the spirit definitely speaks with George without a doubt. the coolest lessons ive had have been with him. its an incredible feeling to be in the same room with him.

my favorite favorite part.  George is so humble.  at the end of the lessons George said, theres so much i need to learn. I am a grown, mature man...but in the gospel, i am still just a child.
he’s right.   but its not just him. I've learned so much on my mission and i think i’ll pretty much always be a child in the gospel. you can’t ever stop learning.

til next week :)

-syster jäjls




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