Monday, February 2, 2015


hej hej!!
this week was a great week.  the past two weeks we got blown off a lot for lessons with new investigators so we really only visited less actives all week. luckily this week was way better.
we have a new investigator. his name is olle! he has met with systers before (years ago) and then met with some elders and hated that haha so he stopped investigating all together. he ran into one off the members in our branch and asked if there were systers again, thats us!! so he called us and set up an appointment to meet!
hes the coolest guy ever. typical skinny tall bearded swedish guy. he loves innebandi (remember like hockey but not on ice) and running. he also loves buddhism....awkward. he loves meditation and has a really hard time excepting the holy ghost...he feels that its just your conscience. so we tried reaaaaally hard to teach him but he just seemed really unreceptive. at the end of the lesson he wanted to meet again though so that should be fun..

we have a new convert of about a year that we are working with. her name is Precious..shes from africa:) she has the cutest little girl!! 
she thinks my halvsie blackness and our family and the fact that were adopted is the coolest thing ever. she wants to come to church this week and really wants us over for dinner!! shes had a hard time but she thanks the lord for everything good she has and i love that.

we are also working with two little girls right now. Brittany (11) and Favour (7) they're so cute. they're from Nigeria! last week Favour was sick so she couldn't come to church. but she loooooooooves church and loooooooooooves Syster King and i. Brittany was saying she had been saying how excited she was to come to church with us and was devastated when she got sick and couldn't come. she's so so sweet. yesterday she and another crazy little girl named ellen got into a fight over Syster King and I!!! 
"they pick me up every sunday for church!!!!!"
"well they come to my house every sunday night for dinner!!"
they love us. its the best. 
so their dad won’t let them get baptized till they're 18. their mom is a less active, named Uwa. but we definitely feel the importance of teaching them and getting them to church. 

Remember Samuel? the first guy i contacted in Gävle that actually said he wanted to learn more? well we ran into him on the street while walking to the church! he saw us and ran up to us and gave us a huge hug hahaha it was awesome!!!!  the old guys here hug us all the time. its the best.  so he saw us and wanted to meet right then but we were on our way to teach Hamid...a new investigator that ill get to in a second. so we met with him the night after. we taught him about faith in Jesus Christ and how we can strengthen our testimonies of him. he sat for a second and got really reaaallyy quiet, then super soft he said 

i know there is a reason i met you on the street. i think that you must be my personal angels, to bring me to my savior.  Well isn't that exactly what we all wanna hear hahaha
in that moment the spirit was so strong and literally all i said was,  I think you're right.  His eyes teared up and he asked when we could meet again.  we will be meeting with him again this week and i cant wait :)

i didnt write about him because we weren’t sure how it was gonna turn out. but, we taught him again this week and holy cow, we brought Mihail, a recent convert and we taught about prayer.....
in the MTC they taught us how to teach people to pray but i didnt think i would actually ever have to do it. it just sounds weird to me that someone wouldnt know how to pray...but he really didnt.
he asked me to show him.... it was like teaching a 3 year old how to pray. even weirder because i had to do it in swedish. so i told him how we pray and he still really didnt understand. so he asked me to pray and he would repeat everything.'
i havent cried in a lesson but it just kinda all spilled out….the stress of so many lessons being dumped and angry old swedish people all week..but then this sweet sweet sweet human being in the most humble sense praying for the first time to a Heavenly Father whose just been waiting. in that moment i could just feel Heavenly Father’s open arms and open ears.  Hamid is in Austria right now but will be back this week and we will be teaching him on thursday:)

I had district meeting on thursday and i just love them!!  we have one other pair of systers and theyre our syster training leaders:)  theyre the sweetest. they brought be chocolate since it was my first meeting…..YUM Swedish chocolate!!
We have a senior couple in our district and theyre the coolest people ever!!  they’re so funny.
We talked about our investigators and put people we think should be on our own personal prayer list and we have our district pray for them.
i cant wait to see them all this week.

Syster King has had kind of a rough week. she was really frustrated with all the canceled shes been kinda down..........
buuut some funny things have happened to her….The other night whilst walking through oh so sweet and beautiful icy freezing cold knife-wind sweden 

she was attacked.
by a tree.
she has some big ol scratches across her lower face now, and they’re all shiny since she has neosporin on them all the time.  next, in Gubängen, we were with Aldste (Elder)Treat and Landin and we had to catch the tunnelbänna  so Treat jumps on, i jump on and Landin jumps on......taking up the last bit of available space....i was horrified as Syster King tried to jump on...the tunnelbänna doors caught her...she was literally stuck for about 15 seconds..all  three of us just start lauughing. like what do you even do in that situation. 
but then the tunnelbänna STUTTERS FORWARD LIKE ITS ABOUT TO GO. im still laughing but officially now im just terrified and i start trying to pull her in. the tunnelbänna jerks to a stop and the doors fling open. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank goodness. 

Sweden has just proven that my Grandmother is the best dang thing that has happened to the world. shes always happy, always giving, always loving,always laughing. she is someone i hope to be and im so happy that ive been named after her (middle name: Adell)  She is the poster-grandma for perfection... she is just a sweetheart. Like most grandmothers..(but way better)

Well...remember how in America grandmas are super sweet and like to pinch your cheeks and give you cookies and possibly weird smelling sweaters?
Its not like that here.  these women are vicious.  i feel like the crocodile hunter when we are planning to contact one of them.  its like this weird sketchy conversation in my head  trying to figure our whether im going to wrangle it or noose it from afar.  so we contacted this 80yr old foxy old thang and she turns to us and in beautiful stinging english she’s like,
i do not believe in god GOOD. BYE.  Luckily she didn't hit me with her bag this time

so we keep going and oh yay.
drunk guys.  they were probably like in their 40s. theyre sitting on the side and im like this will be so fun! so i turn to them and start talking with them.  the look on Syster Kings face hahahaha
one of them (a swede) starts opening a can of beer. he jumps up and beer is just going everywhere. all over him and all over Syster King (rough week).  So i scoot over to the other guy still sitting and let Syster King take take the swede on.  this guy on the ground would talk super fast and in a language that i think he made up that day, but  then i said i was a missionary... he got sooooooooooo excited. like out of this world excited and starts going off in his crazy language. turns out hes romanian. he knew like 3 english words and some swedish. he hands me a bible that he had in his my head im like dang romanian looks cool...what a beautiful bible...i turn it over and its a satins worshipper skinhead bible -__- i handed him a passalong card with Jesus and motioned to the book like can i have it.  he let me have it and i threw it away hahahaha
Sweden is awesome.
so something kinda scary. 
this lady escaped from this insane asylum here in Gävle!!!! police have been searchig for her. people are freaking out!!!!! she has been terrorizing citezens and its really hard to not be paranoid, she just lurks around. i guess she was in there for torturing people. i cant remember her name..oh wait...her name is Ana Lil -_-

she made us more korv!!!!! its sooooooooo good but im pretty sure its why i dont fit in my jeans. (we are on a diet right now so im doing way better)  its weird how perfect jäne and her are for each other. well….. 

she sprayed me with a water bottle.
gave me soap flavored candy.
threw a book at my head.
sat on me
cracked my toes
pinched me with herrr toes.
and we also had a chocolate mousse fight with her.
so we were covered in mousse.
i am legitimately afraid of visiting her and jäne. hahaha
usually she wont let us share a message but i asked if i could and so i just bore my testimony to them. afterwards jäne (hes not a member and every missioary ever has tied teaching him) asked me to teach him :) so yaaaaaaaaaay ill be seeing even more of them he asked me to say a prayer before we left and i did. in my prayer i said i was 

"thankful for JÄNE and Ana Lil..."

 and i feel a shoe hit my head....
"i mean, Ana Lil, and jäne."
she. crazy.

Fast Sunday!!
i bore my testimony!! it was kinda scary!!!! but it went really well :) i remember when mom forced me to take piano lessons and i hated it so muc. ahhhhh. those are such painful memories..but omygoodness im going to force my kids to do piano because ive been able to bless my branch with piano:) i can really feel the spirit when im playing for them. ill be accompanying a couple people this month for musical numbers:) ill also be singing this month in church! its a song annika sjökvists (the awesome baker) picked for me to do. she looves my voice haha so shes excited for that. she didnt realize that i was black till dinner last night. i think she loves me more now haha
Being a missionary is the best life ever. all i have to do is talk about the best thing ever all day. i get to tell people that they can have their families forever, that they can receive answers to the hardest problems in their lives that keep them up at night, i get to tell them that through Jesus Christ we are saved!!! and we get to live again!! with everyone we love!!! 

i finally understand what an angel is. an angel is not some glowing person with a harp and wings, an angel is someone with the light of christ, a love of charity and a heart without a capacity limit. 
in my patriarchal blessing i was promised that people would know the truth of my words from the light that would shine from my eyes. i see that promise fulfilled daily. ive filled myself and done all that i can to have that light of christ with me. so that i dont have to worry about what i gonna say or how im going to say it. the testimony of a full-time missionary will always be enough.

i love this place. its building me.
syster Tanner Adell Giles

its supposed to drop below zero and be absolutely miserable this week.
glad ive gained 30 pounds of fat to keep me warm.
hashtag stay warm my friends.

Had to bring my In-Out-shirt and Rainbow sandals to Sweden...not a good choice in the freeeezzzing snow : /

Love the winter in Sweden.....Beautiful!!! cracking toes!!!

Yep.....I'm a missionary and I LOVE IT!!

Goats are everywhere.....this one doesn't eat much...LOL

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