Sunday, March 29, 2015


Oh Hej Hej-

-Lazer tag this morning with my district!
-Syster King’s birthday this week!
-My family proved that they know me better than anyone in the world and sent me the most amazing Easter package!
-Anne Lill has stopped conciously trying to kill us and is just now trying to kill us with her cooking. we had caviar filled meatballs.........and the meatballs
-Got hit on at the bathroom in McDonald’s today. A guy asked me what my name was... super creepily and awkwardly I said Syster Giles, kinda too loud and explained how I was a missionary from USA…haha
-The men here in Sweden have proved to me that the only men I can trust and count on are my brothers and my daddy.

This week has been a bit of a trip. We found out, Syster King will be transferring and George would be going back to Uganda today.  Soo this week has been a bit emotional. 
I’ll start with George.  It all happened so fast. but i’m going to take the time to express myself creatively and write what it really felt like...
We had a random snow storm this week. It lasted two days...of course one of the days it was coming down like crazy(friday) was the day we had decided to travel out to George. 
We taught him about “enduring to the end" as he let us know he would be sent back to Uganda on Monday.  This kinda rocked our world a little bit. We knelt in prayer with him and cried our eyes out.  I walked backwards down the icy road till i couldn't see the refugee camp anymore. I took my hood off and let the element around me freeze my thoughts. We made it back to the bus stop and sat on the tire swings there like we always did, silently this time.  Eating for the last time the apples that George would always send with us for the long walk back to the bus stop.. even though he barely could feed himself.  I sat on the tire swing while the snow painted me white, a color i have never been. All the fight in me dissipated.  My hands too rigid to even let go of the core of the apple.  My jacket slowly became soaked. I knew my body was cold, but i couldn't muster up the will to care. Taking George to the train today was almost undoable. That guy has a piece of my soul with him. It’s incredible the amount of heartbreak felt out here.  I knew it would happen, i just didn't realize how bad.  We think we are done saying goodbyes once we leave our family and our friends at home...but it doesn't stop there. It becomes almost this mentality to shut people out. Saying bye desensitizes you.

But also this week, a new door opened.
His name is Suran.  Suran is 25 and he’s from Iran. He speaks Swedish and Persian! I didn’t forget the Book of Mormon in Persian this time..He brought us flowers! Suran is atheist kinda. But he still wanted to meet. So he basically asked us a thousand questions and we answered all thousand of them. I pulled out the Persian Book of Mormon. I've been studying Persian so i knew right where the chapter was that i wanted him to read. I asked him to read out loud. He read Alma 32:27-28. The spirit was super strong as it always is with me, but sometimes its not the same for the person we are teaching. This time was different.  As soon as he stopped reading he looked up and said,

swedish: vad är känslorna här inne för nont!?
translation: what the heck am i feeling in my heart!?

Now that was cool.  He texted us the other night around 2am and asked if we were still awake, he was going to pray for the first time in is life and he wanted us to know.

Cliffhanger: were teaching him again this week, I’ll let yall know how it goes:)

I’m slowly finding my purpose here in Sweden.  I absolutely love my mission president. His name is President Beckstrand. He’s awesome!! We had interviews this week with him in Stockholm and there’s just something about him that you can tell he has a very very very awesome personal relationship with God. We sat down and we talked about Gävle and my training with Syster King and he begun to tell me about when i got my call to Sweden. He told me he knew I was going to do great things here. That before I even got to the MTC, he knew i was special. He told me how excited he was for me to get here.  It was exactly what i needed to hear at that time.

Yesterday i accompanied with piano the young women and primary the song, I Love to See the Temple. I learned this week that everyone has different gifts, talents, abilities, for different reasons. 
I have built my testimony on thousands of little experiences I've had throughout my life. But music is the forefront of them. I am so grateful for the musical abilities I’ve recieved. I got the same feeling as when I did at home during the primary program. The spirit really speaks to me through music.

well, this week has been a roller coaster.  We will see how this last week with Syster King goes :)

Love you all, 
Syster Giles

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