Monday, March 2, 2015


Hejj  Hejj : )



Syster king and I slept in till 7 today *oooooo*  We tried to actually sleep in but it didnt work dang it. hashtag regular schedule missionary problems.  We did face masks and watched Legacy :)

We met with Abadin  (the guy who sent the text to his friend asking if there was a God 30 seconds before we contacted him) and heee is just awesome. He's about 26 and only speaks swedish which is so nice because then i can actually practice swedish..he’s really cool so its not awkward if i stutter or anything. also...he did think we were that was a little awkward hahaha.  I told him i didnt realize they had black nuns.  He thought that was hilarious.  He is sincerely seeking answers.

Daniel (tattoo artist, and coffee guy).  He’s in Norrland visiting family so we will see him in a couple weeks or so.

Didn’t have the oppurtunity to get my mind blown in Kurt Sjökvists class on Sunday because we taught the 6 year old girls. They fought over us for about half the time. It was awesome. 

Stockholm for a zone meeting!  Took some really cute pictures in Gamla Stan :)

You should all be happy to know that I get to see Elder Treat tomorrow!!! haha We have a mission tour so a couple of the zones get together and his zone will be there!

The buses here are just not my friends:
-every morning is a ride on the night bus (Harry Potter people you’ll understand this)
-there’s a stop called Sectum Centrun and this week there was one person at the front of the bus, i stood up and pointed my chapstick to the front of the bus and said, sectum siempre. (Harry Potter people again)
-i fell again. this time i hit my head on a bar and a swede in the back just burst into laughter. which was actually awesome because I’ve never heard a swede be loud before.

Brit Marie the organist for our branch will be gone for a month so guess whose teaching herself organ right now. ill give you a hint….
she’s loud
she has a small gap between her two front teeth
and she’s part black.
it’s Syster King!
just kidding….LOL

Last Fun Fact:
There was a baby shower last night at Annika Sjökvists!!!  That really helps the diet right? Anyways, here they give the present then they take a ribbon and they tie it in the mamas hair and wish something on the mama and something on the child! so sweet.  Of course there was a ton of amazing desserts....and of course half of the awesome cake Annika made was left over. She sent us home with it…yikes!  I'm holding this cake in my hands walking to the bus stop and all I see in my head is myself on the Biggest Loser.   your task…..walk a mile to this bus stop without eating this delicious white chocolate cake that you must hold in your hands.  Jillian Michaels is calling me weak and screaming at me to move faster and I'm just like, you don't know me!! you don't even know my favorite color!!  My feet hurt and its cold and all i want is a spoonful of this perfect cake...well.. Syster king and I ate some at the bus stop then had some more at home. 
Thanks Annika!

It’s hard for me to write about anything else that happened this week because i’m still reeeling over how amazingly perfect George’s baptism was.  George is just amazing. and looks darn good in white. Mihail baptized him and he came out of the water with a huuuuuge smile on his face.  I also got to sing!  The one person we know besides myself that plays piano canceled on us 4 hours before..soo i ended up singing accapella. And now I'm way glad i did. There was a crazy strong spirit. I've always prayed that if i go the musical route in my life that people would feel the spirit when i sing. That was one of the things I prayed for that morning. After the baptism, Mihail came up to me and told me that he could feel it right in his heart when i was singing. My prayers were definitely answered and i hope i can continue to do that.  George bore his testimony both Saturday and Sunday. wow.  He has an incredible way of using words. The members here absolutely love him. Brit Marie said that its been so long since there has been a baptism, but even longer since its been a member with such a strong testimony.  I believe with my whole heart that George is going to accomplish amazing things. He talks about how this won’t stop at him.  He wants to make sure that his posterity has the blessing of receiving the gospel like he has.  After he was confirmed he bore his testimony.  He's so refined and so humble.  One specific thing i remember from his testimony is this, he said: “I have received the Holy Ghost and it burns inside of me. Giles and King have helped the seed grow. Now we are a family, and you all will be the water that nourishes this spirit in me"'

going on a mission
revived my testimony,
but teaching George and hearing his testimony 
and growth in knowledge has

revived my SOUL.

until next week :)

-Syster Tanner Adell Giles

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