Monday, March 23, 2015


Hej Hej-

This is the story, of how i died.  Just kidding. BUT, innebandi (our p-day sport) was a bloodbath this week. It was full of broken clubs and dented shins.  Life out here in Gävle is getting pretty dangerous. My competitive side has gotten the best of me and innebandi has unleashed a beast of a person from within me. One of which i never would've thought possible. It’s firey and its a snappy little guy. : )  Mihail and Elder Hansen are both well over 200 pounds, but I'm not so easily pushed around.

I pulled an American, during a lesson with Olle.  I had no idea what he kept saying!!!  So i Google translated it.. but instead of pressing the little X to exit out of the word, i pressed the microphone and siri let the whole world know that i didnt know what "frossat" meant.

*siri voice*


thanks homegirl.

so embarrassing.

We made cookies for Brittany and Favour (our two Nigerian girls we take to church) yesterday! On the way to deliver the cookies, an older man got on the bus and sat with a teenager by us and asked what we had in the ice cream box. haha We told him cookies and gave him some. He was like AH THESE ARE AMAZING. WHAT ARE THESE. i told him white chocolate chip snickerdoodles (still wondering why i’ve gained so much weight?) He told us about himself, he's from Greece! ...he also tried to convince us that the teen next to him was the that was awkward.  But he was completely sober and sane, and hilarious! When they were getting off the bus he crosses over to me and sits down next to me and says, "you are sooo beautiful, IT MAKESEH ME CRAZY” Usually this situation would be awkward but I've been asked out so many times from contacting men here that it doesn't even phase me anymore haha

The other night we went to teach Brittany and Favour! There family is all Nigerian!  We got there and they were having an african dance party,  LOL, IT WAS BOMB. It was just us, Brittany, Favour, their mom Uwa, and a friend.  And let me tell you, my half African side did not let me down.  African music might be the best thing I've ever heard, and my african dance moves really impress them. I fit right in.

George is just eaten up by the members of our branch. they love him. He recieved the priesthood yesterday and is really starting to grasp the meaning of everything. Something else kinda fun about yesterday, i translated sacrament meeting :) and also accompanied the meeting playing the piano, haha!

This week I had two very strong contrasts in when I listen to the spirit and when I don’t….

About three weeks ago we went through the old investigator sheets in our area book. I prayed really hard to have the spirit with me so that I would recognize old teaches and know which ones we should try. In about 200 records, I placed 3 post-it notes for those i felt really good about.  We’ve been teaching a lot of people lately and we never got around to calling anyone that i marked. So we forgot about it. Well, last week, a random contact in our phone called. the contacts name was Jonas. We both kinda looked at it, but we were planning and didn't want to answer, we were just gonna call back. I had a strong feeling i needed to look in the "old teaches sheets" and find him name and read his record, and I did.  It was a record that i had marked with a post it note!!!  Jonas is 41 years old, from Eritrea, and has no family in Sweden.  He dropped the missionaries in June of last year because he was just too busy. He told the missionaries he would call if he was ever interested again.  We had a lesson with him Friday night and we will be teaching him again this week. He is so so sweet, and I can’t wait to teach him this week.  I had listened to the spirit and it payed off weeks down the line...

This week was a quicker realization and it was something that im still kicking myself for..because it was so simple.  We contacted a man last week. His name is Ali.  He gave us his number and we thought for sure it was fake. it sounded a little like, in six… What he actually said:åtta fyra...null...null...null....null......sju sex...("null" just sounds way funnier to me)  We tried calling a couple days later just for fun...turns our it was totally a real number haha  Well, we went to the church to index right before Ali's lesson. At the church is the only Book of Mormon in Persian that we had for Hamid, but he left it at the church.  I thought….I should put that in my bag and just take it home...buttttt Syster Giles decided against it. Well we went to Ali's lesson. We had decided to teach him the restoration.  We both thought he was Chinese. nope. He's from Afghanistan. He speaks a low level of swedish but  PERSIAN IS HIS NATIVE LANGUAGE. gosh dang it.  Right when he said that all the bells and whistles went off in my head like you idiot!!!!!!  Ali is a very interesting dude. heart broke a little when we started asking him questions about family. His family has all been killed. He has no family. He’s been in Sweden almost 3 years but Sweden is so hard to fit into. He doesn't have a whole lot of friends because of the language barrier.  He was raised muslim but converted to general christianity. He has been church hopping because he doesn't feel like any of the mass's here are right for him. Its really hard for him to understand the ancient swedish that the priests here use. 

We have a Persian family in our branch...We have a sunday school teacher in Stockholm who specifically group video chats with members all over Sweden, who need sunday school in Persian..we have a Persian Book of Mormon at the church because Syster Giles is a dumb dumb!!!!!!!!!!

We taught him the restoration and he loved it. He loves that the central focus of the church is family and he believes that he will see HIS family again.That they aren’t doomed because they didnt convert to the churches he’s been attending, even though that’s what they teach.  He was entirely relieved when we told him we  knew that his family could be together forever. 

that is a simple truth that i have understood, my entire life.  How fantastic is that knowledge.  I hear daily that God doesn't exist here. I hear that from people that we try to contact. They tell us we are wasting our time being here. That Sweden is godless.  I’ve decided this week that i agree with them. God doesn't exist here for those people, because they wont let him.

I've learned this week that the only way to receive witness that God is real, is to invite him to be.

I love you all….My Eternal family!!!!

Syster Giles

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