Monday, April 13, 2015


Hej Hej:


This week Is just out of control.  Easter is not a holiday here, it is a whole week of festivities. We hardly got to teach investigators because we had dinners and lunches set up all week for Easter with members.

I’m just gonna start with the transfer.  Most of me thought I was going to miss Syster King, but I see her once every week and my tripan (tri-companionship) is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.
I cant even explain it.  I was built for a tripan. we haven’t stopped laughing all week.  We picked up Syster Stetler Tuesday night at 10:30pm, she came here from Luleå and then the next morning we put King on the train and picked up Syster Kimball, coming from Lund. We have all been out less than six months haha.  We all have fun trainer nightmares and awkward moments to share, as we deal them out over bags of danish salami and turkish yogurt. I cant imagine being in a regular companionship now. Everything has seemed to take a step into the atmosphere. Everyday life has turned into a new adventure. A day hasn’t gone by where something crazy has happened. Kimball has got to be narcoleptic, and Stetler is in the diabetes lane with me.  We just complete each other in weird ways.

I have a couple expiriences in mind from this week that will prove that life in Gävle is really no longer normal.....or decide. Have you ever been so excited about life that you just kiss the person talking to you.  Well i met a dude who was. We contacted a little group of guys. In our tripanionship you think it would be safe right? Nope.  A group of 50 yr olds who were so excited that we were missionaries teaching about excited that one of them felt the need to hug me and slap a big old stamp on the creeper package. If you know what i mean and that was just the first day together with this tripanionship.

We went to Anne Lills after that and boy was she excited to see some new sisters. She loves them and didn’t save any of her crazy. She unleashed the pinching toes and shocky pen and of course had to sit on me and smear white chocolate mousse all over my face. I did get an AWESOME bit of knowledge though..we were all in the living room talking and Jäne was kind of giving advice on teaching people. Somewhere in all of that we got talking about missionaries he had seen come and go. He’s not a member but he loves missionaries.  Jäne let us know that i’m his favorite missionary he’s met!!!  He’s so sweet! I was so honored to hear that. They hid giant Easter eggs and made us hunt for them. They were filled with godis and luckily there were only like 3 cat hairs in mine.  We also got more godis and yummy things from our friends Ben and Aili Hunt! The couple from England that we spent Valentines day with. While Ben was cooking Aili took us for a walk. It was a gooorrggeous day omygoodness. Giant cranes flying everywhere and surprise,  I SAW THE OCEAN!!!!  We walked up the shore and talked and stood on long docks and big rocks getting nailed by waves.  It was so awesome. The smell, seagulls, sea mist.  It was all just so awesome for me. Gävle is on the coast but we haven’t seen the ocean while here so it was a really nice surprise.  Aili and Ben are the best. We talked about fun things and serious things and just everythings. I had told them about the crazy guy incident on the street and she immediatly came over to give me a hug and asked if she could pray for me.  Of course i said yes and she just held me in a hug there and prayed out loud in a mix of swedish and english just asking Heavenly Father to protect my mind and my heart, spiritually and physically. She is my mom away from mom.  I know i’m well protected by prayers here.

Well that night we were on a bus and some fun happened!! There were like 15 kids all dressed up like hippies. Syster Stetler was like, are you going to a party!? and they all freaked out because it was in english and they had never talked to actual Americans before! So we spent like an hour on this bus with crazy teenagers testing their english on us and whatnot. So fun. We gave them all cards and got a number from a girl named Hannah. She asked where the church was and when she told us she realized she had actually been there before:) but she stopped going because of school and her parents, but shes 18 now and wants to come back!   The Lord works in mysterious ways but a party bus full of hippie 18 yr olds is definitely one of the more fun ones!  Okay. So i am drastically different this week. We went to see Brittany and Favour and Brittany started braiding my hair....well Uwa just loves me and wants to set me up with her cousins to keep me in the family and decided that I needed to get in touch with my african half..........................Soooooooo i am sporting full on black girl braids right now. 

Lots of fun this week....but at innebandy (my favorite sport here) I got a huge splinter! it shoved up my nail!! Syster Kimball pulled it out and it was almost half an inch long. My finger immediatly started bruising. Well it got way worse. my finger is now swollen twice the size and hurts so so bad. I’m hoping its not infected. There’s a good chance it is just because of the amount of bacteria on the benches there from sweat and who knows what else. But im hoping it will just go away. 

General Conference was so different this year. I missed not being with my family and I missed not haing a ton of food to eat while watching on the couch in my jammies.  But it was so exciting!!! 
Being out of the country feels so distant. But watching General Conference reminded me that i still have a home. My favorite talk was from Boyd K. Packer, "a cookie and kiss.”  Its hard to listen to him because i just feel like he has got to be so tired. But i loved loved loved his talk!!! Being away from family has really helped me see the importance of family. Whether i stay single my whole life and develop weird obsessions with cats, stay single but stay normal and live with my parents my whole life, or i start my own family with a husband and kids that I’ll have forever.  Either way i felt that i should just be excited about the future no matter what! 

The kisses can wait, but right now ill definatly take the cookie!

Love you my eternal fam!!!
Syster Giles

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