Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hey Yall!

My week has been so fun and crazy! 

I’ll start with the fact that we were up til 3 thismorning partying!!! the hospital.  At about 9pm last night, Syster Stetler had a gnarly gnarly allergic reaction to something...we think hazelnut or cocoa or something, it probs doesn’t help that she eats like three spoonfuls of Nutella everyday. hah  All week she had been having a weird itchy throat reaction to chocolates. Last night she just broke out into hives and coughing and couldn't breathe and couldn't feel her arms and legs. We hurried and got her dressed and basically carried her downstairs. 
Annika Sjökvist (i cant even tell you how amazing she is) came to take us to the hospital. By then she had lost all feeling in her legs and her hands were super tingly and her tongue was swelling. It was super scary. We got to the hospital and our Elders (Landeen and Hansen) are there ready to help. Our zone leaders (Floyd-my favorite- and Rasmussen) called and talked to Syster Kimball and I til like 1am to try to keep us happy in the waiting room.  It was a pretty long night.. but Annika stayed all night anyways even though she had to work today. It was nice to have a mommy in that situation.  Syster Stetler feels much better today :)

Fun News!!

We got three working bikes!!! Its sunny and pretty warm so riding bikes is juust soo fun!! It really helps me feel kinda normal.  But...its been a while since I've ridden a bike!  We were riding through town and the CUTEST interracial couple waked past with an adorable little girl. While riding i turned around to Syster Stetler and said  "i love interracial couples!!”  Well my arms turned the bike handles because I'm an idiot, and i just biff it, right in the middle of town.  I do a pretty little front-flip over my handle bars and my bike goes flying over me. Of course I'm laying there just laughing my eyeballs out of my head. I look over and Syster Stetler has dropped her bike and is laughing super hard too... and where’s Syster Kimball, hahaha. Syster Kimball rides up and is just like assuring the worried people around me that I'm fine.  Gosh that might be one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me on my mission so far. Like I'm still laughing about it. It was bound to happen eventually.  

Keeping track of all of us in a tripan (tricompanionship) is actually reaaallyyy hard haha.  Us and the Elders were locking up the church and the bus pulls up.  The bus-stop is about 200 feel from the front church door. So Syster Kimball, Hansen and Syster Stetler take off running for the bus to stall for Landeen and I locking up the church.  We set the alarm and start sprinting to the bus. Well the bus driver got mad and right when we got there kicked Hansen and Syster Stetler off the bus!! We sit there just like whatever, we will wait for the next one.  "wait..guys...."  the bus is pulling away and whose horrified face do we see looking back at us from inside the bus…..but Syster Kimball. hahahahaha  The bus kidnapped my tripanion.  We wait at the bus stop and eventually see a tiny little dot running towards us in the distance….Syster Kimball.  Too many crazy things happen in this tripan. It’s incredible. 

The other day we met a family of italian mobsters in the park.  They saw us and for some reason wanted to talk to us. The dad just like looved me and called his son over and his son was just like...AH YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and starts going off on how he has always wanted to date an American girl.. he then offered to move to America for me so we could get married and start a family…Yuck!  I feel like maybe i should put a little flashing twinkly lights around my name tag.  On the way back to the bus from the park we contact into this guy! As soon as we said who we were he got SO EXCITED. so excited that he intived us to go to fika with right then. Soo we went and got fika with him and lessoned him for about an hour! His name is David. He is seriously so cool!! He saw us today and ran up and gave us hugs…. so excited to teach him more.

Remember my favorite Elder Floyd? Well he taught us a workout. We just call it the FLOYD. We have made his name into a verb : )  Example: let’s Floyd. (lets do the workout)
so you do pushups, but you do them up to ten. starting with one.
so like 1pushup 2pushups 3pushups 4pushups
all the way to ten and then all the way down from you end up doing 100 pushups. but you go in turns so its way easier.
Well since we are fatties we do it twice a day...Im still a little sore from the first day hahaha  But its helping a lot. I've lost a couple pounds and I'm all the way down to baby whale status now so thats good. 

This week was full of amazing expiriences with new people!  But what’s a missionary week without a little heartbreak...
Friday we had district meeting in Uppsala.  On the way home, Johnny texted us just so confused about the church, so we met with him that night.  We just sat in the hall of our apartment building. 
He had so many questions and i could just see the confusion in his face. His friends have been weird about him going to church and everything. We answered his questions the best we could but i could tell it was just completely eating his insides up.  As soon as he left i just bawled my eyes out. He is such a cool kiddo and to see him hurt was so hard for me.  The other day he texted us again and told us he cant believe that the Book of Mormon is true so he wont be coming to church or anything. We fasted for him all Saturday and Sunday just to help him be at peace with something.  We are still planning on playing innebandy with him because we feel its really important for him to stay connected a little bit. He really is just the best kid.

i recieved a blessing from Elder Noso this week. He’s from Finland and the most obedient missionary in the history of the world. He’s amazing. I asked him to give me a blessing and he was so happy that i asked. The past couple weeks have been a little harder. I’ve been worrying about my family. Not in a homesick way, just in a please Heavenly Father take care of them way. It’s my worst nightmare that something bad will happen while I’m away. BECAUSE THEYRE THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE AND I LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
I hadn’t said any reason about why i wanted a blessing, just something to comfort me. I originally was going to ask Elder Tolley, our apartment senior couple here in the Stockholm Mission because hes so awesome with us. But i kept feeling like Noso needed to give it to me. In the blessing he really helped me remember why I’m here, and i knew i had been prompted by the spirit to have Noso give me the blessing when he started talking about my family, and finding comfort in the fact that they will be okay. I felt imediately better and the tears just kinda exploded out of my eyes. Luckily i had two girls (my Systas) there ready to hug me :) 

We had sister’s conference in Stockholm!  The Elders make fun of us for it because its basically just a moral raise haha.  In the words of my second favorite Elder, Elder Johnson, (most brilliantly cynical person i’ve ever met)  "aw, did they give you presents and tell you that you matter”  hahaha YES. 
That’s all it was!! but it was so goooood!!!!!!!!  We got to see every sister from the mission and we got presents :)  I finally met Syster Spencer!!!!!!!  She's even more beautiful and awesome in person!!!!!  She’s literally perfect in every way!!!!!   They talked a lot about courage. And while we were talking about it, unexpected blessings came up.  Now something stereotypical in a mission is that a tripanionship WILL fail. They just don't work. they're awkward and people dread the thought. Well i raised my hand ( super nervous actually) and i said that a huge unexpected blessing for me on the mish has been the tripanionship. People always tear the tripan down. They just want to watch it crash and burn. Because missionaries are bored and want something to talk about. Yet, we have had experiences together that would literally only work as a tripanionship. We have kicked butt in the field and i know its because its a tripan. it wouldn't work otherwise.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal till Sister Beckstrand (my actual mission mom) called that night to thank me for always speaking my mind. She felt that I was 100% prompted by the spirit to say what I said. She thought people really needed to hear what I said to say. 

At that moment i thought of Beth Ford.  Beth Ford is not only hilarious but a billion percent honest when it comes to being opinionated.  I realized that i pulled a Beth Ford, I’ve been pulling a Beth Ford my entire mission. I’ve decided that i will be pulling a Beth Ford for the rest of it :)  Thanks for the example Beth!!


Syster Spencer in the polka dots only has two more months on the mish.. : (

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