Monday, April 13, 2015



I’ll start with the most painfully relieving thing from this week.  So remember how i got  a HUGE splinter up under my nail? Soo my thumb kept swelling and pretty soon it was swollen all the way down to my wrist.  Well i couldn’t take it any longer and i had a hunch that it was probably more than infected.  So i amputated my thumb. jk
i cut my nail way down and thought i saw some dirt under my nail, so i grabbed tweezers and sat at the table with Syster Stet (Kimball was in the shower) and go to pull out the dirt...


what came out was a long thick splinter!! There was more than one in there!!! we both flipped and just  "KIIIMBALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kimball HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”"  All this thiickk pus comes out immediately following and Stet and I are both just laughing/freaking out a little bit because it was so gross. The days following included lots of pus release...i may or may not have tied a rubberband around my thumb for pressure and pushed my skin at my nail  down to drain it.  I MEAN IT WAS JUST STRAIGHT FLOWING.  Needless to say my hand feels sooo much better.

who needs doctors.

Today has been kind of a weird fun p-day that would only be fun in a tricompanionship. haha  So we have all gained an absurd amount of weight on the mish, so because Stet ran in college she wanted to run while we ride bikes. It was supposed to be super fun and quick and easy....welllll only one of the bikes was working so we tried fixing the tire and that went on for like an hour.....
we will be checking for useable bikes this week haha

Favorite Elder report: Elder Floyd.  He’s our zone leader and might be the funniest person i’ve ever met. We had zone training which was super funny because of him haha then he came up to Gävle for splits with Elder Landeen and played innebandi with us! He just so nice and so ridiculously funny all the time.
Daniel is back from Norrland! We were able to teach him and he knows what we teach is true, he’s just scared to accept it right now... but he still wants to meet with us so we will see what happens..
So last week Landeen gave me his guitar since he’s going home and so i was playing it on the bus home and sining. There was a kid right by us who was singing along so Syster Stetler contacted him and gave him a card. He texted us that night and we explained a little more that we were missionaries...he said he wasnt interested, so we invited him to come to innebandi since we play every week and he said he would come. We got on the bus to go to innebandi and guess who was on the bus! JOHNNY!!  On his way to meet us to play innebandi!! He asked about the church and so we kinda lowkey went over the restoration with him. He loved playing inebandi with us and we invited him to church the next day. We were sitting in sacrament meeting, and who walks in...JOHNNY!!! I was a little surprised because he's 16 and said he wasn't really interested, but he came and it was perfect because i sang in sacrament meeting! He really liked church and hopes that its true.  Annika Sjökvist invited him over for dinner that night and he came!!! I know he felt the spirit. He said family prayer with us on knees and the spirit was just so strong. 
can’t wait to see him again this week!!
This week has been so full of inspiration. We received inspiration as a tripanionship that Gävle is a very prepared place for work. We went out with this new fiery determination and taught 9 lessons on the street. That doesn't happen in Sweden. we have new ideas and a lot of fun activities to help people get to know the church!! '
im so excited for this week and i cant wait to write about it next week!!
i love you all, thank you for all the emails and prayers!!

s. giles

HUGE splinter

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