Monday, April 13, 2015



So I have some exciting news…..
I will not be getting a new companion this week,  I will be getting TWO!!!  I AM SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO GET HERE!!!  Syster stettler and Syster kimball.
I was in the MTC with Stettler for about 2weeks. She was the group that came out before me.  And Syster King is only moving to Uppsala!!! so she's in my district still!!!!!!!!!!  She is our sister training leader so we can go on splits together :)  

We saw the northern lights!!!! Gävle is the most southern part of Norrland but we can still catch the northern lights! 
My zone leader Elder Held, is second in Scandinavia for weightlifting! He’s from Denmark and has been the best ZL ever. We’ve recieved the awesome news that he is being transfered to Uppsala!!!!!!!!!!!!! so he’s in my district and I get to see him every week!!!! He has a super strong danish accent and its the most adorable thing ever. I don’t know if you’ve heard a danish speak, but they sound like really deeply voiced  4 year olds hahahaha they cant pronounce their Rs! 


really becomes willy
problem becomes pwoblem
He asked me to teach him all my slang because I guessIi use words he has never heard before...He asked me if we were going to eat after district meeting and i said, I dunno, probs..
and this utterly confused look just spread across this kids if you have a pwoblem...?....wif some.. ting…?   Noo haha like..probably

Needless to say he thinks I’m hilarious but really doesn’t get a lot of my jokes haha.  Syster King was praying over her food and i said go ahead and just bless mine too..JOKINGLY haha 
His face just twisted into this horrified offended look hahaha  What did she say??
i just started cracking up.
I’ve decided that diabetes is the best tasting disease.  We have eaten cake every single day this week. sometimes multiple cakes in one day.

Monday: FHE cake
Tuesday: peter made us cobbler
Wednesday: veikko and eva made a ton of desserts for dessert after lunch the mihail and predrag had us for dinner and had a cake there too
Thursday: Anne lill made 5 cakes and had us over as kind of a good-bye slash birthday party for Syster King.
Friday: district meeting cake, then sofie sjökvist made cake for us that night while we worked on our cake for the cake competition.
Saturday: cake fest.  Something i will always remember because of this cake fest is that everyone in Sweden is way more skilled at making cakes and decorating them than i probably will ever be.  Every year, our branch has a cake party. everyone makes a cake and they compete for the:
best tasting
we made a lady bug......all the little kids loved it...but for the most part everyone thought it was supposed to be a spider...we won nothing hahaha it was a pretttyyyy sad cake compared to the other ones. but it was fun to do :)

Sunday: Johan Sjökvists birthday fika. Annika made so many different amazing desserts. It was just fantastic.

This week was mostly spent with members, since Syster King is leaving this week. but the members are like my family now. I have dads, moms, brothers and sisters.
Like the Sjökvists.  Johan (dad) : super funny, kinda nerdy and so so so helpful with swedish.  Annika (mom): dropped us off last night and we just sat in the car for like an hour and talked about life as a missionary and everything. she served a mission here in Sweden. she's like a mom away from mom and its so comforting to know that she is always here for us.  Anton (16 yrs old, brother): Anton is super quiet and super smarticles. He also is a crazy good guitar player. He's really weird about playing in front of people but he played a little bit for us last night and it was AWESOME.  Karin (14 yrs old, sister):  told me yesterday she wants to be a fashion designer but she wants to go on a mission. she would be the best missionary ever. She is a little light in a cloud of darkness here in Sweden. She’s beautiful and i love her!!!! plus she laughs at all my jokes.  Rueben (11 yrs old, brother): HE IS JUST LIKE COLEMAN (my little brother)...always laughing and making up funny stuff. He loves minecraft and playing on his DS.  Ella (6 yrs old, sister):has a hard time saying giles so she just calls me jolle (yohleh).   Its adorable. she's a little firecracker hahaha much like my little sister Tyler.

And then of course we have Ben and Ailli. They are the ones that invited us over for Valentines Day. They took us out to lunch on Saturday after innebandi and we walked the park and talked for about 3 hours. They don’t have any kids so they call us their kids. They really are like parents though. They have such good advice and insight on life. I always love being with them.  Hugging Ailli is like hugging moms, you can just feel the love they have for you. Which makes this area a reaallyyy REALLYY hard place to leave. It has been really hard on Syster King. So last night we cried and talked and cried some more then built a fort in the living room and camped out :)  I’m gonna miss her crazy self. But like every experience in life, I will grow from it. 

Everything I do here, is preparing me for something...but I also have to prepare myself for the things that have been prepared for me. 

I study so hard.
I pray so hard.
I try so hard.

I miss George a lot.  But a lot of the wisdom in his words stay with me through the week.  So to end my post in the words of George Darlingotn Hashaka, "fortune favors the prepared mind.”

Love you Fam!!
Syster Giles

p/s this is a separate email from Tanner from her newest convert, George to her and her companion, Syster King.  I thought I would add it.


DEAREST Super Girls,
I have been sending phone messages and trying to get you on phone but I have been unable to access you. You know how much I love you and how I miss you. When I fail to access you, I am greatly perturbed  with misery. You know how I have been happy with you, the only way now that we can express our love and keep it burning is by communicating. Please endeavour to be in touch.
Every night I kneel down and pray, you are always in my prayers. I will be extremely happy when more people like me come to know Jesus Christ and have eternal life forever because of your work. As usual keep praying for me, as the forces of the devil are at play in my situation. The only weapon we have is the word of God.
Tell brother Tommas that I real appreciate his gift and it will lead me to my destiny. I will also send him an email.
My love to all the elders  and other members of the Church. How is the health of the Church President? Tell him it so happened and I left without bidding him farewell.
Sister King and  Sister Giles I will endeavour to meet you again.
A million hugs and kisses!!!!

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