Monday, May 25, 2015


Hey family!

This week I was a little more adjusted and not freakin out so much about leaving my birthplace!  But that didn't stop the embarrassing moment from happening. 

Nothing will ever stop the embarrassing moments from happening.  So Borås!  It’s a huge art city. people are obsessed with art and music here. So its a very artsy city. There’s a lot of random art every where. like giant statues of pointless things. its great.  It’s also where peddling first started in Sweden! so everything is super cheap here, because its all made here!

Embarrassing moment number one….
We were out contacting and people were giving us their phone numbers like candy!  Well we sat down by a pond in the city to just take a break for a second and a slight breeze came nice..........why is my....oh no....I look down shirt had been unbuttoned right across my chest.... for who knows how long!!!!

Then we had eva dagen!!!!!! It’s basically women appreciation day. So the Göteborg stake relief society got together and went to this BEAUTIFUL area. Giant sparkly lake and everything. We had lunch and yoga and a walk and a giant room FULL OF DIFFERENT BREADS PEOPLE MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh gosh. it was fantastic.  So sister Stoughton said, let’s go down to the water!! so i said sure! we went down and were taking pictures....... and then i was attacked.... by the lake. I fell into the lake!!!!  Luckily it’s not winter time and it was actually pretty warm, but the rocks were so slippery and sister Stoughton was having to pull me up because i wasn’t able to stand!  Then a woman gave me extra pants she had. haha

By the way, saw some mooses this week.

Well this week there are two very cool exciting things that I have been really excited to write about. The first one is Philip. We have a couple here named Jackie and Peter who are investigating the church. They have a son named Philip who is 25 and dang good looking. He’s also a FANTASTIC, singer and guitar player. He has been in and out of Oslo, Norway recording his music so he’s kind of a big deal. Well we got to meet him last week and we all just clicked because of music. Piano came up and he doesn’t play, he asked if i could teach him and i said yes....he doesn't know how to read music or anything like that. Stoughton is a music teacher though!!!!!!!!! it worked out perfect!!!  So we will be teaching him piano and in return he will be helping us with  Swedish!!


Then we taught two friends that are muslim. Usually teaching muslims is reaalllyyy hard. They don't listen and they basically just wanna teach you everything about being a muslim.  But this time was so different. We taught an amazing lesson. The spirit was so strong and they listened and we knew they felt it.  We then found out that the guy we were teaching was a musician! Stoughton and i wrote a song together and sang it for him and he loved it!!  He and his friend are really excited to meet again and talk more and take the lessons. I went into the lesson with a completely closed mind and heart. This was a huge learning moment for me. I felt completely dumb and judgmental as soon as I felt the spirit, because i knew i had jumped to quickly to the conclusion that they would be rude.

I immediatley felt the need to repent for the things I had thought, for the lack of faith I had. I let the human in me beat the missionary in me. 

I’ve thought a lot about how quickly i am ready to fall to my knees.  Am i quick enough?

My mommy gave me some advice today that answered my question.  “Are there callouses on your knees?"

This week I will most definitely be building those callouses.
Now I’ll ask all of you,

Are there callouses on yours?

I love you all….especially my family!

Love, Syster Giles

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