Monday, May 25, 2015


Hej Hej-

We have decided the tripan is a cinnamon roll.  Everybody loves cinnimon rolls. Kimball: the warm delicious bread part.  Giles: cinnamon sugary goodness part. Stetler: the sweet icing.  Altogether it makes the best food item EVAH but you could never just be satisfied eating just one of the items alone!  

The tripans just getting tougher and tougher. we all got beat up pretty bad in innebandi this week.  Stetler has some back pain now from being checked into the wall, Kimball has a big bruise on her shin from getting hit, and my hand is super bruised and sore from dislocating my finger haha popped it back into place, but its still pretty dang sore. 

So last week there was a man on the bus, he wasnt homeless, no one in Sweden is homeless, buuut he might as well have been. he had a little pull around bag cart thing for groceries and i felt like i should talk to him but i got too scared and didnt. as he was getting off the bus, the doors started closing...i hurried and grabbed a contacting card out of my pocket, folded it as to have better weight to carry it through the air, and from about 7 feet away, nailed his open sack. passing high fives around, i felt pretty skilled.  On our contacting cards there’s our phone number and the churches address and what time it starts. Yesterday at church, i walk out of the chapel doors to find him sitting on the couch!!  His name is Rena and he was really excited to be at church. we are thinking we will probably give him to the elders to teach, but it was cool to see that happen!

Again on the bus i contacted a kid named Emmy. He thought maybe we were Jehovah Witness (it didnt help that he was hard for Stetler to understand and when he asked she said yes) buuuut i explained we aren’t haha and he thought it was really cool! we got his number and we will be meeting with him this week, so that’s exciting! 

Remember Saara the Finnish sniper in the lebanese war that loves me and thinks my name is Cameron, so she calls me Cameron and when i call i say hi this is Cameron...well a guy was murdered in her yard! her neighbor who is obsessed with her killed him and told her everything that happened. he framed his accomplice and is completely free. (as of right now) well he told Saara he would kill her if she told anyone. Saara called the police and they came immediately and admitted her into a psychiatric unit to hide her. (because its under so much security) she wears an alarm incase she sees him so that the police come right away.  We may or may not have gotten kicked out of a psych ward hahaha.  I never thought i would teach a lesson in a crazy person house…welllllll  i never wanna teach anyone ever again in a psych ward. All throughout the lesson there was this dude screaming and tons of banging and scary noises AH never again. 
I got to know Saara a lot better though. she is Finnish and Finnish people are like the number one toughest breed of human. they’re literally fearless. ever since she was a girl she taught herself to be fearless but admit to us that she is so scared. she started crying and we just tried our best to console her. she said that the only way she feels comfort in the ward is while reading the Book of Mormon. i realized that the Book of Mormon is for so much more than knowledge! in the hardest times in my life, opening the Book of Mormon had provided me with comfort too.
I  am not the only one that has been touched by the Book of Mormon and there will be many more. i’m excited to tell yall that Gävle has two baptismal dates with two really great guys. all thanks to the Book of Mormon. a witness of Christ.

I love the area im in but the time has come for transfers. I’ve been in Gävle for about 5months and I’ve gotten to meet so many people. I see people on the streets that i know and we greet each other because we are friends. its pretty weird but at the same time its amazing that ive been able to cultivate relationships with people i didnt even know existed. I’m being transferred to Borås. my new companion is sister Stoughton!! we were in the MTC together and i LOOOVE her. We are gonna have an amazing companionship!!!

I have some friends and cousins going on missions at this time. i just wanna say congratulations to all of you!!!  Missions are hard. People will try to break you. You will subconciously try to break yourself sometimes. Know that you’re strong enough. There will be a lot of times where you feel inadequate. You’ll feel stressed, tired, heartbroken and like you can’t go on. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned on my mission, its that you can choose to be positive. You can choose to lift those around you and by doing so your soul will be lifted as well. Take chances, be bold. 
If the wave is too big, die trying to ride it.

All the best my friends and family…Iove each of you alway!

Syster Giles

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