Friday, May 1, 2015


Hej Hej...

I've decided to follow in my missionary mom’s footsteps and be a cheerleader for a second….

give me a T
give me a E
give me a R
give me another R
give me an I
give me a B
give me an L
give me an E

:D what does that spell!!!!!

Food poisoning… spells food poisoning.  We got food poisoning, from a week old fall korv.  Korv is a whole new level of haze, (anaconda hotdog curled up like the @ sign into a pan with cheese in the middle bathing in sour cream and taco seasoning) the size of my backpack. Needless to say, we DESTROYED our bathroom. This happened Tuesday and lasted til Thursday. 
We had splits on Thursday with Syster Mod, one of my sister training leaders and we got invited a members home for dinner...the same member that made the korv that got us sick....and guess what we had...KORV STROGANOFF….omygoodness it was so hard to eat.  Why korv??  Apparently its sketchy after a day if its leftovers.  We talked to a swedish elder we have and he was baffled that we would even eat it. He was disgusted hahaha

But on the bright side….SPRING TIME.  It’s the most amazing thing I've ever seen ever...I'm sure Stet and Kimball hate me because I stop at like every tree\bush just amazed that there’s pretty little buds or leaves coming out. It’s changing so fast!!! It’s the coolest thing ever! Random patches of flowers literally everywhere there’s grass. To watch it go from dark and freezing to little animals and greeeen is so fun!!!!  It stays light here til about 9 right now and the its kiinda dark...not too dark, then the sun is up at like 3am. It’s amazing. I haven't worn a jacket for like a week now. 

Innebandy on Saturday was a war. Syster Giles got spicy and Elder Hansen got sassy. The entire side of my body(ribcage and back) is bruised from being slammed into the walls, haha.  Stet has some bruises on her arms from getting hit with sticks and Kimball has some hickey lookin things on her neck from the ball…ouch. 

The tricompanionship is sooo tough!!!! You would think the companionship honeymooon phase would be over by now but the tripan seems to be impervious to it!!! We stilllllll love each other!!!!  It’s so funny... everyone (the elders in the mission) looove us. they love the tripan. We get calls from elders on the other side of the country asking for advice and just wondering how we are. I think its just because we are the funnest little crowd of sisters ever in the history of tripans. We also had district meeting in Uppsala and Elder Floyd was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We don't see our zone leaders too much so that was exciting. He’s going home this transfer!! so sad!! 

Anyways, i had a grab bag game...and it was so hilariously awkward.  I decided since so many in our district are going home that they probably needed some dating advice so i had everyone write down their favorite dates or date ideas and then i read them outloud and we had to guess whos was who’s. I’m not gonna name anyone...but Elders Rasmussen and Landeen looked terrified hahahahahaha it was maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever seen besides the ground coming closer and closer to my face when i crashed on my bike.  Missionaries are so awkward!!!!!!!! 

The other day on the bus it was about 4 other people and us. Syster Stetler sat next to a kid in the front of the bus to contact and Kimball and i watched from the back. Well the kid got off and she came to the back to sit with us. Apparently the kid was super swedish and started talking to her with a you know me..what are you doing, attitude (typically happens).  We missed our stop so we rode the whole bus route. We came back around and who got on, but the same kid she contacted, haha, awkward. He didnt see us and we started thinking how funny it would be to give him a trippy day. I thought it would be funny to jump off the bus, run back to the front to get on and sit down and contact him i did. He was so confused!!! He was all, oh hey…I met a girl like 20 minutes ago doing the same thing!! He was a little confused and creeped out but else are we supposed to make missionary stuff fun.

People were kindof nooby this week. It was really annoying. I was why arent these people talking today ...then a thought came to me, if you want someone to listen maybe you should change the way you talk :)  I changed my approach and people started to listen! It was awesome!

AHHH….I’ll take a sec to just  thank everyone.  You guys, I’m having such an amazing time. I’ve met people and missionaries i’ll never forget. Yet everyone at home built me to be the person I am.  Manhattan Beach CA is my heart. I pray and think about ya’ll every day and night. I love you more than you can understand. especially the youth that read these letters. you guys are so strong. I love you and I miss you. I know it difficult and its hard sometimes living where we do. Its hard to be a Mormon. I get that. Yet, you guys are doing amazing!!!  Keep your path lit with the Light of Christ. Don't be afraid to light others paths with it. It will be a blessing to them and to yourself. I love you all, thank you for the looove and support :) stay sweet :)

Love, Syster Giles

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