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Hej, Hej-

So as everyone knows i’ve been transfered to a place called Borås.  I drowned everyone on the train to Stockholm with my tears. i was quite upset.  Gävle has not a lot of members so i became super close with all of them. They really are my family here.

I thought i was doing okay in Borås until it was Sunday. IT IS A WARD HERE. AH. SO MANY PEOPLE. It was so scary and uncomfortable and i kept tears in till the end of church (sacrament meeting is at the end) and I was in the back with Elder Cushing translating and i just had a huge breakdown. Oh gosh it was so not cute. its hard to sleep at night, i refer to Gävle as home. i always say "at home we…I mean my last area," they will always be my family.  I talked to Annika Sjökvist last night because i just neeeded to hear a familiar voice and she's my Gävle mommy. She's the best.

Soo! I got off the train at Stockholm and walked to the ring where missionaries all meet when theyre getting transferred waiting for their trains. This is where I met Elder Cushing! the elder going to Borås with me! He’s from Utah and looks like he’s possibly albino. The kid is straight white. hair, eyelashes skin, the whole shebang.  The upside: he makes me look super tan….LOL
He’s really really nice and goes home this transfer. So we traveled 6 hours to Borås together and it was super fun. We got there and Syster Stoughton and Elder Carrigan were there to pick us up!

we are hilarious together. She is trained in opera so she is giving me voice lessons:) We sing together all the time and we write songs and its just awesome. Tomorrow is our 6month mark on the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We are gonna have a party. It’s crazy it’s been so long already. That’s a third of my mission!

This week was pretty fun. We pretty much only did service for members but it was a good way to meet them and get to know them a little bit.
Annika Sjökvist (from Gavle) I guess sent something over facebook telling Borås members that theyre getting "the best sister ever" and to take care of me....and they have, haha I’ve eaten 9 meals with members since I've been here...its been 5 days... They had me introduce myself and bear testimony in sacrament meeting and afterwards some women came up to me and were telling me they were so confused because they all thought that I was Swedish because i sound like a Swede when I speak! so that was way cool!! It threw them for a loop when i said i was from California! people usually assume I'm half Swedish half African.

The family that had us over for lunch yesterday is actually the uncle and aunt to Felix Sahlin! an elder serving here in the mission. He is from Sweden so his family is all here and loves the missionaries. His aunt, Annika Sahlin was in a band when she was younger!! So we jammed on guitars for a little bit!! It was so awesome!!! She is super cool, so is her husband.

Well, I never thought I would say this, but working on fences on the ranch actually paid off this week.  Borås is really big and theres a lot of ranches. There’s an american family living here and they have a horse ranch! They needed help with fence work! So us and the elders went over at 9am and helped out!   I may or may not have tripped over a stump...with a chainsaw, IN MY HANDS.

"did you die!?"
"yes.....BUT I LIVED"
-Buck from Ice Age (movie quote)

They made us american pancakes and bacon!!! it was fantasmic. So amazing. Ya’ll know i’m obsessed with pancakes. They weren't as good as my grandpas and there was no vanilla syrup, but they were pretty dang close to perfection.

Well I have a whole new district here....sad day because I loved my old district so much.  It consists of the Borås Elders and Sisters:  Giles, Stoughton, Carrigan, Cushing,  Skövde Elders: Harrison, Dahle and Jönköping Elders and Sisters: BRINK(my MTC companion WHOOT WHOOT!!) Sandelin, Pearsson, and Farnworth

Farnworth is my district leader!! He consoled me last night as i complained about missing Gävle to him, because he served there too and totally understands why i miss it so much. He’s so cool! Everyone in Gävle was obsessed with him and always said I have to meet him before he goes home because we are a lot alike. well i finally got to meet him!! aaand he is officially my new favorite elder update (floyd and johnson are both home now so theyre kindof off the list)

The elders in my area in Borås are also really cool. Carrigan is from Utah and he is HAHLARIOUUUS he’s amazing and he’s legally blind in one eye. So cool!! We are writing at the church, and he is making us pancakes right now!!!!  He’s the best.  Cushing is from Utah too, shocker, and he is super sweet.. he’s going home soon so he has a lot of really good advice about missionary work and just everything like that. He’s pretty dang funny too.

The next couple of weeks will be an adjustment and i will miss my Gävle family, but oddly enough the fact that i miss them just makes me work harder. i just want to make them proud. They keep my fire going. I have new adventures ahead of me and i am grateful for the opportunities that i have had and will have here in Borås.  I’ve learned things about myself and i couldn't have done it without the people I've served around.  Heavenly Father has given me the best humans to work with and i am so grateful for that.

I love ya’ll and thank you for the support and love in letters.

:) hejdå!   Syster Giles

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