Monday, June 8, 2015


Well this week started off with something totally awesome.

Elder Carrigan makes the amazing pancakes and so i always ask him to make them on Pdays.  Well he made them last week!!!  A few days before Pday we were in Göteborg and he did this magic trick. I knew what my card was and he told me to not show him, and to remember it. Well....what shows up in my pancake on  monday, MY CARD.  It was so cool hahaha 

I went on splits for the first time in a different area this week. I went to Göteborg (Gothenburg) for splits! I loooove that city. It looks so much like San Francisco and has the little trolly cable car thingy all throughout the city. All of our appointments canceled so we made cookies and heart attacked (put cut out hearts on sticks and put them in their lawn) members and less active members. It’s been a while since I’ve heart attacked someone....we totally got busted on the first house haha the lady opened the door and just started laughing as we were like AHH CLOSE THE DOOR, CLOSE ITTT  But I was so happy to switch back. I just love Syster Stoughton too much haha 

We do SO MUCH SERVICE HERE. There’s and american guy here who married a swede. He met on his mission here so they live here and they have a beauutiful home. They chop all their own wood for everything. They’re like 70. They needed help with splitting wood (which they have the coolest machine EVER for) and in return they made us a huge american breakfast. 

After them we went to this adorable old couples home for lunch! we had some weird jelly and milk for dessert haha...never again..hopefully!!  We then made our way to another older couple. They aren't a couple but they're two women who have been best friends forever and they live together. They totally remind me of grandma haha they're suuuper classy but hilarious and so YOUNG at heart. We had a really good discussion with them about the restoration of the gospel. 

Last week the bishop asked the ward to read Joseph Smith history so that we could focus on it in sacrament meeting for testimony meeting. We have stake conference next week WITH ELDER HOLLAND i might we had fast sunday yesterday. 
We used his challenge as the base for our lessons with members that we’ve had all week.  We’ve had so many really really awesome discussions from it. The spirit is always so so strong when we teach the restoration and with the testimonies of members it was probably the strongest I've felt while teaching. 

So Philip.  He’s just awesome. He cant play piano or even read notes so he has asked us to teach him. So we are teaching him piano in exchange for letting us practice our lessons in swedish on him. Which is actually doing way more for him than it is for us!  He has an incredible testimony already. He's had some rough patches but he is 100% focused on music. and he should be. he is SO. GOOD.  He stayed with us pretty much all day on Saturday. We taught him in the morning then we had to help one of our investigators move for the rest of the day. He was so eager to help and it was so needed. You learn a lot about someone when you're with them all day...

everything i learned about
Philip Perry Ohlsen :
went to a culinary school for 3 years
he has a disease called dextrocardia where the insides of his body are all flipped around, its all opposite. so his heart is on the other side and its upside down.
he won an egg contest for making the best eggs
he can fit a large lighter and a hotdog up his nose
favorite food is potatoes 
he has long curly hair which is usually up in a bun but we saw it down for the first time
if his plan to be famous fails he wants to be a history teacher
as a kid they thought he had ADHD but he was tested and he doesnt have it..just a secret storage of energy
he can belly dance
he was a drummer first so when he plays guitar his foot is always keeping the beat in this weird toe to heel pounding motion
We were just laughing all day long. 

I’ve found that music really is the way to break walls down. We were on the bus with the guitar singing and playing and this guy came back to sit by us, he told me at the end of my song that he used to play guitar and that he loves music and that when i play and sing he just feels it right in his heart...he then told me he loved me and wanted to marry me and it was at that point I realized he was totally wasteeddd haha  But people still love it! We get smiles and thumbs up and it really loosens people up. Music changes people. music touches people.  We work with a lot of depressed people. It’s a huge problem here in Sweden. So i feel like music is one of the best ways to make sure people are feeling loved. Music really is an incredible love.

My patience has grown so much from being on a mission. i dont find myself getting as frustrated with people or myself anymore. 

I had a huge realization this week. 

My biggest weakness is lack of faith in MYSELF.  We are here on earth the GROW. To EXPERIENCE.  I’ve always understood eternal life, but this week i really pondered it and its like a lightbulb went off in my brain. This dark room just immediately brightened. it was amazing actually. I understood what eternity meant. Eternity means that i dont have to be afraid to follow my dreams on earth. it means that i don't have to be afraid of failing. I only have my time on earth as a human for a little bit. why am i so afraid of succeeding, of being good, of talking to the girl on the bus next to me.  I have a whole new perspective and let me tell you, my week has been AWESOME.  My knees are a little tougher as I've had the opportunity this week to fast for my investigators, and members i love here in Sweden, and my family and everyone I love at home. 

Remember how important you are. 
Remember that Heavenly Father loves YOU
Remember that He misses you so much
Reassure Him that you are on your way back to him. Make sure he knows that and can see that. 

I’ll end with my favorite quote from L. Tom Perry.

Each of us is a son or daughter of God, and we have a unique premortal and mortal story.
 There are very few one-size-fits-all solutions. And so I fully recognize the trial-and-error nature of life and, most importantly, the constant need of the second principle of the gospel, even repentance.

i love you all :) have an awesome week!

Love, Syster Giles

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