Sunday, June 21, 2015


Hej Hej-

i dont have a whole lot of time to write today, so im just going to touch on one big thing we did.

ive made something up called the book of mormon challenge. i did it in gävle but this time i told sister stoughton about it and she thought it sounded like fun.
in sweden there are literally people from EVERYWHERE. so many different languages.
so the book of mormon challenge is where you pray for inspiration for which languages of books of mormons to take then go out and try to give them all out.
i write them all on my hand so i can see which ones i have and can smudge off the ones ive already given out.
i prayed really hard about it and sat in front of our giant bookcase filled with all different languages of books of mormon and i picked out 23 copies.

my list:
1 turkese
1 italian
2 spanish
1 swahili
2 tagalog
1 armenian
2 bulgarian
1 romanian
4 arabic
2 persian
1 russian
2 swedish
2 english

i handed out 19 books of mormon.
the only ones i had left were 
2 swedish
1 english
1 bulgarian

its incredible to see the hand of the spirit in the decisions i make every day here. i had 100% prepared myself to meet the people who needed the book of mormon in their own language. 
the spirit lead me to them. it wasnt just the language but i noticed the amount of books the spirit prompted me to take was so inspired also. i only met 2 people from the philipines. theres a ton of different languages there but they spoke tagalog. 
and these were just mine.
sister stoughton had a whole other list of languages on her hand. 
one of the people we talked to actually showed up at church yesterday, so that was awesome. his name is stefan and i cant wait to teach him. 

actually, one more thing haha

sister stoughton and i are obsessed with picking flowers here. THERE ARE SO MANY EVERYWHERE. we make awesome bouquets and give them to random people. well we picked one and i really felt like we should take it to jackie! philip perrys mom. 
well she wasnt home so i attempted to land it on their balcony...i got it onto the balcony haha.
the other day we called jackie and asked if she got the flowers! she was so surprised and went on to tell us she had been out of town and on the way back driving saw all these beautiful purple flowers but didnt have time to stop and pick some even though she wanted to so bad. well she had a dream the next morning. both of her parents have passed away. they were with her in her dream and she woke up really sad. she took their dog spencer out onto the balcony and what was there but a little wilted bouquet of the flowers she wanted to pick :) she said it made her so much happier and she felt they had to have been sent from god. 
she realized that, "they sure were!!"

sometimes the best parts of my week are just the times when ive listened to promptings and days later i find out they actually made a difference. this week was definitely one of those weeks. everyone in sweden is going on vacation so its VERY slow for missionary work. but im praying for more guidance from the spirit to be able to find those who are truly prepared to hear what i have to say.

this week is going to be pretty exciting. 
it feels liketransfers happened yesterday, but its been 6weeks and sister stoughton will be heading out next week. we findout where she will be going this saturday! im so sad...we are hoping that maybe president forgot about us haha so she can stay one more transfer.. 
also happening this week, Våge (an older man in our ward) (hes like super ancient) will be reading my face! he reads peoples faces and tells you like...what you were created to be just from your facial structure and stuff. he tells you when he wants to do it, and sometimes he doesnt do it at all, but he wants to read mine this week so i will be doing that.
also, MIDSOMER!!!!!
its the celebration of the longest day of the year. 24 hours of sunlight woohoo. we will be in Utby(south sweden) for that!! our whole zone will be going to a huge party down there. so we are soosososooooo excited. 

thankyou for all the love and support and prayers.
i promise im making a difference.

love you all!!!!

My tattooed hand with languages

Syster Stoughton....she transfers next week : (

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