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Hej Hej-

I'm so sorry for the lack of pictures last week. hopefully my mom forgives me and posts a thousand pictures of my Midsommar and my scratched up chin and the jam sesh with peter and jackie and my thousands of selfies with Sister Lund. 

I woke up Tuesday morning to notes all over the apartment and balloons taped up everywhere and a big happy birthday surprise from Sister Stoughton!!!  My birthday was actually on Saturday but she was sad she was gonna miss it so i got surprised with that and birthday pizza for lunch. 

This week was half happy half sadness.

Elder Carrigan and Sister Stoughton were transferred and Elder Cushing finished his mission. I dropped them all off at the train station and just bawwleddd my eyes out after they left. I MISS THEM SO MUCH ALREADY.  They were so fun and i love them so much and they became some of my closest friends of my life. We became so close over the past six weeks but little did i know what the next six hours would have in store for me as I bawled my eyes out in the corner of H&M. I got a text from Sister Brink freaking out that she was alone and would be alone for about three more hours.  This made me ganska(pretty) nervous as I realized ohh no, I've been alone for two hours.  Well, clock rolled around and it was time to go to the train station to pick up Lundy Lund except her train was a little late and I freaked out a little more.  I realized that being a missionary has blessed me with exceeding levels of awkwardness when I'm alone. My asthma perks up, the little swoop in between my toes start to sweat and i stuff myself with pastries from a nearby cafe.  just kidding.  But i definitely felt weird and it was the first time in 7 months that i had been alone!!  But Sister Lund came about 2 hours after and i was so excited to see her!!! 

So far we have gotten 3 new investigators together and almost hit by a bus! so its going great.  We worked with a lot of members again this week. Lots of dinner and lunch appointments.  We taught Lamech, a new convert of a year which went great..then right outside the library is this giant church. we took some pictures outside of it then went in. There was’t anyone in it so we messed around on some bongos and this huge pulpit 50 feet up in the air. ...then a lady came out of some random door and was actually super nice. turns out shes like 20 and bored so she works at the church. we told her about how we are missionaries from America and she got super excited and was like wanna see the bell tower!   Sooo she took us allll the way up to the bell tower!!!  It was so cool!!!! I've gained so much weight it was like a real hunchback of Notre Dame reenactment!!  it was so fun.

We also had our ward taco party!! Which also turned out incredibly well. Philip Perry wasnt able to make it, but his parents Peter and Jackie were there!!! We had so much fun!!! Sister Lund and i took eyeliner pencils and drew mustaches on ourselves then drew mustaches on everyone else at the party!!!!!! Everyone looked absolutely ridiculous but it was so awesome!!!  The piñata got wrecked!! The kids loved it and there were only a few almost casualties. 

This was super awesome because we had 3 new missionaries. Our baby blackburn (Elder Blackburn) is such an adorable little greenie. It's so fun to see how much i’ve actually grown since i first came out. It’s going to be really fun to see the language click with him and him to really get it. He has pretty decent swedish but he understand next to nothing....but other than that he’s awesome. He and his "dad" Elder Stoeltzing really get along and are awesome together. They both play guitar reallllyyy well and they both sing sooo wellll. i love them. So far all four of us get along. (they are making us eggs and bacon as i type)  It’s hard not to when you're all from the same place and know a lot of the same people and have a lot of connections. i think this next transfer will be so great as far as missionary work goes. areas always become so blessed out here when theres a greenie.
We have met a lot of new people this past week that i am so excited to meet with this week. A couple of them literally miraculously fell into our laps and i am so grateful.  A huge accomplishment for me this week was i wrote a song in swedish!! it was super fun. i didn't think i could do it.  It turned out really awesome and I'm really proud of it. I have a testimony of the gift of tongues for sure. I know without Heavenly Father my swedish probably wouldn't be possible. 

Well, I am 20 years old.  I had a really great birthday :)  We got pizza and went down to the lake. The elders got me a cake and had prepared three birthday songs in different ways with guitar and ukulele. It was hilarious and just awesome. 

Sister Lund is officially the youngest out of us. 
baby blackburn:20
baby luuund:19

We have probably 2 transfers together but we are already a little family. I’m excited to get to know them more, to watch us all grow together and help raise a little baby greenie together. 

I will probably have a lot more to write next week because week of transfers is always hectic, but until then :)
vi ses!

Love you all and thanks for your prayers and support….I Love my family!!!

Syster Giles

Comfy train to Midsommar

 Boras crew....Elder Cushing, ME, Syster Stoughton and Elder Carrigan
Our last few days together at Midsommar

 Midsommar brings out the weirdness in and Elder Pearson

Midsommar with Syster Spencer....her last couple of days in Sweden

ME....Syster Stoughton, Elder Reed, and Syster Brink in front

Don't know what time it could be midnight? chin...okay it doesn't look that bad but it hurt.

Birthday box.....Thanks for all the fun and silly stuff!

 Lundy and Me making sure we aren't being Lurked....

 Heading to Taco Night...Me, Syster Lund, Elder Stoeltzing and Elder Blackburn...our greenie

Jackie putting all the touches on "Lumpy" to help him look like a true piñata.

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