Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Tanner mentions she took lots of pictures at Midsommar but forgot to send them….darn it!

Hey everyone-

this last week was so fun!!!!  full of excitement and surprises and suspense!!  the life of a missionary lol

first things first, it is transfer week :( we knew that Syster Stoughton would be transferred (because she's been here for 6 months) so we visited a ton of members and did a lot of service!!! this week was pretty much just all fun!!   A friend of mine from home received her mission call to the Sweden Stockholm mission as well. she arrived in Sweden six weeks after me and I've gotten to see her a couple of times while we've both been here! well guess what. we are now companions. Jordan Lund is my companion.  i cant even explain how excited i am about this, haha.  i felt like it would happen eventually but i thought it would be wayyy longer down the road.  surprise!!

i am the only original Boråster left now. Elder Cushing is going home, Elder Carrigan is going to Eskilstuna (which none of us thought would happen), and my dear Syster Stoughton is going to Kristianstad (the land of pig factories and chileans...chilean dinners...a sisters worst nightmare)  MEANWHILE I GET THREE NEW MISSIONARIES IN MY AREA!!  something super exciting, we are gettiing Syster Lund, who is from Santa Barbara california, Elder Stoeltzing who is from Sacramento California, and he is going to be training a greenie (brand new missionary) WHO IS FROM CALIFORNIA. we will be a 100% California area!!! 

in the mission, everything is a family. so Elder Stoeltzing is the new greenies dad. i am senior companion of the area which means i’m his mom!  i have a son!!!!  i am so excited for this this transfer!!!  well Elder Cushing is going home. when a missionary goes home, we call it dying. so you have a funeral for them. we held a beautiful service haha it was absolutely hilarious and awesome. we all dressed in black and had a reaallyyy awesome testimony meeting. it was perfect. I'm definitely going to miss Elder Cushing but he's going to be an awesome normal person. he is one of the biggest supports I've had here in this transfer. i feel very blesssed to have been able to serve with him.

well, we are having a taco party with our ward this Friday!! we are going to have a ton of stereotypical hispanic activities so i am so excited. theres a couple families in our ward from South America who will be teaching everyone how to dance and Philip will be providing the music!! Syster Stoughton and i made a piñata for it!! we made a horse out of cardboard boxes and spray painted it red. remember when i wrote about the dalahest factory back up north... well Jackie (Philip's mom) is an amazingggg artist. so we  asked her to help us paint the thing. gosh it was so lumpy and gross but she made it super cute. they'll be bringing him (we named him lumpy) to the taco party this week. 

we also had a HUUUGE party with all the Göteborg missionaries in Utby for M I D S O M M A R ! OMYGOODNESS IT WAS THE FUNNEST THING EVER. we aren't allowed to proselyte on midsommar and the day after till 3pm, so it was just two days of fun.  we danced around the may pole and ate hotdogs and took THOUSANDS of pictures. after we did the actual celebration we went and played ultimate frisby!!! i have a nice bruise slash little cuts on my chin because an elder named Elder Brinkworth tried to kill me and knocked me out with the frisby. it hurts to smile and it looks like i have some disease festering on my what used to be an adorable butt chin. 

we went home with the Jönköping sisters (Syster Brink my MTC comp, and Syster Sandelin) we spent the night and played volleyball the next morning in Jönköping then they were having a baptism that afternoon (the main reason we stayed the night with them) and it was wonderful. we had 8 misisonaries and we sang in swedish for it. 
Jackie and Peter (Philips parents) had invited us over for the night for dinner, so we left around 4 and headed to their home. OMYGOSH JACKIE CAN COOK.  IT WAS AMAAAZING. 
ive been writing a ton of songs out here and a couple of songs i was having a hard time with. So we had a little jam sesh with Jackie and Peter and they helped us out with rough patches in the songs.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. we were able to continue into a lesson about the atonement and we really got to understand Peter better. he's not usually there when we are there because he works, but he was there. 

my letter this week isn’t so long or inspirational and im sorry for that, but its transfer week so we are SUPER busy and everything is just chaos haha. but i love you all!!!
til next week!
-Syster Giles :)

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