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Hej Hej-

This week has been especially rude….. But also incredible :)

i’ll start with the fact that my district went on a cave tour underground for Pday in Jönköping. dorky hardhats and everything. all of us terrified of being eaten by giant bats. (because they had a bat museum and the biggest bat they had was 4 feet tall.) descending down into the mountain was dark, echoey, and FREEZING COLD. they had one HUGE cavern, where they have a speaker system to demonstrate the AMAZING acoustics. they made us turn our flashlights off. 
PITCH BLACK. and started playing dance of the mountain king. and im thinking if anyone is going to kill us or kidnap us or keep us hostage in this mountain, this is the moment when it happens. it was so creepy.  we took lots of pictures of us licking the walls of the caves and great fun things like that haha. farnworth slipped walking up an incline and almost died. luckily im in-mountain slippers certified and ended up getting pulled down with him haha. i popped up and helped him get up as hes dramatically dying on the floor. farnworth is a piece of work haha he is one of my best friends in this mission. he gave me a blessing last week. i felt a lot better about some feelings i had been having. they were all resolved this week with some miracles.after the caves , we went to lunch to an oldschool malt shop sort of thing and walked back to the church in Jönköping. on the way there is a huge cathedral. farnworth says, "giles, wanna sing in there?"of course im like UH YES.  we go in and there's a couple people kind of meditating inside. i walk up to the front where there is a GIANT cross with jesus on it and a huge elaborate dome made of stained glass. its a beautiful cathedral. and the acoustics are out of control. i was immediately choked up as i turned away from the pews and up through the stained glass. my stomach dropped a little bit as i thought, WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING. but i turned around and sang. i finished the song and elder harrison popped up and ran over to the giant pipe organ. i was too scared to sing alone anymore so i waved elder blackburn up to sing with me. elder harrison starts pumping out nearer my god to thee. holy cow. the spirit just flooded the cathedral.  blackburn and i sang and our voices just meshed so amazingly well. i love singing with him and elder harrison is SO gifted with organ and piano. i love his accompaniments when we are in public, and just when we have extra time before district meetings. 

im amazed at how incredibly well i mesh with people here. all these people i wouldnt even know existed if i hadnt come out on a mission.
which brings me to a woman named May.  May is almost 80 years old. she’s been taught by missionaries in Borås for almost 20 years. she more-so just likes the company. she was very into her pingst church. she is veryyy strong willed and decided pingst was her church and she would never leave it. an angel came to her while she was being baptized and wrapped its wings around her.

#1. angels dont have wings
#2. if youre not interested, why are you still meeting with the missionaries.

i met her all last transfer with Syster Stoughton. i told stoughton every time we went over, that we needed to drop her. stoughton was too emotionally attached to her to do that. well i knew as soon as transfers came, May would be dropped by me. the reason this post is called separating the wheat from the tares is because I've seen the prepared and the unprepared this transfer.  well first day here with Syster Lund this transfer, i told her the situation. we went and met May. she experienced the meeting with May and how she brings contention into the lessons. its just not a good atmosphere. she wasn't progressing and i told Lund how ive wanted to drop her as an investigator FOR. EVER. 
lund agreed. there was something holding me back though. i cant explain the feelings. so i called our zone leaders and explained everything. they said it was all legit and i should drop her if thats what i thought was best. well it was still eating my heart away. so i called president Beckstrand and talked to him about the situation. he told me that ultimately it comes down to the promptings i feel. but that its an approved drop. i prayed and prayed and prayed. i couldn't deny the feeling i had that she was wasting the lords time and i needed to move on. 
we decided to drop her....we told didnt go well. it brought a lot of bad bad bad feelings into our apartment. the elders came over with a member around 11pm and blessed our apartment and gave us blessings. the apartment felt so much better after and we weren't able to sleep, but overall, everything was better.  the next day we woke up and started studying.. the spirit confirmed to me that there was going to be something big, or many big things that were going to happen that week. i told Lund and we both could feel it.
well long story short, May calls us 2 days later. she wants to be baptized.  us dropping her made her realize that she actually cared about this religion. we met with her and asked why.  after her throwdown with us she prayed and asked heavenly father if the book of mormon and the bible was the only way. she found out for herself that yes. the church of jesus christ is the right church.  she will be baptized.

ill make a little backtrack to my birthday. i prayed for a birthday present from Heavenly Father. i dont know if thats allowed : ) , but i asked for a prepared person to hear the gospel. well, on the bus ride home i sat with a man who looked worn out from work. i got talking to him and his name is Robert and he's from INDIA, my favorite food my favorite place, and my favorite accent to speak in ever. india is majestic. he said hes been looking for the right church and would love to meet. well we met with him on friday.....then on saturday....then sunday....then monday.... he wants to be baptized. he loves the lessons. he loves his family. he is so prepared. i call him my birthday present.
the best part of all is that hes searching for answers. he is searching to hard. trying to find that one thing that will positively bring him ultimate happiness. he is amazing.

funny story for the week. we got canceled on three times in one day. and there happened to be a donut stand nearby. how convenient. we got six donuts. each. something about swedes is that they are brutally honest and a lot of times its out of control rude. ill admit this one was our fault though hahaha.  so Lund and i are walking down the street with a bag of donuts in one hand and a donut in the other, eating as we go. well, this guy felt the need to go out of his way to look us straight in the eyes and say

nämen hej GRYSOR 
or in english, oh hey you pigs.


i laughed and then wrote a strongly worded journal entry later.

the next day was also a little tough. we had a lesson with a family who had been taught before. we head over and walk in and theyre all nice and stuff. we go into the living room and they are watching a documentory filmed in africa. theres two other guys sitting on the couch. dressed pretty nicely we sit down and its a religious documentary. all these africans getting baptized in a river. ......................i realize...............................................these are two Jehovah witnesses...................................................then i realize......................the investigator totally played us. and this was a set up. 

hashtag, "the pope may be french but Jesus is english. you’re on "
- Quote from the movie....A Knights Tale

öf course they start being rude and ridiculous. so i go over to the other side of the couch and grab a fireplace spear and start beating them over their heads with it. just kidding. i go over to the other side of the couch so that Lund can argue with them and i can teach mohammed. i sit on the complete opposite side so that mohammed has to completely turn away from the battle. i end up teaching him like every lesson ever. he loved it. eventually satans angels had to leave. we said a prayer with mohammed to get the spirit back and teach him a decent lesson. we both left the apartment pretty frustrated. i was pretty fired up at the NERVE of some people. but its okay haha it was a fun experience that i hope i never have to experience again.

i feel bad for writing so much so my other stories might have to wait til i am home :) 
but theres a couple of stories to keep you full for a week :) 

i love you all and i love love love my mission.
have an amazming week :)

Love, Syster Giles

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