Monday, August 10, 2015


Hej Hej-


I LOOOVE this ward!!!!! crazy.  They all go on vacation to the South Bay.  My bishop literally visited Manhattan Beach and his favorite restaurant is the Kettle.  They all pulled out their ipads and walked me through pictures of HOME.  It was amazing. They were all SO excited to see me haha, I don’t know why.  But everyone was really loving and happy.  A lot different from Borås. I feel like they are my family here. Like Gävle again, but a little bigger.  Kungsbacka is literally Manhattan Beach CA, but wild raspberries and blueberries everywhere that we freeze and I eat every morning.  ITS PERFECT.  This area has been suffering a little bit. Not a lot of contacts, maybe 1 or 2 investigators that are really progressing. It’s a super hard area. It’s really wealthy so everyone is already set.


My goal is literally to tear it up. My motto is, fear no man. 

This area and my new companion haven’t seen a number or street lesson in a really long time. In the last 4 days I’ve made it a point to contact on the street. I’m praying so hard for prepared people.  Our work on the street is paying off. We have 5 peoples phone numbers that we will be contacting and meeting with for new investigators and we've contacted a TON of people and gotten a TON of lessons on the streets.  Finding people is my strength. I'm doing all i can to find people at ridiculous costs.  Syster Lindsay Allen is my official best friend and puts up with my need to talk to everyone i see and has really seen that we are going to turn this area around. I literally have so much faith in Heavenly Father to lead us to the people that need us. I'm not even worried. I have a very good feeling about this transfer. This area is going to flourish by the pure grace of God. He knows his children need the gospel and THEY SHALL HAVE IT. 

I have found that my heart has been so opened here. I have met people and I LOVE them. Like its made me cry I love them so much.  The other day i saw this blind guy and i was like WE HAVE TO TALK TO HIM. but we were already late for district meeting. I promised myself I would talk to him the next time i saw him.  Syster Allen said they saw him all the time but the other sister never wanted to talk to him. lame. But she said he's there all the time. He just likes to walk outside. Well.- yesterday WE SAW HIM we went over to him and I've never felt the spirit the way i felt it. No hesitation i put my hand on his back so he would know i was talking to him, not someone else. I just said hey excuuse meee :) with like the biggest smile ever just because i literally felt like Jesus Christ…. like Jesus did this everyday, just to let people know they aren't alone and that he loved them. I moved my hand to his arm so he would know that i was now standing in front of him and explained who we were.  We talked to him for about 15 minutes. his name is Alex :) He found God about a year ago and is ready to learn more. He knows a couple mormon members and was so happy to give us his number to learn more. We walked away and I was basically bawling my eyes out of my face because the spirit was so strong. I'm so so so excited to see him next week. 

we have a friend named Seyid, he was an investogator but isnt really serious about it so we just visit him and share a message. HES AMAZING. He owns a godis shop. (candy shop) and he gives us...all the candy in the world... and this stuff called nöt cräme, its literally sugar and creamed nuts. and its amazing. We are obsessed.

We’ve decided we need a pizza place with an investigator and a Thai food place investigator so we can just get free food all the time. Definitely one of the perks of being a missionary. the immigrants LOVE you. They’re the ones who own all the good restaurants!!!!  There’s a pizza place right next to our apartment.........a couple days ago  we just went in to say hi to the guy that owns it....he gave us free sodas...then we made cookies and gave them some….more free sodas....then we thought hey..a Book of Mormon will definitely get us free pizza. So we take a Book of Mormon in and we tell them we have an amazing gospel that we teach about and if they would like, we could teach them..and what do they say.. awesome, we can make you some pizza and you can tell us all about your church.


Pizza place. check.

I love it so much down here. I’m obsessed with my zone leaders.  Elder Brown and Elder Isrealson are the DREAM TEAM.
Elder Brown has amazing style. His SHOOOEEES and his BEELLTTSSS are out of control.  We had a baptism in Utby on Saturday and they were there! We started talking and somehow a bet came up and then it turned into a competition.  So we are having a competition to see who can contact the most people this week, and loser has to make the other companionship lunch next Pday. 

ITS SO ON. we are pretty stoked. 

little bit on my district!!
Elder Noso is district leader. He’s the one from Finland who was just AP (assistant to the President) he has a greenie (new) elder, Elder Adams, CUTEST KID EVER. Noso is the one who gave me a blessing while i was in Gävle. HE IS SO INTENSE. like the kid (Elder Adams) isn't getting a break. Its 100% go all the time. But Noso is the best possible person you could be trained by. He’s amazing. Keep Elder Adams in your prayers haha he needs the energy. Elder Stinnet and greenie elder,  SISTER KINNGGGG (my trainer from Gavle) and Sister Sandberg and Elder and Sister Hawley!!!!!!  YAYYYYYY I'm so happy we are together again. The Hawleys were in my first district along with Sister King!!! so I'm just happy as a clam :) 

ï love you all!!! have a good weeeek!!!!

Syster Giles

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