Monday, August 10, 2015


Well folks as of yesterday i have been out for 8 months!!!!!  missionary time goes by so fast, its unreal. 

Summer time is quickly coming to an end here. and i have major post traumatic stress from my last winter. haha  I am terrified for it this year. i can distinctly remember the smell of peoples homes as we go in freezing cold and damp. forgetting my gloves and wondering how i was going to make it through the day without them.  I’m praying president Beckstrand sends me to the tip south of Sweden for winter this year. ....also i hope he's stalking me and reads this post haha.

We have a family from columbia in our ward! last week we got fed up worth not being able to completely communicate with them. they dont have very good swedish or we are learning spanish with them so that we can actually teach them!  its gonna be awesome. I'm super excited. so far, we can keep an okay conversation going. lots of laughing and awkward pauses but they are so patient with us haha i want them to understand that i really want to be able to communicate with them. i feel like learning spanish is the only way i will really be able to SHOW them i love them.

The elders have an investigator named Mattias. he hangs out with us a lot on pdays and fun stuff like that. he comes to church every week even though hes not a member. he is very studied in ideology and doesnt reaallyy believe in anything. he asked me to cut his hair this week so we cut his hair at the church. all week we had been feeling like we needed to share something with him. but because the elders teach him, we were a little hesitant.  we kind of hinted into churchy stuff turned into a 3 and a half hour lesson. we talked about everything he doesnt believe in. wrote it up on the white board.

We picked his brain apart. he told us he likes the music in sacraments meeting.  well the spirit spoke to Lund and told her we should sing. we grabbed hymn books and sang Nearer My God To Thee. Mattias DEFINITELY felt the spirit. he was choked up and told us he was at a loss for words.  i asked him to pray. he told me no. that’s too weird to do out loud in front of people. so i asked if it was okay if we sing another one, and he just sit quietly and say a prayer in his head. to ask heavenly father if these feelings were from him. we sang again, More Holiness Give Me.  he prayed for about 2 minutes. 

huge step.

We tried to explain that the feeling of peace the "psychadelic" feeling he said he had, was the holy ghost. the spirit of god is in the room and he is speaking to your soul, right now. Mattias has done lots of research about the brain. he said, how do you know its not just a bodily reaction that youve associated with "this holy ghost" then Lund said something outrageous haha she said, we wanna teach you every single day for the next week hahaha.  he agreed to it. and he agreed to do everything we would ask of him. (scripture reading daily, prayer etc.)  we are going to start from the beginning. We've spent hours praying, fasting, and planning for every single day this week. we are hoping by the end of this week, he will be a stronger person. someone ready to recieve the fulness of the gospel. and a being ready to put all his trust in the lord. 

This week will be long. challenging. probably frustrating and annoying. but i am so excited to really work to bring ONE soul. focusing on ONE soul. trying to strengthen ONE soul. 
i hope that by the end of the week Mattias understands that there is so much more than living a basic life. No one on the earth was created to be basic. the talents we receive and are preordained with are SPECIAL. they are special and they are specific to us. Mattias asked, theres a couple of things i don't understand about the earth...and humans...all humans are the same. we all have the same genetic buildup. the DNA. all of it is the same. if thats the case, why are we all so different.  my answer was completely inspired because i honestly hadn't ever thought about it.  Because we have spirits, we are all different. because we each have an (optionally) eternal soul.

Something beautiful about earthlife IS THAT WE ARE DIFFERENT. in our souls we grow at different rates. 

When we work on developing that soul, instead of developing the worlds standard of mind, body, power. whatever. we achieve self mastery. 

“We should every night call ourselves to an account;  What infirmity have I mastered today?  What passions opposed? What temptation resisted? What virtue acquired? Our vices will abort of themselves if they be brought every day to the shrift.” 
― Seneca

Master yourself, and blossom in your soul :)

Love ya, Syster Giles

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