Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hej Hej-

This letter is gonna be a lot shorter sorry!!!  I write a lot of longgg letters but every once in a while i just dont have the time or the is one of those days :) plus....we are having brunch with our zone leaders...since we lost the competition haha dang it, we are making them crepes!!!  Also we are all going on a hike by the ocean so we gotta go do that. 

But this week was pretty exciting. I’m gonna highlight my favorites.

We have taught Norbert every single day all week, and he has a baptismal date set for the 29th of August :)

I introduced myself in church yesterday and made part of my testimony singing…I sang, Be Still my Soul and had everyone close their eyes and think about Jesus Christ and a time that they felt the comfort of the atonement. Coolest thing, it was silent. there’s a lot of kids, but there weren't any kids screaming or distracting. It allowed all the parents to close their eyes and just listen. It was really cool.

We went to a beautiful town called Varberg. There’s a huge fortress located there and a ton of old investigators.   We went by to see if they were interested in picking up lessons again. one was!! 
On the way back to the car I spyed a huge cherry tree!!  Naturally I start jumping for the cherries. I grabbed one and it was DELICIOUS. But all the rest are SOOO HIGH UP IN THE TREE.  Our investigator called some boys over to help us and they didn't do much. So this is where Syster Allen and I start climbing on top of each other to get these cherries. I grabbed a branch and benT this huge branch down with a ton of cherries. We start picking them off...but then we didn't have a Allen gets her umbrella. Opens the umbrella and we use it as a bag haha. SO MANY CHERRIES. we still haven't eaten all of them. They were so good. We are going back next week and we are going to bring a rope and a heavy object to try to get a higher branch and bend it down. SHOULD BE AWESOME.

Well we had an exhausting week!!!  We taught so many people and so many lessons. I wish i had the time and focus to write about every single one of them. But this week has been crazy. 

We also had a zone training with President and Sister Beckstrand. We stole Sister Beckstrand for 30 minutes and took her out contacting on the streets of Gothenburg with us!!!  It was so fun!! She’s the cutest ever. We just love her. 

once again I’m so sorry this letter is so short and uninspiring, but i love you all and i hope everyone has a good week :)

Love, Syster Giles

Sister Beckstrand came with us.  She is the bomb!
 Love the cherries...they match my warn off nails.....PLEASE SEND NEW POLISH!!!

 Systers....Allen, King, Sandstrom and me : )

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