Monday, August 10, 2015


Hej Hej-

I’ll start with the fun stuff:

for Pday we traveled to a place called Trollhättan.
volleyball tournament.

All the zones in our mission got together (in their own zones) to have a volleyball tourney (President and Sister Beckstrand’s idea)
 IT WAS SO INTENSE.  but so fun.  we had to walk from the train station to the church building. an hour long walk, but i love my district so much, so it was really fun. elder Farnworth (going home next week :( ) on the way there were a TON OF WILD STRAWBERRY AND RASPBERRY PLANTS. so of course all along the way we are stuffing our faces with handfuls of berries. they were sooo good. Sweden is like that. random bushes of fruit everywhere. i mean you may or may not end up with diarrhea an hour later, but its all about the experience.

We are working a lot with the Baquero family! they made us AMAZING columbian food. our goal is to get them through the temple. we’ve started teaching each other spanish. there’s so many immigrants in Sweden. It doesnt exclude south americans. there’s a lot of them here so spanish is going to be super beneficial. its coming along well. they love that we are trying so hard a lot of what they say we understand. totally because we pray for the gift of tongues before we go in. Heavenly Father gets it.

Now ive only got to learn:













and remember my terribly broken english!  (literally every one of those languages would be helpful to know here)

Alright, remember Mattias? we committed him to meet with us every single day this past week. part of the deal was that he would have to keep the commandments and live worthy to feel the spirit. to change. well, HE. HAS. CHANGED!! We have measured his progress in percentages. He understands better if he can see his own beliefs in percentages.  Mattias started with 0% belief in literally everything. Bible, Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost, God. all of it, 0%  He had never even prayed out loud before. Every single day we saw the progress. his own mother saw the progress. his countenance has changed. the gospel is blessing him already.  We gave him a plant to water and keep alive as a symbol of his faith :) to grow it :)  lots of little refrigerator quotes we've decorated and made. SO MUCH EFFORT.

we’ve taught him A-Z. 

He has been touched by the spirit. he has put trust in Jesus Christ's eternal atonement. He has cried out of relief and safety in mind. Mattias has moved mountains in his own life. I am 100% inspired by him. this week has been by far the most spiritual week of my life. It has been a lot to carry. one wrong move and we lose him. one thing is for sure. 

We haven’t taught him one bit. 

The spirit has completely filled us with the remembrances and answers to literally everything. The spirit has taught him!

Something Mattias brought up was we always have an answer. in a heartbeat. He cant find anything wrong with our church.  I looked him dead in the eye and just straight up said, you will never find anything wrong with this gospel. because its not made of man, its lead by Christ.  You will never find a flaw in it.

It’s so true. there have been so many times this week that ive seen that this gospel is absolutely perfect. Mattias is very logical. we had a lesson where we just proved the Book of Mormon with logical evidence of authenticity.  There became nothing to argue with. just curious questions.  He has started searching in the scriptures for answers, and praying to a loving Heavenly Father who he didn't even believe was there 7 days ago. There have been lots of tears and laughs and growth this week for Mattias, for Lund, and for myself. 

Mattias has climatized his body to be able to wear a sweatshirt and sweats every single day of the year. The elders found an old suit in their apartment and some ties. he wore the suit for the first time to church and a tie that Elder Blackburn taught him how to tie.  We had a lesson at his apartment and his 3 year old little brother Valtar, was there. Mattias invited him to come pray with us before we left. he did :)  

Mattias has decided that he wants to be baptized. 

Mattias will be baptized the first week of september. 

This week has been amazing!!  The Lord is with me. 

i love everyone at home.
stay warm for me :)

Love, Syster Giles

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