Monday, September 7, 2015


This week was super awesome!!!

We are going into Göteborg for a party today so i have literally zero time to write!!

I’ll start with HOW MUCH I LOVE MY CUTE FAMILY. They are the best!!!!!  I got a package from them this week and it had the BEST stuff in it!!!!  All of my favorite things and so many GOOD vibes :)  I’ve seen through things they send me, how much and how well they really REALLLYYY know me!!!  And how much I reallyyy trust their judgment and how much i NEED to trust them, when maybe I might question them.  They are just lovely ❤

We taught Norbert with a member named Conner. Conner is from Wales and is preparing to go on a mission. Conner is 23 years old and Norbert is 24 so they really connect with each other. Conner is SO awesome with Norbert. He will be teaching with us this week. On Monday at FHE (Family Home Evening) he taught the lesson and he wont ever know it but it was exactly what I needed to hear this week. He said he felt like he needed to show a video and just remind everyone that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father.  Serving in a place where everyone is atheist and they tell you God doesn’t care about you, gets to you. Not like I ever believe them, but sometimes it just hurts because I feel so sorry for them. But Conner’s lesson really reminded me that God loves all of us!!! He really does. No matter how badly they want him to not exist, He really does. He is there!!!! 

It’s made me think. I have wondered a lot this week. I’ve thought about why I am here. and I’ve really thought about Christ and His example. There was a girl i knew and we never really got along. A lot of hurtful things were said and done by both of us. I watched a Mormon Message about a man whose family was killed by a teenager drunk driving. He talked about the forgiveness process he went through. I was AMAZED. There’s so many little petty things that get to me that maybe I haven't fully forgiven myself, or others for mistakes that I've made, and mistakes of others that i haven't forgiven. YET,  this man FORGAVE!!!!  He went and visited the boy in prison to tell him that he forgave him and that everything would be okay. There is no lingering bad feelings. They still see each other and talk today. (Tanner doesn’t seem to remember but this gentleman, Chris Williams accepted our invitation to speak at Mira Costa High School when Mitchell participated in “Every 15 Minutes” a two day drunk driving event that was supported by our police/fire departments. This is his message of forgiveness
I am no better than anyone else and everyone deserves the power of forgiveness.  I realized how much PRIDE i had. And that is something that tore me down and held me back. omygoodness, i cant even begin to describe the feelings i felt.  It can be hard to humble yourself, but who are we to say we are striving to be like Christ, without complete submission and reliance on the atonement.  Christ taught his gospel and established his church on the earth. This week a big focus will be on, Preach My Gospel. 

We had a zone conference with president and Syster Beckstrand and the assistants. And all my former companions!!!!!!!!  Except Syster Stetler, she is in Stockholm, but the rest of us are in  Göteborg and Mälmö!!!!  Syster Brink, Syster King, Sister Kimball, Syster Stoughton, Syster Lund, and Syster Allen!!!  It was so fun!!  We picked up Stoughton and Kimball (they are companions in Kristianstad right now) from the airport the night before and had a fun sleepover. Stoughton and I were able to sing again together!! So awesome. I miss them both soooo much. It was so good to be with everyone. also, ELDER BACKMAN was there!!!!! He is serving in Lund right now. Mälmö zone. He is still my best friend from the MTC. It was so awesome to be able to talk to him. 
He is a huge hero of mine. And fun news, his girlfriend at home actually got baptized about a month ago!!!!!!! Super awesome.  Zone conference was so good and well needed.
We talked about what Preach My Gospel really is. It’s NOT just for us as missionaries, it’s something that we need to take into our future homes. Our future families. 
One chapter we talked about was christlike attributes. I’m going to work on all of them in an effort to be more christlike. I realized how important Preach My Gospel really is. it was designed beyond the veil and organized on the earth at this time as a tactic against satan. It's fantastic. 

We were able to eat dinner with the stake patriarch! He is in our ward. HIS HOME IS LIKE…..HELLO SPIRIT.  It was super awesome. We talked about the spirit and how we can prepare ourselves to feel it and really learn to love it.  He's amazing. I’ll be asking him advice on how to better study my blessing. 

This week is gonna be awesome!!! We have splits!!!!!!!!! Which means, ill be with my mom (trainer….Syster King) again for a day!!!!!!!!  SO PUMPED.

I have a lot of friends going out on missions and like, you guys….Stay Strong haha.  If i can do it, you can do it.   Let your heart just be open and teach them because you love them. 

I love Sweden!! ❤

Love to all,
Syster Giles

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