Monday, September 28, 2015


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband, cuz we baptizing errybawdy out hurrr (Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband, because we are baptizing everybody out here)


Basically, Syster Bolton and I KILL IT together. We both laugh way too loud and have way to much fun....but we both have UNMEASURABLE passion for missionary work. This week KILLED us hahaha we are both pretty sick and running on 100% faith and reliance on the Lord right now. There is literally mentally and physically no other way to roll right now. 

First things first. Our goal for our transfer together is 6 baptismal dates. We got one this week! wiiiith DIANA!!!!!! :) November 13th! She is doing so so so well and just absolutely is amazing. This day was actually a very exciting day. About a week ago we tracked into a man named Stefan. we don't know his full story yet,(he's only told us he was paralyzed at one point) but he has pretty bad googly eyes and a hand slash arm that doesn't fully work, but the BIGGEST smile on his face. we didn't have a 3rd person with us so we couldn't go in at the time, but we went back with Camilla Bomgren (most beautiful member ever).  She got back from her mission at temple square about 4 months ago. She ended up spending the whole day with us. First we taught Stefan. We taught him the restoration and about Joseph Smith.....we asked how he felt while looking at the painting of god and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph..he said, "I wish it was me" with a big smile still on his face. he told us that it just made sense. Of course God would call another prophet. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!!  He has been reading and praying and we will hopefully be setting a baptismal date with him this week along with a few others.

Well after Stefan we had a baptism to go to! I was asked to sing. Well there was no one to play piano for me so I called Elder Smith and asked him to play the cello for me while I sang. We had about an hour and a half to write a cello part for “I Stand All Amazed"...... SO. STRESSFUL. But we did it :) and it was AWESOME.
Elder Smith is soso talented. We’ve kind of followed eachother in the mission so I’ve been with him since I got to Sweden. He goes home this transfer so that’s sad, ill miss him... but Alaska will be happy to have him back :)

Well after that we drove down to Varberg with Camilla to teach Diana, where we taught her and she accepted a baptismal date :)  After that we taught Andre. we taught him the restoration and it turned into a miracle because for the second time that day someone just clearly saw the sense of the restoration of the gospel. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes. Looking forward to setting a date with him this week :)  Well it was an amazing day and Camilla wanted to take us to pizza, so we went to a pizza place in Varberg where the owner just started talking to us. turns out he is from Cana of Galilee, the place where Jesus did his first miracle. So we taught him the restoration....and he thought it was a little far fetched...but wanted to learn more :)  Sooooo we will be seeing himmm this week too!!!  

We’ve met so many new people! We went to a lesson where the guy actually didn't show that was a bummer. It was freezing cold and pouring rain. So we got in the car and started driving to a place called Kållared, to tract a little bit......while driving I spotted a guy walking on the sidewalk about 60 meters ahead of us. I had this overwhelming warmth and sharply turned up a little alleyway and parked and yelled "THAT GUY COME ON" at Syster Bolton and we jumped out of the car and ran down the hill to catch up to him. We caught up to him and started talking to him.. He had stopped believing in God because in Africa he was tricked. (that happens quite a lot there its super sad and destroys peoples faith) it destroyed his. But (Emmanuel) was interested in learning more. He's 24 and just an awesome kid. 

We have a big goal for our YSA (Young Single Adult) in Göteborg. We want to bring in a ton of young people. So we are really focused on them as well as trying to teach every young person we can.  We pray so so hard for the youth of this country. This week we baked and talked with Alicia and Julia Ternström. They are sisters and members. 19 and 23 yrs old...i think she's anyways, it was so so much fun and we talked about the atonement with the end of the lesson we were all crying and the spirit was just so strong. they are soooo beautiful and amazing examples for me. They don't have it easy here but they are still strong in the church.

Another young’un we worked with is 22 years old!  His name is Cameron..due to his previous religion and his ties to his country I’m using a different name to keep him safe, but Cameron is one of the more incredible young people I’ve met here, he is a member. He is from Afghanistan. He told us his entire life story this week. He walked to Sweden when he was 19 with a group of about 20 people. Sick and broken. People were carrying kids and people with broken bones through the mountains and deserts. He said that they had to travel mostly at night, so it was scary and slow. It took 5 months. but he came to Sweden finally and the missionaries contacted him and he saw the light through the gospel. We taught him about the temple and family history...i have a very strong feeling that he is a member for the very specific reason of, his ancestors need the gospel.. and he knows that. His family and friends have no idea he’s a member of the church because they would literally kill him. But he also is such an incredible example to me of faith and longsuffering.

We love those youngsters, but we also work a lot with older people in our ward!! which is omygoodness so fun haha.  We have been going to a few of the older women in our ward weekly. Last week our message to them was us singing and playing piano to help them feel the spirit.  One lady named Monika gave us a TONNNN of apples for it haha. She has a HUGE apple tree in her backyard and just laundry baskets full of delicious apples on her porch. Sooo I've make quite a lot of pies. I’ve eaten so much sugar this week. Syster Bolton is on the fast track to diabetes with me. Thomas, a new member we work with brought us cake and we made treats with Julia and Alicia, I've been making pies, and Saeed and his godis (candy) shop!!  so many sweets......but there was one day in particular this week that i wont forget.

We got invited to a special dinner party...that only happens once a year.....oh no......

S u r s t r ö m m i n g 

Oh. my. gosh. hahahahahahaha  If you don't know what surströmming is, let me give you some history…. once upon a time, refrigerators weren't invented yet.  Surströmming is fish in a jar buried under the ground for years. would’ve gagged so hard.  The smell....its.....i can’t even explain it. It is absolutely intolerable and makes even the things you hear, taste bad.  But i did it.
I ate the surströmming.  Never again!!!!

This week just about wiped us out haha having an area all to yourself is amazing (because we get all the attention and dont have to share anything, but it also means you have an ENTIRE area ... to take care of, to worry about, to cry for, to pray for to fast for......its exhausting and its a lot of responsibility... but i absolutely love Kungsbacka.

I love you all and I hope you all have a killer week!!!

men vi hörs :)

G i l e s ❤ 

p/s….My english is suffering haha. I can’t speak english anymore and everything we spell with a C in english, i now spell with a K.  Also, I got to talk to Elder Treat for like 5 hours!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD TO SEE HIM. My best little ginger friend ever!!!

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