Sunday, September 6, 2015

MUSIC 8.31.2015

Hej par er : )

This week was full of ups and downs but overall we killed it. 

Lots of music!!  Louis Herrey (the Herrey brothers) is in our ward. They won the Eurovision competition (the longest running singing contest in Europe) back in the 80s  and were HUGE in the european pop media.  So, we went to louis Herrey’s home this week to practice for the YSA (Young Single Adult) event that i was asked to sing at. We decided on Abide With Me for sacrament meeting in a couple weeks and a song called While We Are Young,   an efy (Especially for Youth) one that we decided to sing for the event. But he also wanted me to sing one that i wrote, soo i ended up doing that as well. He told me that i should come back after the mission and compete in the Eurovision competition. So that was cool to hear.  The YSA kick off was super fun.

Louis wants me to have a musical fireside where I talk about my life and how I got into it and what I want to do with it, and sing and play stuff. I’m putting together a team of missionaries that have some awesome musical gifts and getting ready for that :)  That is in October.  HUGE honor...that he thinks i’m good enough for that. 

I was promised my talents would develop and grow and that specifically music would be the biggest, that i would bless others lives through my music and my example. So i’m happy to be seeing that come true as a missionary. Pretty cool:)

Well we got a call Saturday night at 10 pm from Louis Herrey asking if I can sing the next day in church. He asked if i could do something with guitar... I asked if that was legal...apparently it is hahaha so i arranged a duet on guitar for There is a Green Hill Far Away and Syster Allen and I sang it in church the next day, everyone loved it. It was so awesome, and nerveracking!!!! 
But a lot of members are telling me that i have to continue with music after my mission. so that was like the coolest. 

Even cooler,  a guy we contacted two weeks ago with just a card, came to church!!!!!! He’s from Lebanon and we set up a lesson with him!!! so exciting!!  We met with Diana again. she is just proof that Preach My Gospel is so inspired. We taught her the first lesson which is the message of the restoration, how the church was restored. The second lesson we teach is the Plan of Salvation. We felt like she didn't really get all her questions out in the first lesson, so we went in with Plan of Happiness in the back of our minds just in case, but with a spanish Book of Mormon to teach her fully. Well about 15 minutes into talking she says, I’ve been thinking....what do you believe happens after we die!?  Because she's been taught by Jehovahs Witness, she was really concerned. the jehovahs Witnesses believe there is nothing after death. Heaven is full and you can’t get in. We taught her the full plan and asked her to pray about it. To read from the Book of Mormon and really ask Heavenly Father. On the drive home we talked about how much LOVE we feel for her and her family! we want Chelsea and Dillon to be raised in the gospel and so does Diana. I looove them. 

We worked with SO many members this week. I reaaalllyyyy love them. I feel like they are really special. the members that are left are so strong. To have so many LOVED members ripped out of the church by a selfish man who had nothing better to do than dance with the devil. They’re amazing. I really think they are so awesome and I'm so BLESSED to be serving here.

I hope everyone has a good week!!! 
tack för att ni älskar miggg :)❤

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