Monday, September 21, 2015


Hej Hej—

Well. New companion. New goals.

This transfer I’ve literally set my goals in the stars and in the hands of the Lord. 

I’ll start with my attempt at the middle part. As most of you know, I shaved my head before the mission. I always wanted to try having short hair and i figured why not. Well it’s to my shoulders now and its basically OUT OF CONTROL. I’ve tried tons of different hair styles to keep it under control but they almost never work. Well, this week I have been trying a middle part. My hair is long enough that it isn’t so much of a Dwight K. Schrute (from The Office) anymore, but is pretty deece (for you gubbes, deece=decent).  It isn’t too fun but iiiiiit is something to keep my life interesting haha. 

Well Syster Bolton is just awesome. WE TEACH SO WELL TOGETHER. ITS AMAZING. We both have a TON of energy and just teach teach teach all over the streets. She has a lot to learn from me and I from her.  She doesn't have a drivers license sooo i do all the driving.  But basically I've been itching to work harder than I have been able to and I've been presented with the perfect opportunity to push myself harder than evahhh. My goals for this transfer are pretty big. Usually lesson goal for the week is about 15-20 lessons. This week, its 50. Baptismal/changing the lives of these people we teach, 6. Which is unheard of in this mission but 6 weeks, six lives to change. We have already started. We met 12 new people last week and had the opportunity to meet with one of them on sunday afternoon. her name is Merlie.  Merlie is from the Philippines. We taught her about how the gospel was restored to the earth and she agreed to come to church next week. She is a member of the Catholic church but she talked a lot about how a  lot of the priests are just payed to be a priest and don't actually believe in it. It’s just a job. We explained the way the LDS church operates and she thought it was so cool that we all participate and contribute our experiences in sacrament meetings instead of sitting in a boring, long sermon. She is FANTASTIC.

Meet with Monika yesterday. I haven't written a ton about her because I haven’t really felt like she was progressing til now. Monika brought up the temple yesterday and talked about how she really couldnt believe In baptisms for the dead. She thought it was so weird. Well, she believes in the bible. I opened up to Corinthians and we read about the atonement and the opportunity to baptize for the dead.  In her church she was taught that baptism for the dead was taboo. They don't talk about it. YET there it is in the bible. We were able to explain how and why,  through Joseph Smith that authority to baptize for the dead was restored and how he received revelation on really how and why!  She is reading the Doctrine and Covenants right now and loves it and just restarted the Book of Mormon. So she is coming along..

We met with Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love her. Chelsea wasn’t too happy, haha she got sick and wasnt feeling well. but we taught diana about the law of chastity and she explained how she knew a lot about it from being raised catholic, but noone follows the commandment so she didnt either. but we talked about how the family is sacred and the blessing we really recieve from following it. she has a boyfriend and they live together so we felt really scared going into the lesson. but the spirit was so string and she really felt it and could feel that we were teaching her this because we love her...but more importantly that heavenly father has given us this commandment becasue HE loves her. she wants us to come over more often during the week!! we have only been coming once a week but we wont argue more visits haha. SHE IS SUCH A GOOD MOM. I just love her. She only came for sacrament meeting last week because in other churches she has been to they are REALLY strict abou kids and noise and everything. But she came and realized that ITS OKAY TO HAVE KIDS. :) she wants to keep coming and she really wants to start staying for all 3 hours!!! SO DANG PROUD OF HER. She always tells us that its not just for her but for chelsea and dilllon also. She wants them to be raised right and well. 

Fasting has been one of the things my testimony has grown the most on. And this week i’m kicking it up to the next level. This week i will be fasting for something very very important to me. It’s something i have to use if i want to live....but…..I will be sacrificing my english, my native tongue. I know i will be humbled through this…a week is a long time without english but it starts today!
When we make sacrifices, the Lord compensates us with the blessings that we NEED. I am willing to sacrifice my english for the people that i serve in my area and i want them to be blessed for it. 

My biggest goal this transfer (and kinda like my life goal) is to better understand the atonement. Thomas Pettersson in my ward (a returned missionary, 23yrs old) gave me a packet on the atonement.... its about 100 pages worth of talks from general authorities on the atonement. I'm on day 3 and I've already learned so much and just cried during companionship study about what I've read. It’s been amazing and it’s my goal to finish it by the end of the transfer and really pray about everything i have read.  Everyday of my life as a missionary is a mountain to climb. but i have come to see that when i turn away from myself and towards the Savior, he is there with open arms willing to carry me with bleeding feet through fields of thorns. I just need to be humble enough to let him.

I love you all and I love my fam-bam more than anything evah!! They are the ultimate. 

I encourage all of you to build your testimony in some way this week. Whether it’s an act of service or a talk from one of our beloved apostles. Build your testimony and let your fire burn!!!! 
Sometimes it feels like heaven is far away, but if we do all we can to be humble and truly try to understand our Savior, we can see its only as far as we push it, SO pull it :)

Syster Giles

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