Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Well, autumn is here.  So that a bummer.  Not too excited about that. Still recovering from last winter….all the slips and falls and laughing!!!!   I’m slowly trying to really understand that in a couple weeks the sun will be gone and i will be wearing some sort of protection against icy wind and rain over EVERY part of my body.  Laughing too hard or crying when you're being rejected left and right will soon become deadly. as air turns to ice in your lungs and your tears freeze on your cheeks and immobilize your eyes, because those seem to freeze over as well.  As you can see, I'm quite scared for winter here... haha

Well, transfers are here!!  Luckily I'm staying in Kungsbacka!!  Syster Allen will be moving to Trollhättan...literally about an hour northwest off like not even that far. She will still in Göteborg zone.  ELDER TREAT IS TRANSFERING TO BORÅS!!!!!! which means i get to see him on Mondays!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't remember, Elder Treat was my first area elder!! We were best friends in Gävle. SO EXCITED to be back together. he will be with Elder Stoeltzing! Elder Blackburn is getting moved north to Uppsala!!! Which means he will be seeing a lot of Gävle!!!!  I looove Uppsala so i was so excited for him when he go his call.  The rest of my district is all staying the same! i will be getting Syster Bolton! She was in Södertalje and is coming down here! She's a suuuper intense missionary, so I'm REALLY pumped and excited to work with her. She goes home in Syster King’s group which is in two im a little bummed because that means i probably only have this transfer left in Kungsbacka..otherwise they would have to double out Syster Bolton and that wont happen. So thats a bummer. But I’ll just have to live it up while I'm here. I'm so excited for Syster Bolton though. she is coming from being an STL (Sister Trainer Leader) so i am hoping to learn a lot from her. I hope she loves it here as much as i do.
UGH. I’ve been singing a ton here. I love it. Elder Noso, the elder from Finland who is my district leader that was assistant to Pres. Beckstrand last transfer, ALWAYS signs me up to sing at things. So thats been kinda scary.  I guess President Beckstrand is having a fireside next week and Noso signed me up to sing and then let me know i would be singing hahaha. i don’t think he really has the best social grace but he gets away with it since he is Finnish.  I also sang in church again... haha with the relief society. They sang the first verse of frälsare God...i dont remember what that is in english sorry. But then they had me sing the second verse and they sang the third. it was just terrible hahaha 

So i was in Vastra Frölunda and Göteborg this week!! for splits with my mom!!! (Syster King)  SO. MUCH. FUN. It felt like i was back in Gävle!!! We taught a ton of lessons on the street just like back in the day.  We went to a really fun relief society activity!! It was at this members house. Out in the countryside....which is basically all of Sweden but whatever. It was gorgeousss!!! On the way back there were some sheep in a little field!! I have a mission bucket-list and one thing on it was to get a picture with sheep. There are a TON of sheep here.  We always drive by them but never get out to take a picture. Well we were driving through a forestry area and a cool little plot of land was right in the middle. So I pulled over and walked up to the "keep out signs".....touch the fence....its electric.... and its on….hahahahaha   Naturally i grab a post and swing myself over into the little area UNSCATHED. YAAS. called at some sheep and pet them and took some pictures. CHECK. 

DIANA CAME TO CHURCH AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! best day ever.  She liked it a lot and EVERYONE WAS SO OBSESSED WITH CHELSEA AND DILLON!!! duh. I’m obsessed with them. Chelsea literally looks like she is my child. It was so awesome to have her there :)  We invited her to baptism on Saturday and she said she wanted to see church first then she would make her decision.  So we will see her on Saturday like always and talk more about baptism :)

I guess its about time i write about one of my favorite people in Kungsbacka. We visit her sometimes more than once a week. her name is Mollie. Mollie Herrey, she is a member in the ward.  She is married to a great guy named Joel and they have a little girl named Emma and a little baby boy on the way. They are so cute. i really feel like she's kind of my big sister here. Which is super nice.  She reminds me of my sister in laws :) super pretty and just super sweet. Mollie is American SO THATS BOMB. she just totally gets it. It’s super nice to go over and not feel judged…haha I’m really grateful for the people i’ve had the opportunity to get to know!!! Home away from home. It’s really awesome.

I have i really strong testimony of the Holy Ghost this week. Of the guidance and the eventual realization of blessings that have come to pass because of heeding to the promptings of the spirit.  I love having the spirit with me and the love from a caring Heavenly Father always.

I love yall!!!!!!!!!!!!

g i l e s ❤ 

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