Sunday, September 6, 2015


Hej Hej-

This week has been awesome. Remember the Be Still My Soul song in sacrament meeting?  Well at soccer on tuesday one of the ladies in my ward came up to me to thank me for it! She let me know that she had listened to David Archuleta’s version of the song before she came to church, then i sang it!  She felt that it must have been inspired and a good reminder for her, to really rely on the lord!  Be Still MY soul, the Lord is on Thy Side. It’s literally a song written in first person. Its awesome. I love it!!

My english grammar, thanks to Swedish is rapidly going down the toilet as i have become almost completely illiterate. Syster Allen and i are completely Sweded out. we have been non-stop gogogooo all week AGAIN.  So much energy...lots of sleepless nights and so. much. kladkaka. (swedish gooey chocolate cake thing)

t’s been rough haha…..

We had a couple really fun things this week. We hiked to a big BEAUTIFUL castle on the ocean with our district and some other companionships in the zone. IT WAS SO WONDERFUL. The weather has been AMAZING all week which has been awesome but like.. its Sweden so it'll be gone in about a week and it'll be winter.  pretty sad. the leaves are changing and falling off the trees.

We went out to a super old church with a member named Stina and her husband Kenneth. He’s not a member but loves the missionaries. They took us to a beautiful old church then to a GORGEOUS look out spot. It’s the only place you can see a fjord on one side and the ocean on the other. Lots of wild flowers and berries:) WHICH REMINDS ME…We met with a member here who hasnt really been coming to church. her name is Susanna and she is soooo awesome. She has a 10 year old girl named Theodora. SO ADORABLE. I’m adopting her as my little sister since i miss my little sister TYLER so darn much!!!  Well we were telling Susanna about how we have been picking raspberries and cherries and plums (omygoodnes the plums are amazing)
off of every tree and bush we see available...she then told us that there is a whole hillside she found while hiking that has tons of blackberry bushes.  We made it out that Friday with her to hike and pick the berries. SO. MANY. BERRIES. Bags and bags that we have frozen. also made a cobbler with them today. yum!!

We had a fun sport day today with some people in our, soccer, volleyball. but overall it was just so fun to get out in the sun and really have a fun time. I love the people i serve with. they’re awesome. 

I have one awesome expirience for this week that surpasses all others....her name is Deana. We met Deana on the pendeltåg back from Göteborg. Her daughter is the cutest little bean. her name is Chelsea, she is 2 and she has another child named Dillon, who is 2 months old. Well we talked to her and turns out she had met with the missionaries with her mom when she was like 12 in Venezuela. She said she had so many questions but she had a hard time with english and couldn't figure out how to ask...but then she found us! She took our card and invited us over Saturday night. We went out to her and had an awesome lesson. She has grown up Catholic but doesn't feel like its right, is also being taught by the jehovas witnesses (which always helps us out a lot) and doesn't like it...but she is REALLY searching. She wants the truth for herself, but mostly she wants it for Chelsea and Dillon.  I love her already and we will be meeting with her again this Saturday:)

Good news and bad news, Norbert won’t be getting baptized this week, BUT the good news, which honestly im sososo excited for is the reason.  His parents are VERY catholic and his mom doesn't feel comfortable with him being baptized. But she offered to study and to read the Book of Mormon with him over the next year. Norbert says he thinks that maybe he is supposed to teach his mom. he has felt the confirmation and he wants his mom to pray and ask heavenly father. 
her so basically....its gonna be BOMB haha im so excited for them.

Lastly, one funny ridiculous story.

Swedish girls are...oblivious. We rode our bikes to soccer and on the way back we rode on a narrowwer sidewalk part. There were two girls walking towards us. I was behind Syster Allen and my hands are gripping my handle bars a little tighter as i realize theres no way to pass them without crashing into the street and getting hit by a car lol.
So what happens...of course the girls are too caught up in themselves and Syster Allen gets suuuuper close to the edge...luckily there were no cars when she slid off and slowly and awkwardly crashed on her bike....Of course I'm like ARE YOU OKAY then just laughing...she's laughing and looks up and laughing says, omygoodness. they didn't even notice…..I turn around AND THEY HAD NO IDEA  hahahaha

Basically i laughed the rest of the way home.

I’m loving it here in Kungsbacka:)

Love you all!!!

Syster Giles

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