Friday, October 16, 2015

BUTTERFLY 10.11.2015

Hej Hej-

ITS A RASH. I am disgusting.  I was cursed by moses as I woke up Thursday morning with a weird lumpy rash on my face felt kinda dry and I go look in the mirror and face, every inch, is covered with these tiny bumps.  IF you watch the TV show, Once upon a Time, I look and feel like Rumplestiltskin.  

I. am. a. rash. I cannot catch a break. 

Right now I have two theories. 

1.) The cold. Change of weather and tempurature and I’ve never had that before. I have always lived in warm climate. 

2.) (And this one is more probable than cold…LOL)

 I am allergic to butterflies. This week we adopted a little butterfly. He just kinda appeared in the kitchen and he only had one leg so like, of course we tried to nurse him back to health.. after chasing him around the house, upstairs, downstairs, bedroom, closet, bathroom, we finally caught him. He really liked the top of the light in our bathroom, so we put a little basil plant we have, up there with him, and some sugar water cotton balls, a little house made out of paper and a tiny "home sweet home"  sign on the wall.  I named him tigerlilly.  
he lasted about three days...with constant threats from our district leader to kill him, we agreed it was time to let him go... 
Well he wasn’t obeying my commands to leave so we kept him for another 2 days hehe. Finally I got over my wonderful connection I had with this gimp butterfly and grabbed him and set him free off our balcony. THEN THE NEXT DAY, i woke up with this rash.  So i am allergic to butterflies. 

The rash is pretty bad, but something more embarrassing (I know you guys like embarrassing stories) happened this week....

guys. i peed my skirt. 

let me explain. 

i peed. my skirt. 

And it was freezing. We drove down to a place called Varberg. Its about and hour away from Kungsbacka...sooo no chance of changing. So we were about to go into a lesson and we were getting out of the car....well i already had to go to the bathroom suuuuper bad. Bad time to make a joke, but something funny happened and we were just laughing so hard... and i laughed so hard that i totally peed. Luckily these guys we teach have a pizza parlor and they made us pizza for free because they love that totally made up for it. 

Lots of singing this week! I sang at a baptism we had in Göteborg, Kingsley!!! He is from Africa and absolutely just loved the song. I sang I Know My Redeemer Lives. 
A man spoke at the baptism and talked about getting stuck in a current at the beach one time....well i walked up to sing and all of a sudden this awesome analogy came into my mind and I’m gonna share it with ya’ll because it was legit and totally from the spirit. So before I sang, I told Kingsley (And everyone else there, but directed it to Kingsley) getting caught in the tide can be super dangerous, and when there is no one around to save you, you can fight all you want to swim back to the shore but you will tire out and DIE. Just like life though...sometimes we get caught in a current and can’t get back to shore....but something a lot of people don’t know is that if you relax and let the current carry you out a little bit and swim parallel to the shore, you can get out rather quickly and swim in easily.  While you're in the water, the shore looks tiny, and far away... Jesus Christ is our shore, and he would have the gift of the holy ghost soon to navigate through the water and find comfort in the trial, so eventually he can see the shore again and be able to swim back.  I bore my testimony about how the song I Know My Redeemer Lives testifies that Christ IS the shore, and with that knowledge we can always come back to him.  I felt the spirit super strong and i realized that I would now be super emotional during this song as this truth was revealed to me....I struggled to keep myself together through the song because I was super choked up. I had to stop and breathe for a second because the spirit really was super strong for me. 
After the service kingsley made a beeline for me and just gave me a huge hug and expressed the spirit he felt and his gratitude….I just felt really honored honestly.  I then sang it again yesterday in sacrament meeting. I was able to sing the whole thing without getting emotional...till the very end... I had like 4 bars left and I just got super choked up and had to stop again to collect myself.. 
after the meeting I got a lot of hugs and tears haha.  And once again my dreams were confirmed and the spirit confirmed that I have to do this for the rest of my liiiiiife. I want people to feel the spirit through my voice!!  I've seen here in Sweden more than anywhere else, that you cant help people feel the spirit in the same way you do. because they just don't believe in that...but music is something that really can reach everyone. Being a music artist would make me a member missionary for life haha to be able to inspire and help others feel the light of Christ through my music. 
Then the assistants called and want me to sing at a stake fireside president is having this week, so I will be singing Clay in His Hands.....from a book my fantastic grandma sent me..she has saved my skin with that music book about a thousand times let me tell you!!!!

 Well,  I'm gonna highlight one person this week. Castro! He is a new investigator!  LOVE HIM. He's like 50 ish and loooves Jesus. He is from Iraq ad we taught him the restoration last week...we are meeting with him this Tuesday and Wednesday... he is so awesome and very positive. I cant wait to teach him again.  Jonathon is reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon and really praying. He was really sick last week so we didnt meet with him in person but we had phone calls with him pretty much every day. He loves the feeling he gets when he prays and really loves being with the missionaries. He is a spirit junkie haha.  We are hoping he comes to Göteborg with us today to play football. 
Diana is doing well too! WE MET HER BOYFRIEND. thats a huge deal guys. hes super hateful hahaha but we started talking to him about normal people stuff and he got a lot nicer.  
This transfer is almost over...two weeks left and I’m freaking out because I know im going to transfer somewhere...but I’m not ready to leave Kungsbacka.  I’m also going to miss all the elders going home!!! There are 5 in our zone going home and I really love all of them. Specifically Elder Smith!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I’m excited for him to be normal again but like, he is seriously like my brother in this mission. He looks a lot like Parker and says a lot of things he would say and the faces he makes sometimes make me think of Parker. So I'm sad about that. but, I can do hard things! 

Sorry this letter was a little all over the place…This church building is freezing cold so its hard to concentrate haha

But ALIHOPPA I guess its about time i wrote something in Swedish…..haha 
jag verkligen älskar möligheten jag har att dela evangeliet med så många här i sverige. ibland dom hater mig och det är svå jag vet att gud älskar dom mer än jag, så jag vet att de (förhoppningsvis) kommer att få valsignelser från gud i alla fall:)
min kärlek är inte fullkomlig men jag hoppas att en dag det blir det. 
jag har stor respect för mina föräldrar och deras val att lära mig evangeliet. jag har fott so mycket från de, och upplevelser som jag skulle inte har haft, förutom genom de. 
jag ser fram till tiden när jag får kramma de och brätta allt som har hänt som jag skriver inte ner. 

puss o kram :)

❤ j o l l e

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