Tuesday, October 6, 2015


This week was a beautiful struggle...

I was pretty sick for about  4 days and that was terrible. I kept pushing myself so that probably didn't help. But I was able to get a blessing from Erik Nilsson, our stake patriarch here and his son. 
i had been having major migraine problems and my ears hurt so so bad. I felt like a little baby. All i could do was hold my ears and try not to think. But his blessing was super comforting and perfect...the next day my ears weren’t hurting at all and some ibuprofen took care of the headache. 

And then....things got cray cray (crazy).

We got a call from Lisa and Torrbjörn Petterson (members in my ward here) telling me how grateful and how inspired it was that I forced (hehehe) Thomas their son to take my parents phone number.  I told him to call and hangout with them because i knew they would LOVE to meet him. I think he felt a little awkward but the Lord is so loving...becasue Thomas missed his connecting flight and was stranded in the LAX airport wiiiith MY PARENTS NUMBAAAHHSSS!!! (numbers)  His family is soso grateful for that and I know Thomas was also. He is such a great guy. We take him on like every teach we have haha. I’m glad my family got to meet him!!

hahahaha its just awful. I’m wearing tights almost everyday and the other day the windshield on our car was frozen over.  All the sisters are pretty bummed. Because for us, the winter is way colder than it should be. Having to wear a skirt is basically suicide out here haha. We do are best to keep warm feet.

We kidnapped Susanna this week! She is a member in our ward that i loooove. She is romanian but lived in Philadelphia for about 5 years. She's been struggling a little bit with some things and we thought it would be fun to take her away and surprise her with something!!!  We kidnapped her and took her to the church!!! We played music and sang for her then Sister Bolton read the general conference talk, The Music of the Gospel by Wilford Anderson while i played some dope inspirational background music on the piano haha we ultimately just wanted her to really feel the spirit and help her not feel stressed and it worked!!! Definitely one of the cooler things I've done on my mission :)

Update on Diana and Jonathan!
Diana is stilll doing awesome!!! She looved general conference!!!! She is just amazing and I’m so excited for her to learn more and grow more!! Jonathan. i don't know if I've written about him yet...we just met him like 2 weeks ago.  But he is 17 and AWESOME. His dad passed away a few years ago so he cultivated his own thoughts on who god is but overall, came down to the fact that he loves us. So he started praying about it. Then he met us!  We've taught him a couple times. Our first lesson was just on the street and then we really met with him. We've taught him about the restoration of the gospel and the plan of happiness and they've both gone great. In our second lesson with him we asked him if he wanted to pray to end out lesson...he said he never prayed aloud before but that he would. And dang did the spirit get strong. He had an incredible simple prayer. He asked Heavenly Father how his dad was! and assumed he must’ve been busy! 
i was humbled once AGAIN this week by his prayer. and how awesome it was to hear a little bit of his trestimony as he expressed gratitude to Heavenly Father for being there to help him through the past couple years that his dad has been gone.  His testimony is growing and its so cool to watch. Jonathan actually came to watch general conference with us yesterday!! 
We had a big gathering with the YSA (young single adult) at the YSA center and watched conference all together. Jonathan was able to come!!! He connected well with this guy named David who is going on a mission soon, but David talked him through the whole conference so that Jonathan would understand a little better. 
Overall, it was fantastic.

UHHMMM general conference BLEWWW MY MINNDD.

my favorite actually came from the saturday session!  Larry R. Lawrence spoke about being better basically.  Listening to the spirit and learning how to be better. He just hit everything on the head. Really asking the Lord, what do I need to change, what can i improve, what weaknesses can be strengthened. Then acting when we recieve the answer. EVERYONE NEEEDSSS TO WATCH IT. Its sooo good.  The simple things that the spirit brings to our minds are the things that we need to work on! duh!  He is a completely honest companion that will have the courage to tell us what no one else wants to say!!  I just loved it. 

I absolutely love being a missionary.  The hardest thing for me right now is the fact that i love people. I haaate that i love people!!  haha that might sound confusing!!  But when we get rejected or yelled at I just can’t even get mad because i just love them!!  This week i realized that! I literally hate that I love them!  But its been a blessing from Heavenly Father that i CAN love them. 
My advice for the week:  Love the people you hate :)

I love yall and stay warm in that nice beachy weather for me :) 

❤ g i l e s

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