Monday, October 19, 2015


Hej Hej-

Well this week was just fantastic!  Remember how it gets colder and colder every day? Well it’s not just FREEZING COLD EVERY DAY, our car was ice. "like eskimos, and penguins, and ICE” - from Cool Runnings, the movie.  So thaaats fun. BUT BESIDES THE EVER INCREASING COLD, this week was actually phenomenal. 

We haaad
S I S T E R S    C O N F E R E N C E ! ! ! ! !


We traveled to Stockholm for two days for sisters conference! It was PERFECT.  The theme this year was the movie Frozen, but instead it was “CHOSEN”.  It was all about our worth and what it takes to find a future husband and build a righteous home! 

We arrived and of course the whole church sounded like a stadium. It was like a One Direction concert in there. Tons of screaming, crying, laughing….girls just over the top excited to see each other. And you would think it would die down after 20 minutes. NO. It did not die down after 20 minutes.  It was so great. I don't think there are any other missions in the world that make such a big deal out of sister’s conference. Its so HUGE.  I always learn so much about myself! And basically i just learned what i need to do to make sure I'm a good mommy. Something I love about President Beckstrand and Sister Beckstrand is that, their focus isn't on just changing on the mission, but its after the mission too. They are preparing us for LIFE. That is their focus. Our future families and our future happiness. They want us to be the best wives and husbands and mommies and daddies. they really are changing my entire life and who I might have been!


Her name is Sister Hawley :) 
Sister Hawley and Elder Hawley have been with me since I started my mission. They left for Göteborg 2 weeks before I did. I was so happy and excited when I found out they would be down here and I would still be able to see them! Then we got to be in the same district!!! So now i see them all week long :)  They’re my mom and dad here. I can talk to them about anything. I love them so so so much.
Sister Hawley talked about something that was totally inspired for me and my family. There was an instance in her family with her daughter. She had a best friend, and Sister Hawley and this girls mom, were also best friends. Well Sister Hawley found out that this girls mom had actually, to put it simply, bullied her daughter. This was 40 years ago. Sister Hawley said that she has carried this anger for 40 years. Her workshop was called at sister’s conference was call, “Let it Go" ( frozen theme still haha) This wasn't all for us, but it was for her as well. She gave us balloons and pens and we all went out and wrote what we were going to let go and let our balloons fly away all at the same time. It was was kinda by some trees though....So like we let them go and everyone was so excited....but then they started just getting stuck in the trees.  The screams went from  "YAAAAAYY" TO "AHHHHHHNOOOO" all in the same breath haha. It was hilarious.  But we did it. Sister Hawley did it. After 40 years. Her advice to us was  “Don’t You Dare!”  This impressed me at the time and i knew i needed to write about it....I understand why as this hit home with me today as i was informed of a similar situation happening at home. So inspired. I’ll be writing my concerns on a balloon and letting it go.  I would encourage EVERYONE but especially those individuals (you know who you are) to go pick up some balloons, fill them with helium, write those things you wanna let go on it, and just letting go. 

Well this is probably my last week in Kungsbacka guys.  Thanks for living it with me :) I hope through my posts that you can feel just how special this place is to me. 

Quick little update on the people we teach:  Everyone is awesome!!! haha 

We have a baptismal date with a guy we met about a week ago, his name is Eustadias. he’s from Camaroon and is sooo humble. 

I’ve seen a trend. I am humbled by the people I teach. Coincidence, i think not haha

Ugh, guys, I don’t even know how to explain how much I love the missionaries here. We had a fireside with President and Sister Beckstrand yesterday and all the YSA. It was so good. The assistants spoke and a couple members and I got to sing. I'm actually super proud of the fact that I got through the whole thing without crying...haha.  I sang the same song I sang at the baptism and in church. You would think i was done crying through the whole thing. But no. I’ll never get used to the feeling the spirit brings when I sing!!!  I did what I did my first week in Kungsbacka. I asked them all to close their eyes and think about Christ.... and this time I closed my eyes for a good deal of it too and really tried to feel what I was singing. I realized something. I get nervous about singing in front of people when i think about what I am feeling. HOW I will feel... but last night I really saw that when I worry about how everyone listening is feeling, I'm not nervous anymore.  When I focus on my love for THEM and my want for THEM to feel the spirit….I can sing full spirited, and happily!  

Before I finish this letter, guys. I love my companion. I wanna stay another transfer with her so bad....which is a good indicator that I am moving hahaha. Ugh. We have been through a lot together this transfer. She is one of my best friends now and I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had to get to know Sister Bolton :)

Love you Family!

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