Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hej Hej--

Wellllllllllll  First of all. I hit 11 months this week, WHAAAAAT.

FIRST FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK….WHILE ON SPLITS WITH SISTER SANDBERG, we went to a lady named Maibritt. She is super old and blind... I realized she probably didn't know I was black since she's blind!!! So i was like, Maibritt.....wanna know something i think you're going to think is really interesting? I AM HALF BLACK. 
and she just, "VAAAAAD?!"  She got so excited and asked me to describe myself and what my hair was like and my eyes...she was amazed hahaha she touched my hair and was just totally over the top excited haha 

anywayyyyssss....... transfers came.

I was like this for about 45 minutes…...

and then I folded a couple clothes and sat like this for an hour, staring at the wall

With a nice little heart attack as we recieved the news that neither of us sisters would be staying in Kungsbacka....but that elders would be coming to take our places.  So thaaaats sad. 
But like my favorite servant of King Arthur sings, " always look on the bright side of life”  Sidenote: dad, remember when we came back from New York and EVERY MORNING you would drive me to school and I would be blasting the monty python CD. Thought you would appreciate that… haha  #shoutouttomydad  #mydadiscoolerthanyourdad

Well, my prayers were answered. I wanted to stay in Göteborg Zone BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST ZONE IN THE WORLD, and im stayyinnggg!!!! After I finished crying about Syster Bolton and I both leaving I realized how jazzed I am to be staying so close :)  I totally just follow Elder Caleb (fernie) Farnworth around. It’s awesome. Hopefully Jönköping is as fun as Gävle was when he and I were there. I’m just so stoked. 

There are so many elders going home this transfer AH. I’m sad.  Luckily I will see a majority of them today :)  He will probably never read this but whatever, special tribute to my favorite cello playing, ice picking, snow shoeing, deadliest catching, bear trapping Alaskan, nerdy mate, Elder BEENNN SMITHH. 
He is my best friend of all time. I can’t even explain how much this kid has got me through. From blessing my apartment in Gävle to making me snickerdoodles for stake conference because I was feeling sad.

Elder Ben Smith everybody ^^^^^^^^^^
He is the ultimate best friend. Girls, keep an eye out when he comes home!! I know for a fact  that he is single hahaha what a stud. And if he DOES read this, if you haven't emailed me I'm probably mad at you and you owe me an explanation. 

ALSO LEAVING, these 4 studs from my zone. We had a fun little goodbye funeral for them. it was adorable. I'm gonna miss them. from left to right, 
Elder Seppo Noso, Elder Brennan Brown, Elder Preston Stinnett, Elder Ben Smith.

LUCKILY, im staying in the zone so i dont have to lose a whole lot of friends.....unfortunately one very special bean will be lost. Elder Ben Smith’s "son", Elder Anders Nilsson. He is moving south!!! nooo!!!!!!!!!!! He has also become a best friend of mine. Not worried about losing contact with this kiddo.

And THIS KID, Elder Austin Adams, also one of my bestest friends in this mission, will be getting Elder Eric SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooo getting the gang back together. 

AND SISTER RACHEL STOUGHTON IS COMING BACK TO THE ZONE!!!!!  She will be in Väster Frölunda!! so excited. My “mom," Syster Carly King is moving to Stockholm for her last 6 weeks. I love her so so much and I'm so happy I got to have 2 transfers with her here with me in Göteborg. 

P-day today is going to be pretty sensitive. We will all be getting together and playing games together. I loooove this zone so much. 

Here are some tribute pictures to these two transfers in Kungsbacka, There’s a lot. sorry. I’m reminiscing okay. 

Elder Brennan Brown, me, Elder Austin Adams, Elder Jacob Isrealson, Elder Seppo Noso, Syster Cassandra Bolton playing soccer on pday...nice and sunny haha

Elder Cameron Chugg, Elder Preston Stinnet, I and Syster Bolton, writing home on Pday (Elder Stinnett is going home)

Walking in to a bajillion cinnamon rolls baking!!!!!

Taking tooons of pictures with all the random wind mills that we pull off the freeways for.

Its like I’ve never seen dead trees before. oh wait.

My first autumn....LEAAAAAAAAVES

Walking peoples dogs in the pitch black coldness, his name is max, but he totally looks like Gucci !!! may she rest in peace.

Pretending to be moms with Emma’s dolls, at Mollie and Joel’s house.  Classic pillow under the arm. Darn those heavy babies.

Syster Bolton, Me, Mollie and Joel Herrey…super cool family.  Baby due any day

just being best friends

Hangin with the Herrey’s and Nilsson’s, these two little girls are probably my two biggest fans right now. haha I played some songs and sang and they told me i sounded like a real pop-star haha


Xenia, Camilla, Peter, Isak ❤

I could probably go on with pictures forever.  But I won’t because like, I have to have fun stories that no one knows about till i get home so you're not all super bored when I show you my mission slides. #RMprobs

This week was just really awesome. I saw and got to feel so many answers to EVERYTHING. I really was able to see why i am here. I absolutely LOVE the missionaries serving in this country with me. its so hard, its a struggle, but its the most beautiful struggle of my entire life. I see myself changing and growing every day. I am sad to leave Kungsbacka but I can’t imagine a better place for me than Jönköpiing. 

I AM CONTINUING TO UNDERSTAND THE ATONEMENT AND WHAT THAT REALLY MEANS. How i can turn all my weakness into strength. My knowledge and belief in the fantastic plan that was divinely created for us has grown in unexpected ways. We are NEVER far from our loved ones. heavenly Father loved us SO much that he gave us the opportunity to still have our loves ones close even after they have passed. He could’ve had the spirit world ANYWHERE, yet, he allowed it to be here. on earth. How loving, and compassionate a father we have, in heaven. 

I am so excited for new adventured and new people in Jönköping. Boring isn’t ever an option in my life, so it will be fun to see what happens in a new area :)  Wish me luck packing...heaven knows I have more junk than i can handle. 

❤ j o l l e

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