Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hej Hej-

First of all…..HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!  :)  It’s Father’s Day in Sweden sooo ...guys, my dad is so freaking cool. I have so many fun memories growing up with him. One time he was teaching me how to spit and I tried to spit out the window of his car when he was driving....well the wind just took that spit and it went all over the back window of the car hahaha.  
While we were in New York when I was younger we saw a lot of plays on broadway, one of them being Monty Python’s Spamalot. For about a year after, when he would drive me to school we would listen to the cd and sing super loud and laugh at ourselves and watch the people staring at us.  I’m really good at impressions so one time at Costco i impersonated Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and just yelled, I WANT THIS WATCH DADDY AND I WAS IT NOWWWWW. I was like 10. And everyone stopped and stared and my dad was so embarrassed.  He embarrassed really easily :) so that’s always fun.  Jokes about adult diapers, hearing aids, and oxygen tanks never fail.  My dad used to force me to listen to smooth jazz radio in the car on the way to auditions and especially to the dentist or orthodontist. At first i hated it...but i blame my love for jazz and disco on him now. I’m pretty good at embarrassing my father but he’s pretty good at embarrassing himself in attempts to embarrass me.  Pulling out of the drive way and him coming outside and dancing to absolutely no music...or me blasting music in my room that he likes, him coming into my room and trying to dance and me catching it on camera and sending it to all my friends. But like let’s be honest, he and i both dance weird. But it’s the best when we do it together haha.  Lots of daddy daughter activities and dances. Forcing me to watch Ben Hur and Willow every Sunday.  Hiding rubber snakes in his bed, hiding behind doors and in closets with my brothers in attempts to give the poor guy a heart attack when he would come home late from work. Dad trying to ride a scooter. enough said. Dad going into a coma in the car, neck arched, mouth wide open, while mom’s driving.... then mom slamming on the brakes to jerk dads head forward and us kids all laughing. Chasing cows on four-wheelers. The day dad shaved his Tom Selleck mustache. When we were at the lake and dad’s glasses were on the dock and Alex and i jumped off and knocked his glasses into the lake... i knew we would laugh about that one day… : )  Bringing home chocolate shakes for him at like 2am from In-n-Out.  Going to Italy with just him. So much fun and just hilarious all the time. I could literally go on forever. Basically, my dad is the best thing on the planet.  I’ve have yet to meet someone who loves as unconditionally as him. Even in the face of people who attempt to belittle, or offend. I don't know how, but my father is SO INCREDIBLY PATIENT. OMYGOSH. Like I don't know how the heck he does that. ESPECIALLY with me, my mom, and my little sister hahahaha. He endured the nagging and jokes…he's just such an easy target dang it! And don’t even get me started on the fun he gets from my brothers!! but he laughs with us :)  But i have seen a very incredible amount of strength mentally from him and a lot of my peace of mind comes from him I think.  He is very slow to anger, and understanding. Something that will always be an example to me is undoubtedly every night, he and my mom would be saying personal prayer, whether i walked in during or not.  My dad is such a hard worker.  I would kill for him in a heartbeat and I know that out of all my siblings, I've felt that when the times come where i have claws out, that it really is my job to defend him. I've felt that since forever. And I think my little sister who is very strongly opinionated will probably be following in footsteps in the outspoken defensive way.  I know that my dad could count on us as his first defenders in voice, and all three of my brothers as radioed backup.  
We all love my dad a lot. Which is totally an understatement. I know we all know how blessed we are to have been adopted into such an amazing team of parents :) Thank you for loving us, even though we don't look like you :)

Well, we had the flu this week so it was awful...but luckily our elders are awesome and brought us pancakes and cinnamon rolls for when we started feeling better :)  I haven't written much about our elders because we fail to take pictures together. but they are so awesome!!!!!! We all went to one of our investigators homes for dinner last night. His name is Hamid and he is progressing in the gospel very slowllyyyy. But i think he feels the spirit because he comes to church every week! He is from Iran and invited us to have persian food for dinner with him! So we went over and he made AMAZING food. Salmon, potatoes in this weird saffron cheese sauce (they use saffron in EVERYTHING) rice, and scary looking bright purple cabbage in a mayonnaise sauce.... Sister DeMille hates fish...so she was a little scared haha but she tore through that fish. About a third of the way through the meal Hamid stands up with the bowl of cabbage and walks to the end of the table where elder Bliss and elder Payne are sitting....and just takes like the most giant spoonful possible and slaps a ton of cabbage down on their plates....then on sister DeMilles...then on mine...then walks out to get something in the kitchen and we are all just dyiingg of silent laughter. Then he comes back with more fish WHICH WAS DELICIOUS, but sister DeMille....she was struggling hahaha. 

We talked about the word of wisdom with Hamid though...it was really good. He told us about how everyone in Iran drinks tea and coffee allll the time...but he decided about ten years back that he wouldn't do it anymore because he felt addicted to it. Last week in church when i sang, he came up to me after and just said I needed to hear your voice today. He was all teary and I knew that I had felt prompted to sing because of him. I feel a really interesting connection to him. He owns an antique store and has a very fancy antique filled home...everything about him i just find totally interesting. And very very slowly, he is starting to see the light. I am so excited to keep teaching him. 

We got to teach Gospel Principles at church. it was on the Holy Ghost. I LOVE THE TOPIC OF THE HOLY GHOST!!!!!!!!!  I really encouraged everyone to share, if prompted, their experiences and thoughts and feelings as we taught. My goal was, I wanted everyone to feel the spirit while we discussed our personal experiences. Well class went great and the spirit was so strong the whole time. At the end I felt that I should share my own experience. I started to explain how my little brother was born with something called cardiomyopathy. I proceeded to talk about his life and mine watching him grow and learn. Fast forward to how I had lost hope and had started to prepare myself for a bad ending. So as to not be totally destroyed if it turned out differently that I wanted. I talked about how I had gone on a pioneer trek that summer in Wyoming while my brother was in the hospital. No cell service or anything...like 4 days of no updates on my brother. I explained how the bus ride back was next to miserable. An old crappy 70's bus and loud kids...and what does it do but break down in the middle of nowhere, about to enter a no cell service zone that we would be in for quite  a long time.  I was frustrated and just wanted to go home. I felt the urgent need to pray aloud with everyone...everyone judged me pretty hard because I was from California and didn't exactly belong there in Wyoming. But i stood up and yelled  "SHUT UP IM GONNA PRAY BECAUSE I WANNA GET HOME”  They all quieted down and I prayed that the bus would get us home...everything that i said was so different from what i was praying for in my heart. I finished praying and went back to the back of the bus and sat down.  Well the bus started...and right before we were going to leave a man runs up to the bus and pounds on the doors. It’s someone from the stake. He gets on the bus and yells “Is there a Tanner Giles on this bus???…" I stand up and I'm like " yeaaahhhh...."He just says “ There's something about your brother”  I basically sprint to the front of the bus where he lets me know that my brother was in surgery because a new heart became available. They had been trying to find me and the bus i was on.  The bus was so old there was no radio system between busses plus no cell service.......and the bus breaking down gave them enough time to catch up with us once they had checked every other bus which was equipped with a radio, to see if i was there. He got off the bus and somehow I was able to call my mom in a dead zone.  My trek family all knew about Coleman and we had family prayers for him nightly. When I ran to the back they were all crying and I was bawling and I was embraced by loving arms who felt the same comfort and miraculous effort made by our Father in Heaven. I then continued to speak about how I had pushed away Heavenly Father and the Spirit in my attempts to build walls around me to avoid feeling hurt…I hadn't allowed the spirit to give me the comfort that I needed. I talked about how being open ad worthy to receive our Heavenly Father’s love through the spirit is one of the greatest blessings in our lives. 

I am SO close to the spirit as a missionary. It's incredible. I love the spirit. Be worthy, and WILLING to receive the blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for us!!

I love my family. I love our uniqueness. There’s no one like us :)  Let’s make each other proud and SHOW each other that we love each other. 

I love you guys…thank you for loving me!!!

Love, Syster Giles

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