Wednesday, November 4, 2015

JONKOPING 1.0 11.1.15

Hej Hej-

WELL HAHAHAHAHA.  This week was awesome.  Trying to get out of Kungsbacka was a little more of a struggle.

Of course we left behing a legacy bra. A bra with all the sisters names on it from this year of who served in Kungsbacka. ...we actually did a little more than leave it behind....we froze it in the freezer.  Elder Chugg and Elder Sweat moved in and found it and tried to thaw it the middle of trying to thaw it out the bishopric shows up at the door hahaha…….let's just say they got a good laugh out of it.

We had our giant bags..... that was awful.  We just laughed the whole way and prayed to get to the train on time to take us to Göteborg.  

On the train we met this ADORABLE old finnish man named Axel. I helped him get on the train after I got my bags on because he was slightly missing his left arm… Well i was pumped because Elder Adams and Elder Noso were going to meet us about 3 stops from us because Elder Noso was going home. Elder Noso is from Finland!!! so i was stoked for Axel to meet Elder Noso. Needless to say they talked the whole rest of the train ride!  

The butterflies in my stomach got progressively worse as we got closer to Göteborg... had to say goodbye to everyone.... i wont see sister king till im home now because she moved to Stockholm....Elder Smith is now Ben Smith..... I was nervous and sad to say bye. I LOOOVE them so much...and they’re all home now and having a super fun time. I’m so prooud of them all. 

Then it was my turn to get on a train to go to my new home. JÖNKÖPING!!!  After like 4 hours because the train got stopped for an hour, I got to Jönköping, picked up by my beautiful hilarious companion Syster DeMille. 

 We work super well together. We were able to get 7 digits within the first couple hours of being together and have lessons with those people set up all throughout the week. First day here we went to about five retirement homes. It was awesome. One visit in particular started pretty basic but turned into magic. 

We were wheeling away one of the ladies we were visiting and got pulled aside to a lady sitting alone in the corner. We all talked a bit and it was fika time! (fika=little pause for tea and cake) so all the ladies were all wheeled out watching, probably the powerball, and eating their cake. I felt like we should sing for all of them!! So I jumped up and asked one of the workers if we could sing a couple songs and she was a little snappy, but I got her to say yes haha.  I played piano for them and then Syster DeMille and I sang a couple hymns.  We won their hearts over basically. And we were invited to come back again every week.   So we will be doing that. I got these awesome selfies with all the old ladies.

We came home that night and I was unpacking. I finished with one suitcase and went to a closet to stick it in there....well there was a big bag in the way……I moved the bag and something sparkly catches my eye....TINSEL....oh no..... a couple ornaments roll out….I watch my eyes light up in the reflection… I've only been forcing my last companion to listen to Christmas music in the car for 6 weeks...I hear something that sounds like bells coming from the living room...."do you like Christmas music!?” I hear from sister DeMille....UHM YES. IM OBSESSED WITH CHRISTMAS I reply......I grab the bag of Christmas things and walk into the living room with a huge smile on my face...something drops behind me…I turn around….IT'S A GIANT CHRISTMAS TREE.  NATURALLY we begin to decorate the apartment...5 days before halloween.  But we both absolutely love Christmas time... so we put up the tree and decorated it!!

We also visited an older lady named Irene who gave us tomtes!! (little santas) we took them everywhere and took tons of pictures with them. we have decided they are brothers and their names are (Sister DeMilles) sven olafsson, and olaf olafsson (mine).  I will be posting a picture every week and i’ll be calling it SPOT THE TOMTE in preparation for Christmas:)  GET SIKED FOR THAT. 

Something interesting about Sister DeMille is that she is 17 months old in this mission. which means I get the honor of sending her home.  I made a GIANT poster to cover one wall we have in the apartment and decorated it all cute and named it DATING 101 Sweden Stockholm mission, Jönköping edition.  I have taken upon myself the responsibility to prepare sister DeMille for real life and boys. I'm pretty awkward myself now so I'm pretty much all talk and just trying to scrape up the tiny bits of crumbs i have from dating before the mish for her haha. BUT THE POSTER IS ADORBS. I use it as a whiteboard basically. I’ve got some guest lecturers set up for it so its pretty legit.


IT’S CELEBRATED DIFFERENTLY HERE...SO AMAZING!!!  EVERYONE GOES OUT TO GRAVEYARDS AND PUTS CANDLES ALL OVER!!!  Easily one of the coolest things ive seen on my mission besides the northern lights. Took a ton of creepy pictures and put random candles everywhere haha. We went with our Elders (yeaah i have Elders now).  BUT they are pretty cool so i cant complain. Elder Bliss and Elder Payne. We are going to all go get our feet eaten by fish that's terrifying and exciting.  We have a lot of really good things going for us already here.  

Sister DeMille and i LOOOOVE each other. I absolutely love Jönköping.  We play volleyball every Friday night and basketball every Saturday morning. So intense and sooooo fun.  My bishop is from Gävle!!! So thats exciting. (Gävle is my baby area) and i totally sang for my testimony yesterday in sacrament meeting haha 

I love it here. It’s FILLED to the brim with the prepared and its BEAUTIFUL.

Love, Syster Giles

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