Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hej Hej-

Sorry i didn’t write last week!!  We have been EXHAUSTED!!  This letter is gonna be shorter as well, Elder Bliss and I are writing a song together today so i don't have a whole lot of time!!

We actually had the flu pretty bad...then we thought it was over..but it wasnt :( , so that was ...messy haha

Luckily i got a secret santa gift that made it a lot better.... our theme last week was "something funny" .......i got a potty putter.... i love golf.  It came with a putter, a couple golf balls, and a green that wrapped around the toilet. It’s awesome. 
when we celebrate christmas on our last pday together (dec 7) with Syster Demille, i will post what ive gotten and given every week :)

First of all, it was my year mark!!!!  HOLY WHAT!!!  OMYGOODNESS. a whole year, that went by freakishly fast.
I was able to burn a few personal items in a fire with my family here in Jönköping. The Elders came for mental support haha, it was just awesome. I’ve really changed a lot. I’m sure people can see the small ways, but i see the big ones. I am SO different. My desires and wants and ambition....everything has changed. I feel like i might understand life a little eternal perspective has extremely increased. 

Well, i pulled a muscle in my leg this week so i couldn’t play basketball, BUT FOUR GUYS THAT WE CONTACTED LAST WEEK CAME AND WANNA COME EVERY WEEK!!!!! so awesome. 

Honestly my greatest day this week was Sunday :) Syster Demille and i got asked to speak and also taught a class.  The spirit was so strong during both. like wow. We got a a lot of thank yous and comments about the spirit felt during our class and sacrament. Even after class i just looked at Demille and just said WOW. I could feel the spirit so strong. we taught about the Book of Mormon and once again encouraged personal stories and experiences. We laughed and joked as well as really got into some deep things. It was a very thankful feeling in the class. I love the ward. I really have felt I need to share as many experiences as i can with them here. I’ve been very blessed with opportunities to do that. 

I’m sorry this letter is so short but our investigators are all doing great and we've met a couple new people this week that we are excited about :) ill be sure to write an actual post next week!!!!

I love you all!!!

ONE YEAR MARK....Burning stuff I no long need or want!

If my eyes could eat....oh please jump into my tummy


The things Elder Bliss will do in a black beauty supply shop

Duda game me this jacket...Whazzz Uppp?

Can you guess which one I am in the background?  LOL

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