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first things first, and embarrassing story to kick off the week.
so like, as sister missionaries, we wear skirts. 
sister demille has a real long pretty one and sometimes she wears it on colder days. well this day was a colder day. 
so sister demille is wearing her flowy skirt and im wearing a pair of gloves and thick mittens over the gloves. so we get on a bus that is taking us to the train station to go to göteborg. for some reason we are the only two females on the bus. 
we stop at the central station and as we are getting up sister demilles skirt gets stuck on the seat...ohh no...and it just flips her skirt completely up. at this point there are like 4 guys all standing around staring and im like yell whispering SISTERR SISTERR AHHHHH while trying to pull her skirt down off the chair. but remember how i have mittens over mittens have ZEERO TRACTION. so i am like a lobster trying to grip this skirt to get it off the seat but its not doing anything. sister demillie still hadnt realized and goes to jump off the bus. she gets off and her skirt rips off of her body.
just kidding.
its a pretty stretchy skirt and it just snapped against her back like when you and your little brother are fighting over a rubber band and the band snaps your fingers when he lets go. 
i was sooo embarrassed omygoodness. luckily its freezing cold here so like she was wearing thick tights...that may or may not have had some holes in certain places hahaha 
anyways. i WAS DYING.
This was the day i took sister stoughton (my companion in borås) on splits!!!!!
it was so good to be with her again. we went to the robayos for lunch like every tuesday and has some awesome pulled pork barbeque tacos!!! sooo goood. we then taught them english, also got princess torta which is my favoritecake here in sweeden, from dudas, so that was awesome.

we had an awesome day together and recorded some music that night. 
we also got surprised with marabou bars at our door because alex is the best and dropped them off as a surprise to us. BEST DAY EVAHHH.
the next day we were basically with the elders all day. we went caroling and it was AWESOME. best quartet ever, everyone loved it. we went to a couple old folks homes. in fact at the first one we went to something hilarious happened. 
sister dmeille and i go all the time so they all know us but we made the elders introduce themselves.....elder bliss said some stuff but then it was elder paynes turn, and before he could say anything, a super old lady just yells, 
oo en MANN stor dääärr
oo a MAANN is standing there

i cracked up hahaha so we teased elder payne for a little bit about his girlfriend in the old folks home.

well this week has been pretty companion is going back to america...weird...reminds me that this all actually ends. 
we have a new christmas initiative and its amazing my mom will post the link here

its called a savior is born. its super different from all the classic christmas videos. i love it. very unique. 
we have been sharing this video with everyone we meet and i have loved hearin sister demille really bear her testimony as a dying missionary. she has been a huge example to me. i really really love her. 
we have taught lots of members this week since she is leaving. 

we also had the opportunity to sing at the Christmas concert which was suuuper fun haha


i will be getting a new companion!!
her name is sister taylor and shes a redheaded canadian rugby player..
 so basically my safety is ensured. 
im really excited. 
elder payne is getting to transferred to skåne!! thats south, to kristianstad. elder bliss will stay with me, thankgoodness. hes awesome. 
he will be getting ELDER DEMORDAUNT. hahaha he is exactly like kaleb farnworth...basically farnworth round two. 


gosh. i am so obsessed with jönköping. i cant even explain. 

annie from paraguay got married on saturday!!! so we are going full speed with lessons now and we are hoping to teach her husband as well :)

hamid is really sad about sister demille leaving but loves the church and told us , he would make a really good mormon.

i love my mission. holy cow. i am the happiest i have ever been right now. 
its incredible here and i am so excited to work hard with sister taylor this transfer. 

i love you all!!! 

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