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SERVICE WEEK......MARY 3.21.16

Hej Hej..

Started off the week with a bang. 
After Pday was over we watched the Face to Face BYU event with Jeffery R Holland. It was all about marriage hahaha but it was super good! I love elder Holland so I was super excited to listen and learn. He said something I realized is super true and I've seen it in my life. With my family. Elder holland said 
"Love are the things you go through together"
I loved that. I felt like that spoke right to me as far as my family goes. 

If you're wondering how my weight is doing?….well, they had cake after listening to Elder Holland because it was Cedric's birthday. 
I told sister Svensson not to let me near the cake....Then she let me out of her sight. 
It was suuper good cake. She came back over to me and asked me if it was good and I just nodded my head.... She asked me why I was being so weird...then I broke down..
she just laughed and was like WHATT I felt bad for eating just one!! 
We also had apartment checks and the couple that checked out apartment gave us big Marabou chocolate bars..
So the next morning,
I ate chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast. 
I was craving it so hard. I just yelled "I need another Marabou bar"
And my companion said,
That is one of my favorite quotes of the week hahaha 

Remember how we were gonna serve someone every single day? 
Well holy cow I have seen some pretty cool things happen. 
From helping old ladies carry things up stairs to helping drunk people home...or helping a drunk guy clean and put a bandaid on a cut on his hand haha 
But what really kicked off the whole week, was Mary. 
Monday night we gathered together our own clothes that we don't wear and the clothes left by other sisters in the apartment put it in bags and a suitcase and took them to Mary. 
Sidenote: after this so many weird things happened. Like beggars gave us food throughout the week and money was crazy. 
Weird sidenote: on the way there this older man stopped us and asked if we were going to the Himalayas...I said 
I WISH. Hahaha 
He goes on asking why we have so many bags and he was just amazed that we would do that...and then told us about how he was a designer in China and he has tons and tons of clothes from China that would definitely fit us and to come by and pick them up from him. So we exchanged numbers hahaha 
Mary Louise Gwada is a less active member in our ward. She is from Kenya and battled breast cancer for 10 years. All off the adults in her family have passed away in the last 8 months and so it's her responsibility to take care of the kids that were left behind. They all live in Kenya but Mary works here sending anything she receives to them. 
But we took these clothes and a pair of boots left behind, for her. 
She had one dress and a jacket and a pair of old sneakers. It was freezing during the winter so she would stuff plastic bags into her shoes and around her shoes so that she could walk outside. 
She has nothing 
I have never seen someone have nothing before. 
She had absolutely nothing to her name. 
When we opened the bags...she just....her whole being just exploded with light. And she just started to bawl 
"This is not for this really all for me....I've ..never had a handbag before..." 
We told her it was all for her and the extras could go to help the situation in Kenya. 
She then explained to us that she speaks publicly a lot for a cancer research company. It's all volunteer so she doesn't get paid but that tomorrow she might get paid. At the place she volunteers there are a lot of other African girls that don't like her. They tell her she's ugly and her skin is too dark and stupid and just awful awful things....and it doesn't help that she doesn't have any nice clothes..she was soooo soo worried about what she was going to wear...because she has nothing... Nothing nice. 
And then we show up with at least 200 different combinations,probably more but at least 200. 
She went on to tell us about how sister banks showed her a picture of me before I came to Hägersten and how she just said, 
"She is wonderful. I am so ugly...she is not going to like me." 
But then I met Mary and I just super loved her!!!! 
(Seriously Mary is the coolest) 
And she just said, 
"I cannot believe it is me. I am loved by the most beautiful lady in the world."
And then we all cried together. And helped her pick out an outfit to wear the next day. 
My mom has sent me like enough long sleeve layering shirts to feed a goat farm so I thought I would throw in a couple for Mary. They're super nice ..
I helped her put it on and taught her how to layer to keep her warmer and as soon as the shirt touched her skin her eyes got so WIDE. 
"It's so soft......I've never had a soft shirt like is..." 
She thanked my mom for that. So I'm passing it along.
Thankyou mama. 
You helped change her everything. 
On the way home we were just sooooooo happy. So much happiness. It was so good. 
I think especially as sisters, when we do things like that, we have a heavenly mama that just..exudes joy and light and blessings. She is the ultimate relief society president. 

On the way home we ..ran into some other blessings..
We smiled at some old guys in the tunnelbana and then they ran away...came back with MARABOU CHOCOLATE BARS HAHAAA and gave us marabou chocolate. 
So. Awesome. 
They just wanted to say that we were beautiful and to keep smiling at people because Sweden doesn't smile haha 
On our way out we hear this awful singing haha but super funny as we eye the lady across the street sitting on a bench. Totally smashed drunk..on a Monday night. 
I just kinda shook my head, laughed, and we kept walking. 
About halfway down the street 
The spirit whispered...go back to her. 
I don't even remember choosing. My direction just flipped around so fast and when sister Svensson asked what I was doing
I just said "WE going back to her sister Svensson" 
Buuuut I stayed silent..because I was trying to hear what it was I was supposed to do or say...all I heard was "serve" 
So I walk up to her..sister Svensson is scared of drunk people so she stayed a little further away haha but I walked up and just asked if I could sit on her bench..
She said "yeeeesss" and we started to talk. 
Asked her for her name..her name was Queen, when I said what's your her name she said 
Hahaha so now I'm dealing with a drunk queen of Africa. Thank goodness I stopped to help right. 
Well..she was from Kenya but..hated black people..she tried to convince me that she was brown and that she was Beyoncé and Rihanna and I just thought 
Omg you are black. 
I am Beyoncé and Rihanna. 
I went on to tell her about my mixed skin and how I have brothers and a sister who look like me and she just...became obsessed. 
Took off her ring and gave it to me..tried to kiss me a couple times. But then she got distracted by a man that was sitting on a bench nearby. 
She started pointing at him explaining why she hated him and stuff when essentially she didn't even know him. 
So I started talking to this other guy from afar just getting to know him and eventually he comes over and is just like why the heck are you guys doing this hahaha 
He had sat there and watched the whole thing. Listened to everything. 
His name is Abel. 
We go on to tell Abel that we are missionaries from our church..the church of Jesus Christ. 
He just stops..looks back and forth and says 
"I have been looking for people like you" 
We said 
"Well here we are.." 
He explained to us that he moved from Eritrea two weeks ago ...he asked if we could meet him him the next day and we said of course. 
So we helped the queen of Africa home...guarded her tree while she peed. It was awesome. 
I went home so grateful to be able to know how the spirit speaks to me. 
The next day we met with Abel. We met him on the way to our original meeting spot actually. He had been stopped by a friend..we told the friend who we were and invited him to come listen with Abel. 
His friends name was Tselot. (Salute)
We taught them both the restoration and invited them to be baptized...they said they wanted to and wanted to meet the next day too .. So we met with them again the next day and learned that the next day they would be moving to Karlstad. Not our area anymore. 
BUT. I think the lord gave me two weeks to find them. And maybe I ignored other promptings. But I know I felt the prompting to talk to the queen of Africa because Abel and Tselot needed the gospel.... 
Still in contact with them..they're doing really well :) 
Iooooove this area. It's amazing. The lord has blessed me in ridiculous ways. 
In total abundance. 
Just an added AWESOME.
I was interviewed by some young women in our ward that write a column for the local paper. They asked me questions about being a missionary but the last question of all was literally the icing on the cake. 
Syster Giles,
Hur gör du din eyeliner så snygg!!
Sister Giles, 
How do you do your eyeliner so (attractive) (awesome) (delicious) haha not delicious but you get the point. 
They want me to come to a young woman activity and teach them how to do it. 
A w e s o m e
I love you all so much.
I am getting closer to the end and I think that just means I'm going to be even more spiritually heightened. So. Buckle up. 

Love, Syster Giles

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