Sunday, May 8, 2016

Like diamonds in the sky...

  D&C 84:45 
                          For the word of the Lord is truth, 

                           and whatsoever is truth is light, 
                           and whatsoever is light is Spirit, 
                             even the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    This week I have decided to focus on light. 
I came across this scripture and I realized something awesome. 
Truth is light. 
Literal light. 
As we surround ourselves with truth..we build our light. 
To explain building this specific light I think I'm gonna use a diamond as an example. 
A rough uncut diamond cannot pass light. No matter how hard it tries it will not be able to glimmer,sparkle, or shine. The light may hit the diamond and illuminate it, but it cannot reflect or pass the light. 
A zero clarity basically worthless...has no purpose..
It isn't anything anyone really desires 
( except you boho chic hippies ) ( oh wait that's me ) 
It is cheap and easy to come by. 
An uncut diamond, is basic.
UNTIL the diamond begins the process of becoming precious. 
The natural diamond has literally PERFECT potential. 
But what is a diamond
    I love rings. I used to google diamonds all the time randomly just to look at them. They're so awesome. So I could pretty much tell you the basic properties of a diamond off the top of my head. 
     I learned a lot about diamonds when I was in Jönköping. Bill Hegessey taught me about them every time we were over. He would always be making jewelry ( usually for me) (hehehe) and I would sit there and just watch and he would tell me everything about precious stones. 
And like....he has billions. 
I would always go through the room holding all different types of stones in my hands and I even got to hold alexandrite. First time in my life that I actually held alexandrite. Super exciting day for me. 
So what is a diamond? 
    What is actually sitting high and mighty on my sister inlaws hands right at this moment...
Sidenote: I miss staring at your rings. 
Diamonds are essentially pure carbon and are the hardest naturally occurring substance that the earth creates. Typically colorless crystalline sulfate. 
It forms in igneous rock formations like graphite...kimberlite...
Originally, when a diamond is formed it naturally is shaped into an 3D octagon. Eight plane faces. So basically it's an octahedron. From there using other diamond made, man made tools to cut and refine, the stone is cut, tumbled, and worked at until the desired shape is reached. 
Once the desired shape is reached, so is the clarity..causing the light refraction and reflection to allow the diamond to have an incredibly sparkling brilliance..
We are all born like the uncut diamond. Not that we are worthless but there is a lot of work that is going to go into us. 
At that point we are only illuminated by light...but can't refract the light like we are designed to. 
But that's the point. 
Diamond can only be affected by other diamonds
Substance with the same hardness. 
    We aren't going to find those diamonds in the world though..those diamonds are the principals of the gospel. As we subject ourselves to the practice of living and breathing the gospel we begin to be cut, worked at, pressured, polished... The light (the truth) begins to be absorbed and reflected into multiplying beams of rainbow light.. flecks of blues, greens, reds, purples .... 
So that's great..we have the diamond but what about the light and clarity when we sin ..or when we stop doing the things that perfect us or increase the light..
Sin reduces light and clarity 
Laziness reduces light and clarity
Contention reduces light and clarity
As we continue to act out in ways that don't run parallel to the teachings of the gospel we refuse the light and we lose our clarity. 
Shunning the gospel
Means shunning the light. 
At that point it doesn't matter if you're a 10 karat princess cut diamond
There is no light. 
Nothing to reflect, nothing to show. Just a cold hard diamond sitting somewhere dark completely void of its once before glorious luster. 
When we invite the spirit back into our lives, we become a conduit for light. Our clarity returns and our light brightens with each scripture, obedient choice, and act of love. 
The light grows. 
Bigger. Brighter. Purer. 
   A huge way to gain light is obeying promptings from the spirit. 
This is my favorite and probably the one that I am the best at when it comes to the gospel. 
This week has been sunny and a little warmer, I've been pondering sunlight vs artificial light a lot. 
    Well as I was thinking about light I thought about how building our light to be shiny and visible can be well done by listening to the promptings of the spirit. 
Something I tell all my companions on the first night together is my sensitivity to the spirit. How I will drop whatever it is I'm doing if I get a prompting to be somewhere else. I always tell them that if they ever have a prompting, I want them to follow it and I will follow them. Doesn't matter what it is. 
When we listen to those promptings, we get more. 
More obedience, more light. 
We are given more light which gives us more sensitivity and likeliness to follow more promptings. To expect them. 
If you expect promptings, they will come. 
    I just wanna touch on one thing from my week that I feel built my light and actually...touched someone else and strengthened his light and testimony. 
I found out last week that a kid named Oscar was going to be baptized on Saturday. 
Background on Oscar a little bit. 
Oscar was a mess. He is about 22. 
    When elder Adams and seppo noso found him, he was pretty confused. I remember the first time he came to family home evening in Göteborg......ah. 
There were times the elders had to kick him out because we was drunk. He was rude and ..lightless. 
    I saw a lot of him and there were long talks during family home evening that I had with him about ..just becoming better. 
I was always the boldest me, when I was talking to him. 
I never sugar coated it. 
I never babied him. 
But he needed it and we became really good friends. 
Well almost 8 months later and he made the commitment to be baptized. Elder Adams has been serving up here in Stockholm and even was going to go down to Göteborg because Oscar wanted him to baptize him. 
   So I got oscars number on Thursday night to call him ..and forgot. Haha 
I was gonna call him Friday night but I felt like it was a bad time to call.... So I waited. 
Saturday morning came around and around 11 o'clock I had a very distinct prompting to call him. 
    I actually felt a little awkward because I was sure I was probably going to call in the middle of the baptism or right in the middle of the service hahaha 
But I called. 
He answered but all I heard was rustling on the other end. 
Then he hung up. 
So I called back again just in case....
About 10 seconds later he called back. 

Dialog :


"Hey is this Oscar?!"

"Yeah this is Oscar"

"Oscar, this is Sister Giles!!!"



"I know I know!!! Actually...something really crazy just happened....sister Giles I woke up thismorning and I felt really bad And really scared and really freaked out .. So I went to the Catholic cathedral today to go to mass because I really felt like I needed an I went into the cathedral and sat down and I started to pray and called me." 

"Well Oscar. God is watching out for you...I was just going to call and tell you that I know you're making the right choices..and that the blessings are going to flow so hard." 
I got a couple texts later in the day from elder Adams thanking me for listening to the spirit ... Oscar told him about the experience and bore his testimony about it at his baptism....that God really is there. "

it was amazing...
ive thought about it every day since and i am still thanking heavenly father for that one.

well, im kicking off the last six weeks of my missionary life with a good start!! 
i had to say goodbye to the tripan, both sister bourelle and sister haikkola moved a couple hours south. 
i had an amazing time with them. i love those sisters so so so much. i have a canadian patch and a finnish patch on my backpack now because of them.....
i love them so so much... really, they became two best friends for me. i miss them so so much.. but we took about a billion pictures together so thats good :) 

sister bourelle the kanadian killuh :)

           sister haikkola, the Finnish babe :)

love her.....

the tripan.


            ran into elder payne waiting at the train station, sister brink and i both served with him in jönköping!

well. im basically ready to shred butts out here. 
my new companion is sister hall! ive met her a couple times, she is coming from gö home :) 
until next week!!!! 

                                                           ❤ G I L E S ❤

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