Sunday, May 8, 2016

                           2nd Tannariihah                                                                

The week goes way better than the week before. the land fills with the promise of a skype with the fambam and there is much rejoicing throughout the land. 
the lady missionaries in the land gather and party their spiritual faces off with incredible classes on inspirational topics and chocolate fountains and striped toe socks.
 Syster giles recieves two packages both filled with delicious things that are making her less desirable and ensuring an arranged marriage.
valborg fire brings missionaries together in a flurry of fun. 
Irina grows closer to her savior and over the space of three days, irina, syster giles and syster hall pray and fast for enlightenment together.
the sun comes out and the weather reaches a beautiful 17 degrees C. thankgoodness. the california beach bum freaks out about it and falls into a bad habit of idolizing and worshipping the sun. she cant help it okay, she missed it a lot. About 2016 A.D.



we  l o v e  eachother

 And it came to pass that seriously this week was way better than last week
we had sisters conference!!!!!!
it was so so so good to see everyone....especially since i am going home in a couple weeks...
the awesome ...
it started Tuesday night...sister Irene and sister bourelle were going to stay the night with us so i was excited because i just came out of the tripan with sister bourelle. so i was stoked to see her again. she calls and says they're at the door downstairs and cant get in, so i go down and i can see sister Bourelle standing there with a huge smile. so i open the door and right before im about to ask where sister Irene is this little ball of screaming and laughing and happiness jumps out of a nearby bush yelling 
SURPRIIISEE AHHHHH .... it was sister haikkola. our third tripan member. 

side tribute to the tripan:
Glorious. that is all.

i loved that tripan...and this was the best surprise i could've asked for. 

she basically attacked me with a super strong Finnish person hug and we just laughed and hugged down there for like at least 2 minutes. 
so much fun. it was so so sooo good to be with them again. they call me mom and Adell haha. so that was nice to hear again. 

then came sisters confeerennnceee...SO WEIRD. it was my last was so good to see my mtc group all together.... our group name is the lunging legends so we took some great lunging pictures in front of the steadfast in Christ poster.
this time conference was all about the book oh the places you'll go, by Dr Seuss. 
they talked to us about the importance of scriptures and making decisions in its not always going to be easy and we are going to have big decisions to make...and we need to include the lord in all of them..
it was exactly what i needed...and i know all the sisters in my group going home felt that way too....there have been a couple home meltdowns among us haha a couple of freakouts. it was just a very comforting conference and felt so perfect....also a perfect morale boost for these last couple weeks. 
i loved it. we had a line dance thing with these toe socks they got for us and had a huge long dessert table with fruit and a chocolate fountain and everything. we left totally exhausted.
so much spiritual. it wears you out super hard. 
our elders in our district were not excited to hear about it the next day in district meeting haha ....elders get a little jealous when sisters conference comes around. 

oh my Ukrainian mama. Irina. One of my best friends in this country. 
she had a really rough weeks..she has been trying to get her visa back for the US. she had one but it got canceled and they cant figure out why...she isn't too confident in her English so she ashed us to help her call the embassy and stuff to speak with them to understand what happened. ...nothing was really coming from it and on the 3rd day of trying...she kinda broke.. 
she said she just feels like the savior has forgotten her... in Sweden she feels very suppressed and sad...and feels like she cant hear the spirit anymore.. but in California she found herself..and she knows that's where she needs to be...
she has gone through a lot in her life and i wont detail it...but its a lot......and california woke her up...she felt alive, she felt like IRINA. she knew the spirit and was happy. 
i realized that i have known irina a lot longer than 4 months. we had a special connection the minute we met and i really think its because we have California spirits haha i know that before this life she was a very dear friend...we talked about it. 
one of the things she said was that in all the years she has been in Sweden she hasn't made any friends...its been really hard with the Swedish culture...which is so understandable.... i know a lot of the reason i am in hägersten is because of her. she has needed ME. and i have needed HER. 
this week with he really just brought us closer...and i am really grateful i got to be with her so much. 
Thursday night (the meltdown day) she invited the elders and nikolai to dinner and yaro came and it was so fun. 
sister hall and i had the same thought that we should share the "shower of heavenly blessings" video 
if you haven't seen it. watch it right now. 
its incredible. 
we felt like she needed it super bad....we start watching and it starts off with a girls dancing her way down the street through the rain in a yellow raincoat. Irina just said " omy, that's me haha" 
this girl dances around people with their gray coats and umbrellas up....
dieter F uchtdorf goes on to explain how we seem to think god has all our blessings locked away in some cloud somewhere in heaven...that we can only get them if we follow a strict set of rules and regulations.... but that's now how it is at all... he says that god is ALWAYS showering us with blessings.... that we can dance in them or keep ourselves from them with an umbrella...
we had such a good discussion everyone shared things they felt about the video and every single thing was what she needed to hear...especially from her son yaroslav...,i think he said a lot of things that were perfect for her.... it was so good. the spirit was super strong ... i'm going to miss moments like that. 

later in the week we went to the kornevs, a young couple from Latvia, they have a little baby. i loooooove him. he is the only baby in the ward so he is literally like...the most desired object every Sunday haha (but of course he loves me the most) i don't know why i loved the night with them so much.... i think it was just that they are young and live in the tiniest apartment and its sooo cute and they are just happy and....happy.... they made us dinner and amie came and we played games all night and just talked and was just so good. they are both returned missionaries and are just a really big example to makes me really really happy to see them every Sunday in church as a family...just happy..i love it. 

ill end this chapter with valborg!!!! 
there...really isn't a reason for it...its just a giant fire.....but they do it as a usher into spring! 
so a lot of missionaries came to the giant fire in västerhaninge and we had soo much fun. i got to see all my friends!!!! 
so nice to have all these awesome events right before i leave. seriously. it has worked out wonderfully.

we met a lot of new people this week that we will be meeting with this week and my stomach is almost all better, so that's good haha

i hope everyone has had a good week!!! 
love you allaaa :)

the tripannn!!!!!!!!!


my beautiful group from the mtc..... 

the lunging legends is our group name

   v  a  l  b  o  r  g

                        the mtc tripan

elder backman and us weirdos

the canadian.


elder baquedano (the frenchman)

valborg :)

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